Skill Challenge- Making Friends with Mr. Grumpy (06)

Level 6 Complexity 1



Making Friends with Mr. Grumpy
Skill Challenge

Level 6 Complexity 1
XP 250

Setup: The PCs can attempt to calm the dire boar and get it to accept them as friends. Since the dire boar is a trained creature, it is predisposed to be friendly to non-hostile humans and dwarves. Unfortunately, the cruel treatment it has received from the gnolls has frightened it and made it both scared and angry.
The PCs must achieve four successes before they attain two failures to convince the boar that they are not its enemies.
Primary Skills:
A character contributes to the success or failure of the skill challenge by using any of the following skills and making a successful skill check against the listed DC.
Nature (DC 22; standard action):
You use your understanding of animals to calm and reassure the beast.
Heal (DC 17; standard action):
You try to ease the creature’s pain. Only one success with this skill counts toward completing the skill challenge.
Success in the skill challenge means that the boar fights along with the PCs against the hyenas and gnolls. It follows them as long as they feed it and don’t mistreat it, but it obviously wants to leave this place and return to its rightful owner. While the dire boar follows the PCs, it can be used as a mount or a pack animal, but it won’t fight beyond this battle unless it is specifically attacked by an enemy creature.
Failure indicates that the dire boar attacks whoever is nearest to it, friend and foe alike. It tries to escape from the Well of Demons at the first opportunity.

Skill Challenge- Making Friends with Mr. Grumpy (06)

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