Skill Challenge- Convincing Sir Keegan (04)

Level 4 Complexity 5



Convincing Sir Keegan
Skill Challenge

Level 4 Complexity 5
XP 875

Setup: The PCs can try to calm Keegan by telling him why they are here—that is, to put an end to the death cult’s attempt to re-open the rift to the Shadowfell. Sir Keegan is stubborn in his belief that the PCs either have selfish motives for being here or they are in league with the death cult. In order to change his mind, the PCs must converse with him and succeed at a skill challenge.
The PCs take turns making skill checks, and together they must accumulate a number of successful skill uses before they rack up too many failures. This particular skill challenge requires them to gain 12 successes before 3 failures.
Primary Skills:
A character contributes to the success or failure of the skill challenge by using any of the following skills and making a successful skill check against the listed DC. When a player announces which skill she intends to use on her turn, have Sir Keegan ask a question related to that skill, and give the player a chance to reply before making the skill check. Each time one of these checks succeeds, Keegan becomes more convinced. Each time a check fails, he becomes more skeptical. If a player roleplays particularly well, feel free to apply a +2 bonus to that player’s next skill check made as part of this skill challenge.
Arcana (DC 14; standard action):
Sir Keegan says, “Unnatural forces abound in this place. Are you equipped to overcome them?” The character must impress Sir Keegan with her knowledge of all things arcane.
Bluff (opposed by Sir Keegan’s Insight check; standard action):
Sir Keegan can ask just about anything in this instance, but the PC tries to win over the undead knight by lying to him (for example, pretending to be a follower of Bahamut when that’s not actually the case).
Diplomacy (DC 12; standard action):
Sir Keegan says, “I am sworn to defend this keep against interlopers. What brings you here?” The character must convince Sir Keegan that his intentions are noble.
Intimidate (DC 17; standard action):
Sir Keegan says, “You wear a fearsome demeanor. Are you really as formidable as you look?” The character must convince Sir Keegan that she is a force to be reckoned with.
Religion (DC 10; standard action):
Sir Keegan asks, “What god do you serve? Can I trust that you are true to that service?” The character must convince Sir Keegan that she has great faith in her chosen god. If the character serves Bahamut, she gains a +2 bonus on the skill check.
If the PCs gain 12 successes before 3 failures, Sir Keegan says, “You have earned my favor, heroes.” Refer to Keegan’s Duty, below, and award PCs experience for this encounter as if they’d defeated Sir Keegan in combat.
If the PCs gain 3 failures before 12 successes, Keegan says, “Your claims ring false! Defend yourselves!” He resumes his attack and fights until he is destroyed or the PCs are dead.

Skill Challenge- Convincing Sir Keegan (04)

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