Trap- The Thing in the Portal (04)

Lurker 4



The Thing in the Portal
Level 4 Lurker

XP 175
Claws of black shadow erupt from a dark, whispering portal.
Trap: The trap uses evil whispers to draw enemies toward it, whereupon it attacks with its grasping claws.
Arcana or Religion
♦ DC 15: The character deduces that the ritual used to open the portal can be reversed. However, neither the portal nor the Thing inside it can be damaged in any way.
♦ DC 20: The character knows that the portal leads to a place of unspeakable evil in the Shadowfell. Any living creature that passes through the portal dies instantly.
♦ DC 18: Although the whispers are mostly unintelligible, the character hears the portal whisper the name “Kalarel.”
Init: +3
The trap rolls initiative at the start of the encounter. On its turn, it makes a whispering lure attack and a grasping claws attack.
Whispering Lure Attack
Minor Action - Ranged 20
Target: One creature in range
Attack: +7 vs. Will
Hit: The target is pulled 5 squares toward the “mouth” of the portal, stopping when it enters a square within reach of the Thing’s grasping claws.
Grasping Claw Attack
Standard Action - Melee 5
Target: One creature
Attack: +9 vs. AC
Hit: 1d10 + 3 damage, and the target slides 1 square. Kalarel regains 5 hit points if he is standing in the evil magic circle in front of the portal.
♦ Characters can close the portal with a successful skill challenge.

Trap- The Thing in the Portal (04)

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