Adventure #1 WOTC H1 Keep on the Shadowfell (Level 1)
Session #1.03


Encounter #2 A1: Kobold Ambush
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Kobold Skirmisher (Skirmisher 1)
Kobold Dragonshield (Soldier 2) x3
Kobold Wyrmpriest (Artillery 3)
Encounter Level 2- 625 XP



Godsday, 4th of Needfest, 2000.

The guys get jumped- properly this time, this after the kindly DM states- ‘blimey, it looks like you’re crossing the road at exactly the same spot you were ambushed yesterday…”

This is what happens-

The Dragonshields and the Skirmisher leap out and surprise the adventures, the surprise cuts both ways – all of the Kobolds miss with their attacks, including the crazed Kobold Wyrmpriest back a way up the road, with an Acid Orb.

It sucks to be me.

And all three of the Dragonshields were charging with combat advantage (surprise)- that’s +3 to hit in anyone’s language.


Kobold Dragonshield- Small and tough.

The Dragonshields finally find their aim- McGyver is almost cut down. Grey fires off a Magic Missile and then goes in search of somewhere safe to hide, as far away from the action as he can find. Dirty crits and kills a Dragonshield, then heads over to help McGyver out. Kaspard gets stabbed by the Skirmisher but manages to keep the Dragonborn Paladin on his feet with a Healing Word, she backs off and scorches the Skirmisher with her Lance of Faith The Kobold Wyrmpriest closes in gibber-jabbering in his strange tongue, the remaining Kobolds instantly perk up a bit (Incite Faith = 5 temporary hit points for each of the bad guys). For good measure the nasty Wyrmpriest flings an Acid Orb at McGyver- the Paladin is once again struggling to stay on his feet, he does however frazzle the remaining pair of Dragonshields, a little, with his lightning flavoured Dragon Breath.


Kobold Skirmisher- Take a Stab at it.

Grey unleashes his Burning Hands- the Kobolds suffer. The two Dragonshields still standing stab Grey and McGyver respectively, the Paladin is about to drop (on 1 HP). Winstanley spins out a dagger at the Wyrmpriest and then dives into the roadside foliage- out of sight. The Skirmisher stabs Kaspard again, the Priestesses Armour of Bahamut prevents the critical hit, she’s bloodied however. Dirty gets in the Wyrmpriest’s face and smashes the foul Kobold, it’s almost done for. Kaspard heals herself, and then McGyver, the second courtesy of her Healing Strike- the Skirmisher is hurt bad. McGyver bloodies a Dragonshield, while the Wyrmpriest stabs with its dagger and then scourges with its Dragon Breath- Dirty soaks up the lot.


Kobold Wyrmpriest- A nasty Bastard.

Grey singes the Wyrmpriest with another Scorching Burst, the Kobold really is not long for this world. McGyver calls attention to himself once too often with his Bahamut this… Bahamut that… the Dragonborn is slashed and stabbed repeatedly by the Dragonshields- he’s in trouble again (on 3 HP). Dirty smashes the Wyrmpriest down and then sucks up the hurt and gets his Second Wind. The Kobold Skirmisher dodges in and spears McGyver, the Paladin takes a dirt nap. Kaspard comes to the rescue with a Heal check to kick start the Paladin’s Second Wind- McGyver leaps back up and finishes off the Kobold Skirmisher.

Grey hits a Dragonshield with his Magic Missile- it almost drops, Winstanley finishes it off with a Sly Flourish. Which leaves just one Dragonshield left standing- it attempts to flee the scene, McGyver slashes and cuts it as it departs at pace.

The Kobold doesn’t get far, it takes a Ray of Frost in the butt- courtesy of Grey, the slowed and shivering reptilian is overrun and captured.

A meeting is called- the guys are a little pissed off (actually with me not the Kobolds), there’s a vote- McGyver’s ‘ancient burial site’ plan is swiftly abandoned, the Kobolds are going to be made to suffer it seems. The captured Dragonshield confirms, after menaces, the location et al of his fellow’s lair, he also tells the guys that his boss is a Goblin called Irontooth. He describes Irontooth as a ‘Goblin Nutter’; Dirty hopes to make his acquaintance very soon- he fancies the title, ‘Dwarf Nutter’ it has a certain ring to it. The Dragonshield is thanked, and then quickly killed, Winstanley and Dirty do the ‘dirty’ work- although Grey is keen to provide a spare Magic Missile, only his low initiative roll prevented him from swooping in for the kill.

Kaspard and McGyver are not happy with the ‘senseless’ slaughter- Dirty advises the ‘shiny muddy-funster’, by which he means Paladin, to stick his dislike ‘where the sun don’t shine’. McGyver and Dirty, after a further fifteen minutes of bickering, decide to agree to disagree.

To the Kobold lair…

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