Trap- Whirlpool Trap (04)

Obstacle 4



Whirlpool Trap
Level 4 Obstacle

XP 175
The four cherub statues tip their vases downward and release a deluge of water. At the same time, transparent walls shimmer into existence, cutting off all avenues of escape.
Trap: Two indestructible walls of arcane energy appear (as shown on the map), trapping creatures in the 4-squareby- 6-square hallway with the cherub statues, which begin pouring water into the hall. At the start of the trap’s third turn, when the water is 5 feet deep, a whirlpool forms and batters all creatures trapped in the hall.
♦ DC 12: The vases are inscribed with arcane symbols.
Initiative: +2
When a creature moves into the 4-square-by-4-square area between the statues, the arcane walls appear and the trap rolls initiative. At the start of the trap’s third turn and each turn thereafter, the whirlpool attacks on its turn.
Standard Action
Target: All creatures trapped between the arcane walls.
Effects: 2d6 + 2 damage, the target slides adjacent to a random cherub statue, and the target is slowed and takes a –5 penalty to attack rolls and skill checks until the end of the trap’s next turn.
♦ If all four cherub vases are destroyed, the arcane walls disappear and the statues stop pouring water. Each vase has the following statistics: AC 20, other defenses 15, hp 10.

Trap- Whirlpool Trap (04)

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