Adventure #1 WOTC H1 Keep on the Shadowfell (Level 1)
Session #1.05


Encounter #4 A3: Kobold Lair, Inside
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Kobold Minion (Minion1) x10
Kobold Skirmisher (Skirmisher 1) x3
Kobold Denwarden (Soldier 2) x2
Kobold Wyrmpriest (Artillery 3)
Goblin Chief- Irontooth (Elite Brute 3)
Encounter Level 6- 1250 XP



Godsday, 4th of Needfest, 2000.

Note- I made Irontooth a Goblin, with a lisp, because it was funnier.

The guys dive through the waterfall and into a large entrance cavern with many exits, they get the jump on the Kobold guards and make merry-


Kobold Minion- Making up the numbers.

Grey incinerates four Minions with his Burning Hands while Kaspard accounts for another with her Lance of Faith. Dirty and McGyver charge in and mix it up with the closest Skirmisher, the Dwarf hits good. Winstanley meantime spins out a dagger and leaves a second Skirmisher bloodied.


Kobold Skirmisher- Take a Stab at it.

Grey’s Scorching Burst burns up another pair of Minions, while Dirty finishes off the wounded Skirmisher before him. Winstanley spins out a dagger and the second Skirmisher is almost down- it’s a massacre. The three Minions left standing fight back, Dirty takes a scratch. McGyver cuts another Minion down, and then wades in with a Radiant Smite, the third Skirmisher is swiftly bloodied- it stabs Dirty in retaliation, and because the Dwarf is closest.

Note- according to the module Irontooth, the Denwardens and the Wyrmpriest arrive in round three- sod that, I need them now.

Grey finishes a Skirmisher off with another Magic Missile just as the Denwardens arrive on the scene and spear McGyver. Irontooth charges screaming into the fracas- Dirty gets his Second Wind and then introduces himself, and his maul, to the ferocious Goblin leader. Winstanley takes out the second to last Minion, McGyver kills the last Skirmisher, and then frazzles (a little) one of the Denwardens with his lightning flavoured Dragon Breath. The Wyrmpriest arrives on the scene squawking in its strange tongue (Incite Faith), then drops an Acid Orb on Grey. Irontooth smashes Dirty- the Dwarf is swiftly bloodied. Kaspard hits one of the Denwardens with her Sacred Flame.


Kobold Denwarden- Protect the Lair.

Grey looks for cover, or else somewhere safe to hide, while McGyver gets speared some more by the Denwardens, phew- thankfully only minor hits. Dirty’s Action Point enables the Dwarf Fighter to swing and miss Irontooth not once, but twice- thank Moradin his Brute Strike is reliable. Winstanley takes down the last Minion and then stabs Irontooth in the back for good measure. McGyver’s Paladin’s Judgement messes up a Denwarden, and heals Dirty- bonus. Irontooth chops Dirty and Winstanley- the former is very close to falling over. That is until Kaspard lights up her Beacon of Hope and heals the Fighter, almost back to full.


Kobold Wyrmpriest- A nasty Bastard.

Grey fires a Magic Missile into the Wyrmpriest, McGyver gets speared twice- its what he does best, the Paladin is at death’s door and shouting to be let in. Dirty continues to swing and miss, Winstanley however connects again with his Sly Flourish and Irontooth grimaces, the Rogue however misses with his Daily Trick Strike. McGyver fights back, one of the Denwardens is almost down. The Wyrmpriest drops an Acid Orb on Kaspard, and then heads back a way, out of danger. Irontooth slices Winstanley, while Kaspard finishes off the badly wounded Denwarden with her Sacred Flame, and then heals McGyver almost back to full.

Grey hits Irontooth with another Magic Missile. McGyver somehow manages not to get speared. Dirty swings and misses, as usual; Winstanley doesn’t- Irontooth is bloodied (that’s not good- believe me). McGyver’s Valiant Strike takes a chunk out of the last Denwarden. Irontooth goes crazy ape bonkers with his twin axes and takes Winstanley down- the Halfling is left sprawled unconscious. Kaspard has no healing magic left, unless she can hit with her Healing Strike- she misses.


Goblin Chief- Irontooth- Goblin Death!

Dirty flails wildly still trying and failing to land his Brute Strike- that’s four rolls in a row of ‘5’ or less. McGyver takes opportunity attacks (and hits) to get over to the unconscious Halfling, the Paladin Lays on Hands- the Rogue is back with us. The Wyrmpriest leaves Kaspard screaming after an impressive hit with its Acid Orb. Winstanley gets up, just in time to meet Irontooth’s axe- the Halfling is back down again. Dirty is struck an equally solid blow, the Dwarf is bloodied, but not for long. Irontooth spends an Action Point and chops Dirty down. Kaspard hits Irontooth with her Sacred Flame, she follows up with a Lance of Faith- the Goblin Chief is left tottering.

We’re going to the wire.

Grey hits Irontooth with yet another Magic Missile, the Goblin leader falls and the Wizard does a little dance. The action stops for a second- Irontooth is dead… “For Irontooth! Revenge!” the Kobold Wyrmpriest screams- because it’s good to take it to the wire. The last remaining Denwarden obeys the Wyrmpriest’s orders to the letter, it rushes Grey and stabs him- the Wizard is now bloodied. Winstanley makes his Death Save with a ‘20’ and spends a Healing Surge. McGyver gets his Second Wind and then gets hit in the face by an Acid Orb. Kaspard rushes to Heal check Dirty, she rolls a ‘20’, the Dwarf opens his eyes- “Is it over?” He asks, Kaspard shakes her head.

I inform the guys that if they bloody the Kobolds then they’ll flee- if not, they fight on. Seems fair to me.

Grey ducks and dodges and gets away from the Denwarden. The Kobold settles for easier prey- it stabs McGyver, the Dragonborn Paladin falls, and then immediately after fails his first Death Save. The Wyrmpriest catches Grey with an Acid Orb, the Wizard collapses- that’s two PCs down, again.

Grey fails his first Death Save also.

The remaining Denwarden heads over to Dirty and stabs the Dwarf- Dirty falls, but makes his Death Save- huzzah! Just to recap that’s three PCs down now- its Winstanley and a bloodied Kaspard versus the Kobold Wyrmpriest (only slightly injured), and the Denwarden (very close to bloodied). Winstanley and Kaspard get their breath (and hit points) back with their Second Winds.

Kaspard gets stabbed by the Denwarden- and she’s bloodied again. Dirty rolls a ‘20’ on his Death Save and blinks open his eyes- damn! The fight is still not over. Winstanley stabs and bloodies the Denwarden. Dirty, screaming in fury on the floor, gets hit by the Wyrmpriest’s Acid Orb, the Dwarf is barely conscious. Kaspard hits the Wyrmpriest with her Sacred Flame- Dirty needs the temporary hit points. McGyver fails his second Death Save.


Grey rolls a ‘20’ on his Death Save, what is it with these people- the Wizard blinks opens his eyes. The bloodied Denwarden flees the scene- the DM is as good as his word. Dirty and Winstanley double team the Wyrmpriest, they both roll ’1’s. The Wyrmpriest tries to make some space for itself, and in doing so gets smashed by Dirty- it too is bloodied, it flees the scene. Kaspard is quickly to the fallen McGyver, alas she fails to stabilise the Dragonborn.

Grey crawls over and joins in the effort to heal the dying McGyver- he fails. Dirty rushes over to try his hand- the Dwarf also fails. Winstanley the same- and another fail. McGyver makes his third Death Save and… fails.

He’s dead.


McGyver is Gone.

The fight is over.


Kaspard with +1 Dwarven Chainmail.

She’s looking mighty fine.

The adventurers clear up the mess, and themselves a little- a bunch of gold, a suit of +1 Dwarven Chain and a note are found. Kaspard takes the armour- it fits her best, besides she’s second in command (although the top job is now vacant). Grey reads the note- it appears to be from someone called Kalarel who clearly has anger management issues. In short it states that the people of Winterhaven are going to serve as food for the servants of Lord Orcus when Kalarel opens the rift- which rings a bell in the Wizard’s head. It also appears that Kalarel has a spy in the town of Winterhaven who has been given orders to look out for visitors to the town. Visitors, Grey postulates, like us…


The Wizard has more to say, he tells the guys that he has heard rumours of a ruined keep nearby which is said to be home to some sort of magical portal- it seems Kalarel has found the keep, and the portal, and more’s the point- he’s about to fricking open it.

A heated debate follows as the guys drag their sorry asses, and the body of McGyver, back to Winterhaven- Kaspard is inconsolable, although her new armour is ‘very nice’.

She’s also the leader now, so there’s that to consider too.

And with that the first session of the Points of Light campaign comes to an end.

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