Adventure #1 WOTC H1 Keep on the Shadowfell (Level 1)
Session #1.01


Encounter #1 On the Road: Kobold Brigands
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Kobold Minion (Minion 1) x5
Kobold Slinger (Artillery 1)
Kobold Dragonshield (Soldier 2) x2
Encounter Level 1- 475 XP



Moonday, 3rd of Needfest, 2000.

A few miles shy of Winterhaven, on a beautiful midwinter’s day, on the King’s Road- with the town just in sight, the adventurers get jumped by a bunch of Kobolds; or at least that’s how it’s supposed to go down. This is however the first game of D&D 4e for some of the players, and so the kindly (and some say wonderful) DM lets the guys know that this is the only encounter (combat or otherwise) they will be facing today- time to check out their Daily powers, and get a feel for combat.

It doesn’t help the bad guys that the PCs lowest Perception check is a 19- the DC to spot the ambush is 15.

This is how it goes down-

The Kobold Slinger dives out of cover and is disemboweled by Winstanley’s Daily Trick Strike & Action Point Sly Flourish combo.


Kobold Slinger- Careful, that could have someone’s eye out.

Dirty reduces a Dragonshield to a sobbing wreck with his Brute Strike.


Kobold Dragonshield- Small and tough.

While two of the five Kobold Minions are incinerated via a combination of Grey’s Scorching Burst and McGyver’s lightning flavoured Dragon Breath.


Kobold Minion- Making up the numbers.

Several of the little critters left standing wail on Dirty and Winstanley, the Dwarf gets his Second Wind.

Winstanley cuts down another Minion. Kaspard’s Lance of Faith leaves one of the Dragonshield’s teetering on the brink of destruction, the Priestess also has a Healing Word for Dirty. The Dwarf Fighter offs the badly wounded Kobold Dragonshield, and then starts in on the other. The last two Minions take it in turns to stab Winstanley. Grey, with a poorly aimed Acid Arrow, and McGyver, with a Radiant Smite, combine to finish off the second Dragonshield. The two Kobold Minions left standing are eagerly eyeing the exit.

Moments later the Minions are no more, it seems the guys are not in the mood for taking prisoners.

Justice is done, on to Winterhaven.

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