Trap- Giant Warrior Statue (04)

Blaster 4



Giant Warrior Statue
Level 4 Blaster

XP 175
This 20-foot-tall, articulated sword-wielding statue swings its weapon in a deadly arc.
Trap: Each round on its initiative, the statue swings its sword, attacking all non-Evil creatures in a close burst 4. (For purposes of counting squares, the statue occupies the 2 x 2 area in the middle of the dais.)
♦ DC 12: The character realizes that the statue is articulated.
♦ DC 18: The character notices a well-hidden access panel on the statue’s dais.
Initiative: +7
When a creature moves within 4 squares of the giant warrior statue or when another trap in the room activates, the statue rolls initiative.
Standard Action - Close burst 4
Target: All non-Evil creatures in the burst
Attack: +9 vs. AC
Hit: 2d8 + 6 damage, and target is pushed 3 squares and knocked prone.
♦ A character can make a DC 15 Athletics check to climb onto the statue. The statue cannot attack a character that has climbed onto it.
♦ The statue stops attacking if it reduced to 0 hit points. The statue has the following statistics: AC 12, Fortitude 10, Reflex 5, hp 50, resist 5 to all damage.
♦ A character adjacent to the statue can access a secret panel to disable the trap (DC 15 to open). Disabling the trap requires a DC 20 Thievery check.

Trap- Giant Warrior Statue (04)

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