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What follows are the tales and adventures of my main 4e campaign, as the players attempt to make their way through WOTCs Core Modules (H1-3, P1-3 & E1-3). This campaign is ongoing, we kicked it off in late 2009 and as I write this (in August 2014) we’ve just started in on P3 Assault on Nightwyrm Fortress, we promise we’ll get to the end however.



Oh, but just a few notes- this Obsidian Portal D&D 4e Campaign Wiki works a little differently to many of the others found here, don’t go looking in the Adventure Log for the action, there’s nothing there. Everything here is accessible via the Wiki button- go there and generally follow the links, you’ll soon get the hang of it. The only other sections are the Characters and Maps sections- here you’ll find the PCs, Monsters, Traps and Skill Challenges- as they are encountered by the adventurers. All of these will have nice pictures and info, including character sheets and monster/trap/skill challenge stat cards. Oh, and also the maps of course.

And finally, for the sake of my players I keep all our campaign info on a separate Obsidian Portal site here-

The Nentir Vale and beyond…

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The Points of Light Campaign (D&D 4e)

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