Trap- Mirror of Teleporting (05)

Obstacle 5




Mirror of Teleporting
Level 5 Obstacle

XP 200
On each character’s turn, before he or she takes any actions, locate the nearest pillar within 5 squares and have one mirror on that pillar attack the character. A character can close his or her eyes to avoid the attack. The character is considered blinded while doing so.
Trap: A set of mirrors hangs on each of the room’s square pillars. The mirrors are reactive; when a character looks into one, its effect activates.
Initiative: NA (see above)
The mirrors have a shared trigger (see “The Mirrors”).
Free Action - Ranged 5
Target: One creature
Attack: +8 vs. Will
Hit: 2d8 damage, and the target is teleported to a space adjacent to a different teleportation mirror. If no other teleportation mirrors still function, the target takes 4d8 damage and is dazed (save ends).
♦ The mirror automatically misses a blinded or an undead target.
♦ A curtain or other obstruction on a mirror blocks its attacks.
♦ A character can attack a mirror (AC 5, Fortitude 10, Refl ex 5; hp 20), provoking an opportunity attack from it. This attack can hit a character even if he or she is blinded or undead. Destroying a mirror disables the other mirrors on the same pillar.

Trap- Mirror of Teleporting (05)

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