Skill Challenge- The Restless Dead (05)

Level 5 Complexity 5



The Restless Dead
Skill Challenge

Level 5 Complexity 5
XP 1000

Setup: This skill challenge comprises the PCs’ attempts to learn information from the three spirits. As the characters enter Location 5, the spirits greet them in Common and ask what they seek in the Well of Demons. For the non-player characters to provide assistance, the PCs need to convince the spirits of their trustworthiness and that their cause is just.
Twelve successes before six failures, though the PCs gain some information even if they fail this challenge (see below).
Primary Skills:
A character contributes to the success or failure of the skill challenge by using any of the following skills and making a successful skill check against the listed DC.
Arcana or Dungeoneering (DC 22; standard action):
The characters can impress Mendara with their knowledge of mystic lore and dungeon environments. A PC succeeds with a DC 22 check using either skill, and the PCs can gain any number of successes this way.
Athletics (DC 22; standard action):
As a cleric of Kord, Valdrog applauds feats of strength or athletic prowess. A PC succeeds with a DC 22 Athletics check, but the PCs can gain no more than two successes in this way.
Diplomacy (DC 26; standard action):
The PCs can use the Diplomacy skill to convince the NPCs of their good intentions. However, the spirits believe that actions speak louder than words, so a DC 26 Diplomacy check is necessary to succeed. The PCs can score any number of successes this way.
Secondary Skills:
Bluff (DC 26; standard action):
A character who has any ill intentions can use Bluff in place of Diplomacy to attempt to convince the spirits that his or her intentions are good.
Intimidate (DC NA; standard action):
The spirits cannot be intimidated, for they are beyond harm. Using this skill results in an automatic failure, and the PC making the Intimidate check takes a –2 penalty to all other skill checks in this challenge.
Insight (DC 22; standard action):
During the conversation, Mendara makes outrageous claims about the trio’s exploits. If a character succeeds on a DC 22 Insight check, that PC realizes she is lying. If the character questions her and attempts to learn why she is lying, the PCs gain a success. Only one success can be gained in this way.
If the PCs attain twelve successes, the adventurers hail them as allies. The group provides all the information below..
If the PCs earn six failures, determine their total number of successes up to that point. The spirits provide information based on the PCs’ number of successes, as shown below.

Skill Challenge- The Restless Dead (05)

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