Trap- Grasping Dead (03)

Obstacle 3



Grasping Dead
Level 3 Obstacle

XP 150
When the Proving Grounds awaken, several of the skeletons animate and attack.
Trap: Every square in this chamber marked with an “S” has a skeleton in it, ready to grasp at creatures passing by.
♦ DC 18: The skeletons littering the floor seem to stir slightly as you approach.
Initiative: NA
When a creature enters or begins its turn in any square adjacent to a marked skeleton, the trap attacks.
Opportunity Action - Melee
Target: One creature
Attack: +6 vs. Ref
Hit: 2d8 + 2 damage, and target is grabbed until escape (DC 15).
♦ Attacking the skeleton in a square can weaken all of them. Each skeleton has AC 16 and resist 9 to all damage. A hit that deals at least 1 point of damage causes the skeletons to take a –1 penalty to attack rolls. This penalty is cumulative.
♦ If the skeleton in a square is hit by an attack that has the radiant keyword, its next attack automatically misses.
♦ A DC 24 Religion check (standard action) allows a character to perform a brief rite that puts the restless dead at ease. Each success provides a –1 penalty to the trap’s attack rolls (cumulative). Four successes neutralizes the trap, as long as they are attained before two failures. With a failure, all skeletons make an immediate close burst 1 attack (using the attack and damage listed above).

Trap- Grasping Dead (03)

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