Trap- Minotaur Bloodtaker Statue (06)

Blaster 6



Minotaur Bloodtaker Statue
Level 6 Blaster

XP 250
On opposite sides of the room, large bronze statues of snarling minotaurs face each other. Each minotaur statue holds a long barbed whip, as if about to strike.
Trap: When the adventurers enter the pool of blood or first set foot on the stone walkway that divides the chamber, the two statues animate and attack, using their long, barbed scourges to force PCs into the blood pool. The blood is poisonous to creatures that are not demons (see “Features of the Area” for details). The carnage demons become frenzied at the sight of blood-drenched targets. The large statues do not leave the space they begin in. Instead, they rotate at the torso and use their arms to make sweeping attacks with their barbed whips. They attack every creature within range each round.
♦ DC 18: The character spots bloodstains on the statues’ scourges.
♦ DC 22: The character notices that the statues are built to move their arms and torsos.
Initiative: +7
When a character fi rst enters either pool of blood or fi rst steps upon the stone walkway that divides the chamber, the traps roll initiative.
Standard Action - Close burst 7
Target: All creatures in the burst
Attack: +11 vs. AC
Hit: 2d8 + 3 damage, and target is slides 1 square and is knocked prone.
♦ A character adjacent to a statue can disable it with four DC 20 Thievery checks before attaining two failures. A statue makes an immediate attack when a failure is attained.
♦ The statues have AC 18, Fortitude 19, Refl ex 16, and Will 18. Each has 68 hp. If a statue is reduced to 0 hp, it is destroyed. The magic of the area restores a destroyed statue in 24 hours.

Trap- Minotaur Bloodtaker Statue (06)

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