Trap- Pit Trap (01)

Hazard 1



Pit Trap
Level 1 Hazard

XP 100
The floor suddenly gives way dropping you in to a ten foot deep pit, you're not alone- Rats!
Trap: When the trap is triggered the adventurer drops into the pit.
♦ DC 20: The character notices the outline of the pit trap ahead.
If a character enters the trigger square the pit trap attacks.
Immediate Interrupt - Melee 0
Target: Character who enters the trigger square
Attack: +4 vs. Ref
Hit: 1d10 + 2 damage, and target is prone on the bottom of the pit, with the rats. Miss: the character falls prone in their previous square and their movement ends.
♦ An adjacent character can disable the pit trap with a DC 20 Thievery check.
♦ A DC 15 Athletics check is required to climb out of the pit.

Trap- Pit Trap (01)

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