Trap- Crossbow Turret (03)

Blaster 3



Crossbow Turret
Level 3 Blaster

XP 150
A pair of crossbow turrets drops down from the ceiling in the squares indicated on the map.
Trap: Each round on its initiative both Crossbow Turrets fire at any creature in range.
♦ DC 25: On the ceiling there seems to be a section of stone containing a seam.
Initiative: +3
When the four items are placed in the runic circles, the trap rolls initiative. After a creature enters the room, the turrets pop out of the ceiling as a free action. They rise back up when no creatures remain in the room.
Standard Action - Ranged 15/30
Target: One creature
Attack: +8 vs. AC
Hit: 3d8 + 3 damage.
♦ A character adjacent to a turret can disable it with a DC 25 Thievery check.

Trap- Crossbow Turret (03)

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