Adventure #1 WOTC H1 Keep on the Shadowfell (Level 1)
Session #1.02



Moonday, 3rd of Needfest, 2000.

Rooms are secured at Wrafton’s Inn after a chat with the owner Salvana, it’s early evening, the rest of the night is devoted to hard drinking (Dirty) and information gathering (the others)-


Salvana Wrafton- Owner of, would you believe it- Wrafton’s Inn.

Kaspard & McGyver find a local farmer cum inebriate, Eilian the Old, the old guys says he met the missing Douvern Staul about a week or so ago. Eilian is plied with ale and ends up giving directions to an ‘ancient burial site’ nearby, the missing Douvern Staul, the farmer says, was asking after the place.


Eilian the Old- Inebriate Farmer from Winterhaven.

“I’ll just have a half.” Eilian makes some new friends.

Grey has his own agenda, he ‘s looking for a nearby ruined keep- the locals know of the place and are persuaded (by coin) to supply directions, while offering warnings- the place is said to be haunted. One kind fellow tells the mage about the sage of Winterhaven- Valthrun, he’s certain that he’ll know more about the keep.

Dirty meanwhile gets into a slanging match with Rond Kelfem, the head of the Winterhaven guard, no particular reason just preserving the Dwarven archetype- drinking hard and insulting the local flavour.


Winterhaven Guard Captain Rond Kelfem- The Voice of Authority.

Rond is pleased to make Dirty’s acquaintance.

Winstanley fails spectacularly to lift a local’s purse (that’s 3 copper pieces he’ll never get to spend) and is very soon after arrested, by Rond Kelfem as it happens- the Halfling gets to spend the night in the cells.

McGyver declares the evening to be ‘mostly’ a total success.

Lord Padraig of Winterhaven-


Lord Padraig- Ruler of Winterhaven.

Godsday, 4th of Needfest, 2000.

Early the next day the guys are forced to take a meeting with Lord Padraig, the big cheese in Winterhaven. They’re further made to promise to put an end to the Kobold Bandits that have been attacking merchants on the King’s Road, and farmer’s homesteads hereabouts. This is the price they pay for getting the charges against Winstanley dropped, and the Halfling sprung from jail. The gang are given directions to the Kobold’s lair- a cave hidden behind a waterfall (isn’t it always the way) ten or so miles out of town. The Priest and Paladin of Bahamut swear to see this task done, which is good enough for Lord Padraig.

An hour or so later McGyver leads the guys back out of town, and for a while in the direction of the Kobold lair, at least for a mile or so- then the Dragonborn explains his plan. They’re going to double back and head to the ‘ancient burial site’ and check it out, they’ll sort out the Kobold menace later. Not much of a plan but for a Paladin of Bahamut it displays a remarkable disrespect for Lord Padraig’s position and authority- that McGyver, he’s a real wild child.

In order to do this the guys have to head back over the King’s Road again, which is when they get ambushed for the second time… by, wait for it- Kobolds, only this time the little guys do it properly. Remarkably the event occurs at exactly the same spot as the first ambush, I just have to turn the map the other way around (thanks WOTC).

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