Skill Challenge- The Tower of Secrets (06)

Level 6 Complexity 5



The Tower of Secrets
Skill Challenge

Level 6 Complexity 5
XP 1250

Setup: Suddenly the adventurers are plunged into black, the light returns moments later- little by little, as floating specks of fluorescence. The adventurers are in a great throne room- deep underground, the walls and floors carved with fluted pillars and columns- centre stage ahead is a massive stone throne sat, the regal seat is encrusted with precious stones and metals. Sitting on the throne however is a Minotaur of immense proportions, the creature must be at least twenty feet tall, should it deign to rise to its feet. The Minotaur Lord is clad armour of polished bronze, with a full-face helm, and standing by its side, in easy reach, a greataxe almost as tall as the beast. The Minotaur Lord slowly turns its head to stare down at the adventurers, it speaks- The secrets of the tower come at a price. You must each pay the price to enter this place. What can you offer to the Lord of the Labyrinth, the keeper of secrets. I seek lore, power, or else your souls!
Twelve successes before six failures, though the PCs gain some information even if they fail this challenge (see below).
Primary Skills:
A character contributes to the success or failure of the skill challenge by using any of the following skills and making a successful skill check against the listed DC.
Arcana, History or Religion (DC 22; standard action):
The characters can offer lore to the spirit. A PC gains a success with a DC 22 Arcana, History, or Religion check. The PCs can gain any number of successes in this way.
Diplomacy (DC 22; standard action):
The spirit is amused by good conversation and enjoys flattery. A PC can gain a success with a DC 22 Diplomacy check. The PCs can gain no more than four successes in this way.
Secondary Skills:
Bluff (DC 18; standard action):
The spirit is eager for useful information and is susceptible to well-told lies. A PC can gain a success with a DC 18 Bluff check, but the PCs can gain no more than four successes in this way. Also, on the first failure with this skill, the PCs can no longer use Bluff to gain successes.
Insight (DC 18; standard action):
A PC making a DC 18 Insight check can discern the spirit’s weakness for flattery and the victories that might be gained through use of the Bluff skill.
Intimidate (NA; standard action):
The spirit cannot be intimidated because it cannot be harmed. Using this skill earns a failure.
When the PCs complete the challenge, they gain access to the teleportation circle. If they earned twelve successes, they don’t have to make a concession to Vecna’s manifestation.
If the PCs achieve six defeats, determine their total number of successes at that point. The PCs must pay the spirit a tax to use the teleportation circle. The successes they scored determine the severity of the tax.

Skill Challenge- The Tower of Secrets (06)

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