Adventure #1 WOTC H1 Keep on the Shadowfell (Level 1)
Session #1.04


Encounter #3 A2: Kobold Lair, Outside- catchy name for an encounter.
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Kobold Minion (Minion1) x10
Kobold Slinger (Artillery 1)
Kobold Slink (Lurker 1)
Kobold Dragonshield (Soldier 2)
Encounter Level 1- 575 XP



Godsday, 4th of Needfest, 2000.

The guys get close in on the waterfall lair of the Kobolds- there are guards on the outside, and what looks to be a magic circle defined by a bunch of standing stones. No vote is needed- the players dive in. Note the Kobold Slinger and Slink both start hidden from view.


The guys get on the map and take four Minions down, only Dirty misses his roll.


Kobold Minion- Making up the numbers.

Winstanley spins out a dagger and another Minion falls. Dirty rushes the Dragonshield in the Magic Circle and wails on it. The Kobold Slinger makes an appearance but fails to impress. Grey’s Scorching Burst accounts for another Minion, the four left standing launch javelins or else charge in with their spears- all to no effect. McGyver’s Dragon Breath takes out yet another Minion- just three left. The Kobold Slink is meanwhile slinking, out of sight.


Kobold Slink- A sneaky Bastard.

That is until Winstanley spots it, and stabs the sneak with his Positioning Strike, and drags the nasty Kobold Slink out into the open. Dirty gets hit with a Gluepot- he’s stuck. Grey’s ignites all before him with his Burning Hands, another Minion is incinerated, and the Kobold Slinger looks a little peeky (and charred). Dirty takes a beating from the Slink but Kaspard’s Healing Word keeps the Dwarf on his feet. McGyver cuts down the second to last Minion.

Winstanley flanks the Kobold Slink, then skewers it- dead. The Dragonshield stabs Dirty, while the Kobold Slinger fires off another round and then retreats cautiously- Kaspard is glued to the spot. The last Minion menaces Grey and stabs the Wizard. McGyver rushes over and gets in the Slinger’s face, and with a little help from Kaspard’s Lance of Faith the pesky Kobold artillery is almost down.


Kobold Dragonshield- Small and tough.

Winstanley nearly guts the Dragonshield with his Sly Flourish- it flees (starting a chain reaction- read on), the Halfling Rogue slices again and cuts the fleeing Dragonshield down. The Slinger flees, McGyver cuts it down. Which just leaves one brave Kobold Minion, with a now ‘unstuck’ Dirty charging after it- it flees screaming, and is frozen solid (and killed) by Grey’s Ray of Frost.


Kobold Slinger- Careful, that could have someone’s eye out.

Note the fleeing Kobolds were all heading towards the waterfall, the adventurers deduce that those within the lair have not been warned.

The guys catch their breath and then head on in…

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