Adventure #1 WOTC H1 Keep on the Shadowfell (Level 1)
Session #0.02


And so the guys are en route to Winterhaven, following the King’s Road to the isolated town. The adventuring group was put together using money from the church of Bahamut. McGyver the Dragonborn Paladin of Bahamut is leading the expedition, his compatriot Kaspard Du Nord, the Half-Elf Cleric of Bahamut is second in command. The pair are searching for Douvern Staul, an agent of the church sent to investigate cult activity in the Winterhaven area, Douvern is nearly a week late reporting back to Fallcrest.

The church has hired three others to help McGyver and Kaspard with their task, although the trio have only been told that Douvern, a friend of the pair, is missing- they’re to find him and bring him back to Fallcrest safe and sound. Dirty Biskit a rough Dwarf Fighter, and mercenary, with a reputation for getting things done is along for the money. Grey Morlock, a young Human Wizard, keen to leave Fallcrest quickly- he has his own investigation to complete having heard rumours of a hidden portal located in a ruined keep near Winterhaven. Lastly, Winstanley the Halfling Rogue, or else ahem… ‘Scout’, has also hired on, although at the last possible moment as the adventurers were departing. The Halfling it seems has suddenly developed a taste for the unknown.

And so the die is cast… or, at least, rolled.

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