Adventure #02 Thunderspire Labyrinth (Level 4)
Session #8.01 & 8.02 To Thunderspire- An Introduction to the Adventure.
PCs Level 4-

A brief chat and recap of the characters, and what has come before.

Session #8.03 Going in.
PCs Level 4-

The guys enter Thunderspire Labyrinth heading on the road, they hope, to the Seven Pillared Hall- the place is massive and… what’s that- noises, it seems the guys are already back in action.

Session #8.04
Enc#025- Here comes Randal, he’s a Halfmoon.
PCs Level 4-

Down a side passage a poor defenceless Halfling about to take a beating at the hands of a bunch of foul goblinoids, Winstanley says ‘no, not on my watch’-


Randal Halfmoon, of the Halfmoon clan- owner of the Inn of the same name situated in the Seven Pillared Hall is rescued; it also turns out the fine fellows (now all expired alas) that were about to administer the beating were Bloodreavers. Randal and the guys become firm friends in seconds- the Halfling will lead them into the Halls.

Session #8.05 The Seven Pillared Hall.
PCs Level 4-

The guys drop their stuff at the Halfmoon Inn and then take a wander around the Halls- there are plenty of people to meet and much to admire, the guys make a bunch of new friends, learn a little (but not a lot) about the inhabitants of the Hall and then bump into a bunch more Bloodreavers. The guys quickly divine that the Bloodreavers hold sway in the Halls, and they’ve got numbers on their side.

That said the guys also get hassled by the Ogre in authority- Brugg, they trade with a Drow, get cried on (or at least Dirty does) by a Dwarf that’s lost his Dire Boar, and visit a Duergar Trading Post- there’s lots to see and do it seems. Although no-one has seen Vadriar the Sage recently, who Valthrun the Prescient back in Winterhaven told the guys to look up.

Session #8.06 The Secret Meeting.
PCs Level 4-

The guys are co-opted into a conspiracy- it seems many of the residents of the Hall are unhappy with the balance of power at present, the PCs get their worst fears confirmed- the Bloodreavers rule here in all but name, Brugg the Ogre enforces their will. Which generates questions- Grey was almost certain that the Mages of Saruun ruled within the Hall- it seems the aforementioned mages have not been seen for many months, hence the inhabitants bringing the situation to the adventurers attention- perhaps the guys can help out.

It seems they share a common enemy, and with no way to call the Mages of Saruun, the PCs decide they’re going to head to the Bloodreaver’s hide out within the Labyrinth- the Chamber of Eyes, and basically kill them all. The friendly inhabitants of the Hall are overjoyed, they even lend them a guide to help them to their destination- enter Charrak the Kobold… did someone say Kobold, the guys are less than happy and more than a little suspicious.

The guys head off with Charrak, into the Labyrinth…

Session #8.07
Enc#026- Death Stalks the Labyrinth.
PCs Level 4-

The guys, or at least Winstanley, figures out that the gang are being followed- they’re going to be ambushed, why not make it easy on their enemies, the gang are ready for the attack-


The adventurers kick arse and send the undead packing.

Session #8.08
Enc#027- Pack Attack.
PCs Level 4-

Charrak the Kobold turns out to be a cautious fellow, he convinces the guys to rest up in the Labyrinth so as to be on full power when they hit the Chamber of Eyes, and the Bloodreavers on the morrow. Alas their rest is disturbed, although only momentarily, by a bunch of (briefly) braying Hyenas-


It’s a massacre, the guys get the last laugh and kill six of the hounds without breaking sweat.

Rested they move on and enter the Chamber of Eyes…

Session #8.09
Enc#028- Into the Chamber of Eyes.
PCs Level 4-

Winstanley scouts the way ahead and the guys get the drop on the door guards in the Chamber of Eyes-


The Bloodreavers are surrounded and although they fight to the last the adventurers victory is never in doubt, a beautiful entrance. A thorough search reveals the PCs just rewards- Kaspard looks fine in her new Belt of Sacrifice-


Slimming and healthy- a winning combination.

The guys move further into the complex, with Winstanley- as always, leading the way- silent and deadly, unless he rolls a ‘1’.

Session #8.10
Enc#029- Death to the Bloodreavers.
PCs Level 4-

The Halfling Rogue stumbles into a large and creepy looking chamber and is savaged by a Dire Wolf, all the Bloodreavers- or so it seems, come running, he rolled a ‘1’-


But after a titanic battle the adventurers eventually win through- the Bloodreavers, including Krand their leader, are all slain (or so the guys think). The place is searched and evidence found that the ex-citizens of Winterhaven were indeed sold by the Bloodreavers to the Duergar who live in a fortress in the Labyrinth called Grimmerzhul. The grey Dwarves are next on the guys list of things to do (and kill).

Also found is a +2 Wand of Icy Rays, just the job for a mage who spews nothing but fire, particularly when facing Duergar who are immune to the flame, Grey is a two-wand wonder-


Kicking ass and taking names.

Next stop the Duergar Trading Post back in the Seven Pillared Hall, time to drop in for directions to Grimmerzhul.

Session #9.01
Enc#030- Singing!
PCs Level 4-

But what’s this- the guys discover another bunch of Bloodreavers, they work out a few of their anger issues on the poor schmucks-


The beating doesn’t take long and their prisoner has nothing to add to the sum of their knowledge, that said there’s a nice find- straight from Kaspard’s wishlist, a +1 Medic’s Mace for the little lady. The guys bed down in the Chamber of Eyes for the night, after all they also feel a whole lot more experienced…

Session #9.02 Rise and Shine- Level 5.
PCs Level 5-


Level 5- seriously tough.

Session #9.03 The Clock is Ticking- DMs Tactical Device #37F.
PCs Level 5-

But what’s this? The guys wake to discover that one of the Duergar Guards they thought they had killed yesterday, was in fact only stunned, or else playing doggo- Charrak estimates that their enemy has at least a four hour head start on them. The guys have a decision to make- try to follow the Duergar or else try to beat the creature back to the Seven Pillared Hall- and more specifically the Grimmerzhul Trading Post (the players think that must be where the missing fellow is heading, and who am I to disabuse them).

The guys chose the later and with Charrak’s guidance attempt to ‘rush’ through the Labyrinth and back to the Hall, they spend healing surges aplenty, just to try to maintain their pace.

Session #9.04
Enc#031- The King of the Dwarves!
PCs Level 5-

It takes the guys a minute or so to notice that they’ve wandered into a trap, or else the court of the King of the Dwarves, and indeed the Labyrinth-


The guys kick ass and bring the hallucinogenic mad men (and Dwarf) down- Dirty gets the crown. No time to waste however, they rush on…

Session #9.05
Enc#032- The Weakened is Here.
PCs Level 5-

Only this time the guys get tricked and attacked by a more dead(ly) group of Labyrinth dwellers-


A knock down, ding-dong, sorta fight that rumbles on for, seemingly, centuries- must remember not to combine creatures that weaken and are also insubstantial- my bad. The guys take an age to battle through, and then- race on…

Session #9.06
Enc#033- The Grimmerzhul Trading Post.
PCs Level 5-

Back to the Hall- no time to waste, I wont let them- the guys dive on into the Trading Post and pick a fight with the closest Duergar, as tradition dictates, it all kicks off-


The fight is for a while a close-knit, in-your-face, hand-to-hand affair- that is until one of the Duergar Guards rushes out of the building and starts screaming the Seven Pillared Hall down. Very quickly a crowd gathers, a crowd which includes Bloodreavers, Guards and Brugg the Ogre, of course.

It could get very ugly, very quickly.

Session #9.07 Pick a Side.
PCs Level 5-

The guys are given a very brief chance to explain themselves… and so, they do.

Dirty gets the Hall’s attention, Phrenic but mostly Kaspard, explain everything that has happened- right from the very beginning, the crowd are soon on their side- the Bloodreavers et al present are looking for the exits.

Dirty garners a roar of approval when he tells the citizens that the Bloodreavers are dead and that the Hall is free once more, or indeed perhaps for the first time.

Joy abounds, and would you believe it Kaspard locates another magic item, a +2 Holy Symbol-


The guys also take a prisoner- Kedhira, Duergar Theurge, and the leader at the Trading Post.

Session #9.08 The Defenders of the Hall.
PCs Level 5-

The next day, after a well-earned rest, the guys meet with the same concerned citizens as were present at the Secret Meeting earlier, they assure those present that they are in this for the long haul- the Seven Pillared Hall is not safe from the Duergar now, the guys have a solution- kill the Duergar; and so- they swear, it shall come to pass.

The guys, whisper this, are heroes.

Session #9.09 To Grimmerzhul… Maybe.
PCs Level 5-

Only their plan goes a little wonky when Kedhira, their Duergar prisoner, refuses to tell the guys where the fortress, the Grimmerzhul, is located- with a little help from Charrak the guys get a rough idea but their path is far from certain.


And yet there is no other choice- the adventurers pack their stuff and head out again into the Labyrinth, once more Charrak guides the way, fingers-crossed they’ll find the Grimmerzhul.

Session #10.01
Enc#034- In Search of Grimmerzhul.
PCs Level 5-

Charrak leads the PCs through the Labyrinth to the area the Kobold thinks the Duergar fortress may be located- according to the few clues Kedhira provided- all the guys have to do now is find the place… they fail, and get ambushed instead-


The guys battle through and the ambushers have to flee for their lives.

Session #10.02
Enc#035- Wings of Flame.
PCs Level 5-

The search continues for the secret location of the Duergar fortress- Grimmerzhul; things however are still not going to plan, and for the adventurers the heat is really on-


Their flaming foes, or what’s left of them, flee back into the Labyrinth.

Session #10.03
Enc#036- A Nest of Spikers.
PCs Level 5-

Still no sign of the fortress Grimmerzhul, and the guys are left wandering around in the mud and the muck, the guys fail to make some new friends-


The Kruthik are at last destroyed, and still fortress Grimmerzhul cannot be found.

Session #10.04
Enc#037- Grimmerzhul!
PCs Level 5-

On the very next day, after a much needed rest, the entrance to Grimmerzhul is located without much fuss. Now all the guys need to do is overcome the guards and make their way within without giving the game away, first up-


The Orc guards are defeated in double-quick time, and with style.

Session #10.05 Special Forces.
PCs Level 5-

The adventurers creep into the fortress, like a special forces operation- with Winstanley leading the way, the Halfling searches out the gangs next victims.

Session #10.06
Enc#038- Mr. Smith gets a Kicking.
PCs Level 5-

The Duergar forge is located, and its inhabitants surprised by the adventurers arrival-


It’s a massacre, although a number of the creatures flee the scene- they’re all however hunted down and destroyed in short order. A cache of coins are found, as well as the Scepter that Gendar the Drow Merchant asked Grey to recover.

The guys head further into the Grimmerzhul, the missing citizens of Winterhaven- sold to the Duergar as slaves, still to find.

Session #11.01 Slave Labour.
PCs Level 5-

Winstanley manages to bump into two of the ex-citizens of Winterhaven the guys are desperately searching for, the PCs convince the fellows that they’re the good guys- and here to rescue them. The now ex-prisoners tell the guys about the Duergar Champion situated in the next chamber, they also draw a simple map and give the guys enough info to get the drop on the next bunch of Duergar.


Session #11.02
Enc#039- The Big Champion.
PCs Level 5-

The guys work their way around to Rundarr, the Duergar Champion-


The big guy is brought low, one of the Duergar Scouts stretches his legs and goes for a run- he doesn’t get far, the guys- as always, are victorious.

The guys take a break and get the ex-slaves to make them lunch, they also manage to locate some coin and a pair of Dwarven Greaves, which look dashing on Phrenic-


Phrenic is going nowhere- don’t even try to push the Tiefling around.

Session #11.03 What the Future Holds.
PCs Level 5-

The guys take a moment to question the ex-prisoners further- they want to know where the other captives are being held, and the safest route to them. After the info the ex-prisoners are hidden away and Winstanley is sent on a scouting mission over to the main part of the Grimmerzhul complex.

The Halfling completes the task- he thinks he’s found a way in that avoids the Duergar Guards.

Session #11.04
Enc#040- The Wight Stuff.
PCs Level 5-

Alas the way seems to be haunted, or else populated by scary undead-


Winstanley, and to a lesser extent Dirty, suffer tremendously at the hands of the Wights- who prove easy enough to dispatch, although only after they have reduced Winstanley from seven healing surges to one (after he has healed his wounds).

The encounter proves too tough- at least for one of the adventurers (see above), they are now desperate to get out of Grimmerzhul. The adventurers flee the place, after first daubing slogans on the walls in blood implicating ‘Thain Cardanas’ in the attack. With Charrak leading the way the guys make it back into the Labyrinth.

Session #11.05 Reinforcements.
PCs Level 5-

While the guys figure out a safe place to hide in the Labyrinth, in case the Duergar come looking, back at Grimmerzhul a bunch of reinforcements arrive, but the guys don’t know this yet.

The guy’s rest is undisturbed…

Session #11.06 Rise and Shine- Level 6.
PCs Level 6-

Which is excellent news as they awake feeling a whole lot more experienced-


Ready to take on the Duergar again.

Session #11.07
Enc#041- Victory! Freeing the Slaves.
PCs Level 6-

And all the way back into the fortress again- and undisputed, the guys make their way back through the abandoned rubble filled chamber, via an ancient undisturbed Minotaur crypt and eventually into the chamber in which the remainder of the ex-citizens of Winterhaven are held captive- in deep pits.

However, the Duergar are more than a little miffed at the adventurer’s arrival-


After a titanic battle the adventurers win through- having to chase Framath, the Duergar Theurge leader, down to prevent him from going for reinforcements. The salves are rescued- or else rescued from the pits- Victory!

And now for a few questions.

Session #11.08 The Bad News.
PCs Level 6-

And the bad news is there are more Duergar in the building- including a Duergar Lord called Murkelmor, his two tough bodyguards, and maybe some Orcs, and maybe an Ogre, and perhaps a Tiefling or two… oh and there could be some Gnolls. But that’s not the worst of it- there are two prisoners missing…

The guys are left with more questions than answers, in particular- who the bloody hell are the Tieflings, and where the hell are the two missing prisoners?

Bugger, the adventure just got interesting.

Session #12.01
Enc#042- Murkelmor is a Tough S.O.B.
PCs Level 6-

And so the guys leap into the chamber that Framath, the Duergar Theurge from the last encounter was rushing towards, and as they suspected they find the Lord of the Duergar, and his retinue-


The fight is a corker, with daily powers and action points aplenty- Murkelmor, the boss, is soon bloodied- the Duergar leader skedaddles back into the Slave Pits chamber, meanwhile one of the Duergar Shock Troopers manages to make it out of the chamber and call for reinforcements.

Session #12.02
Enc#042- Murkelmor is a Very Tough S.O.B.
PCs Level 6-

It gets even busier as the reinforcements arrive-


And we’re into a Level 10 encounter, and yet the guys manage to take the reinforcements down- in the finale its just Murkelmor (who is constantly recharging his Heal with Fire power) and the one remaining Shock Trooper vs the much depleted guys- it was titanic.

Session #12.03 Searching… Looking for Stuff.
PCs Level 6-

The guys clear up after the action, they find a bunch of stuff including what looks to be Murkelmor’s diary, a receipt for the two missing ex-citizens of Winterhaven, and a +2 Flaming Maul and a +2 Amulet of Health- the last two magical items are taken by Dirty, who gives over his +1 Brooch of Shielding to Kaspard-


The guys search operation however is rudely interrupted…

Session #12.04
Enc#043- The Last Duergar Standing.
PCs Level 6-

A bunch more Duergar, and Grimmerzhul guards, come calling-


Although low on surges, and powers, the adventurers battle through- the last Duergar in Grimmerzhul is slain- the fortress has been taken, the threat destroyed.

Session #12.05 Where are we?
PCs Level 6-

Not so much the place, but ‘where are we’ with regard to the plot- what is happening here in Thunderspire, the guys take a well-earned rest and try to make sense of what they know.

Session #12.06 Murkelmor’s Black Book.
PCs Level 6-

The guys attempt to fathom Murkelmor’s Black Book- Grey with his Comprehend Languages ritual is best placed to make sense of the Duergar Lord’s scribblings.

The guys learn about a pyramid that is a prison, a conspiracy of Tieflings- they think; a great stair being constructed by the Duergar- although where this lies is not clear, and lastly that Maldrick Scarmaker is the next guy on their list of people they need to track down. This fellow has the last two ex-citizens of Winterhaven the guys have been sent to rescue.

Session #12.07 Party in the Halls!
PCs Level 6-

The adventurers return to the Seven Pillared Hall, with 13 of the 15 citizens of Winterhaven rescued- they party until the wee small hours, the good citizens of the Hall get involved.

The next day they scour the Hall for further information, it has been decided that Vadriar the Sage needs to be found- from what they know they think this guy may have some of the answers they are searching for- Vadriar, it is said, knows the Labyrinth like the back of his hand, alas the odd fellow cannot be found.

The guys are stymied, and then Winstanley makes a breakthrough.

Session #12.08 Shush!
PCs Level 6-

En route to a secret assignation the guys bump into the Ordinator Arcanis, in translation one of the Mages of Saruun- the adventurers have been bad mouthing these fellows almost from the moment they first heard about them, the Mages let the Hall be taken over by the Bloodreavers. Dirty is particularly unhappy, although a number of the other adventurers are extremely rude too. In a panic the Ordinator teleports away- the guys suddenly regret their hasty, and at times violent, reaction to the Mage of Saruun’s appearance.

The recriminations begin.

Session #12.09 Mrs. Charrak.
PCs Level 6-

However the guys are soon back on track, they have Mrs. Charrak to save- it seems that Charrak, their Kobold guide to the Labyrinth has had a visit- his wife has been kidnapped, and a note left demanding he bring the adventurers to the ‘Boulder Cave’. The adventurers throw themselves into rescuing their favourite Kobold’s missing wife- they head back into the Labyrinth, and to the aforementioned ‘Boulder Cave’.

Session #12.10 A Villain with a Speaking Part.
PCs Level 6-

The guys are trapped within ‘Boulder Cave’, the entrance sealed- a Tiefling harangues them for a while, according to the foul fellow the adventurers are out of their depth. The guys learn a whole bunch of new stuff, not all of which they fully comprehend- there’s a lot to take in, they’ll reflect on the information at a later date.

For now however there’s the small matter of surviving long enough to escape the chamber.

Session #12.11
Enc#044- “Take Him Alive!”
PCs Level 6-

The guys are attacked-


But eventually battle through and kill their ambushers, that said the session ends again in recriminations, and more than a few harsh words, when the guys fail spectacularly to secure themselves a live prisoner- they are desperate to make sense of the Tiefling’s warnings.

Mrs. Charrak however is reunited with her husband- all is well in Kobold land.

Session #13.01 Where are we, again?
PCs Level 6-

The guys return with both Charrak’s intact back to the Seven Pillared Hall, the adventurers go into a huddle (metaphorically) and try to make some sense of what’s going on here. The players are very suspicious of the Tieflings now, and they reallyneed to find Vadriar the Sage. A concerted effort to do so however turns up nothing- nothing that is until Mrs. Charrak pipes up- she knows where the Sage is, it also sounds like the Sage has found the ‘the great stair’- two birds with one stone, result.

The guys head back into the Labyrinth.

Session #13.02
Enc#045- Vadriar’s Sacrifice.
PCs Level 6-

Mrs. Charrak leads the guys to the last known location of the missing Sage, alas the cavern is not empty- a bunch of Troglodytes are conducting some sort of ceremony or ritual within- they even have a sacrifice, the adventurers storm to the rescue-


It’s a humdinger of a fight, especially when the Trog Curse Chanter summons a Dark Angel of Valour, what a victory, and what’s more the Trog’s would-be sacrifice turns out to be none other than, Vadriar the Sage. Result!

Session #13.03 Vadriar the Brave.
PCs Level 6-

Vadriar turns out to be a ‘nutter’, an ‘entertaining nutter’ as Dirty states, but a ‘nutter’ none the less- the Sage tells his story which involves the discovery of ‘the great stair’, some poisonous mushrooms, a ghost and finally his capture by the Troglodytes- after he tried to take on the stinky fellows with just his fists. Still the ‘nutter’ knows the way to the Well of Demons- cool. But first…

Session #13.04 Ascending The Great Stair.
PCs Level 6-

The guys decide to climb the stair to discover where it goes, the construction turns out to be mostly ancient, it seems the Duergar were only responsible for the the addition of the last section- the bottom, obviously. The stair winds upwards- for hours, and hours- the guys plod on, and at the summit…

They’re on top of the mountain, on a plateau- blown by strong winds and in places shrouded by cloud, the summit is… devoid of life, there’s nothing to be seen or found. Although the guys did pass a bunch of bodies on the stair- dead humanoids, all killed by violent acts, but nothing else untoward.

With nowhere to go the guys descend, and then rest up- tomorrow they’re heading to the Well of Demons.

Session #13.05 Vadriar?
PCs Level 6-

During their overnight stop the guys take a moment to question Vadriar- the Sage as it turns out knows nothing. Grey on the other hand thinks that the ghost that Vadriar encountered in the Labyrinth was not a devil but a Tiefling- a horned humanoid, he also thinks that the creature- whatever it was, has cursed the Sage.

The guys however learn nothing new, and in the morning are hard pushed to keep up with Vadriar, the old guy sets quite a pace- and shows no signs of fear as he leaps chasms etc. leading them on to the Well…

Session #13.06
Enc#046- Into the Well of Demons.
PCs Level 6-

The guys arrive at the Well of Demons, quickly knock Vadriar unconscious and then stash him away- he’s a liability, and then enter- they are each given a short lecture via a voice in their heads, alas they’re not concentrating at this point as the bad guys appear-


The fight is bloody but, as usual, the guys win through, and then- also as usual, they send Winstanley off to have a look around.

Session #13.07
Enc#047- The Gnolls.
PCs Level 6-

The guys, with a lot of help from Winstanley, get the jump on a bunch of Gnolls and their Hyena chums-


The fight is short and bloody, the outcome never in doubt- the guys beat down the bad guys- alas there are no secrets to be found, the adventurers head on…

Session #13.08
Enc#048- Rescue Mr. Grumpy.
PCs Level 6-

And into a chamber containing a bunch more Gnolls and their Hyena charges about to turn a Dire Boar into a porcupine (by shooting arrows into it)-


The Boar is obviously Mr. Grumpy- Ulthand Deepgem’s love of his life, and now Dirty’s also- the Dwarf is converted, why walk when you can ride.

Session #13.09
Enc#049- Mr. Grumpy meet, er… Mr. Grumpy.
PCs Level 6-

Dirty, and his friends, try to convince Mr. Grumpy to throw in his lot with them, come over to the Dirty side-


Brute force and ignorance are Dirty’s watch words, Mr. Grumpy comes round to the violent Dwarf’s way of thinking. Dirty is mobile-


Nice Boar!

Session #13.10
Enc#050- Tieflings!
PCs Level 6-

The guys head on, lead by Winstanley as ever- the Halfling is forced to get a good head start on the guys, what with the noise that Dirty is generating with the help of his four legged friend. The Rogue discovers another inhabited section- this time their enemies are Tieflings, although there are others present-


It gets bloody, especially when the Barlgura is summoned, one of the Tieflings flees and escapes, the other tries but fails- its cut down. The guys wanted to keep one of them alive- damn!

Still they’re in the Well of Demons, and now possessed of a Tome all about Baphomet- they believe this is one of four items they need to reclaim to overcome the tests of the Well of Demons… although they’re not entirely sure.

Meantime Grey has found some Shadowfell Gloves, and reverted to his Wand (+ 2 Icy Rays) and staff (non-magical) formula, the Mage hands over his +1 Magic Wand to Phrenic.


Dirty rules!

It’s also time for a rest- the guys have enough XP to advance to level 7.

Session #14.01
Enc#051- Coming to get You.
PCs Level 6-

Alas the guys don’t get a chance to rest, and advance a level- they’re woken when the Tiefling that escaped previously returns with some friends in tow-


The encounter is a master class in destruction, although the same Tiefling escapes again. Then, at last, the guys get to take an extended rest.

Session #14.02 Rise and Shine- Level 7.
PCs Level 7-

Success, the guys awake a whole lot more experienced, their Level 7-


And ready and eager to head back out there and kick some ass.

Session #14.03
Enc#052- The Restless Dead.
PCs Level 7-

The guys head out again and soon after are stopped in their tracks by a bunch of ghosts, the skinny is the adventurers need to convince the spectral three that they are up to the task… Alas the Skill Challenge goes down hill quickly-


And yet still the guys manage to scrape through- they learn lots of things about the challenges that lie ahead.

Session #14.04
Enc#053- Mirror Mirror on the wall who’s the Dirtiest of them all?
PCs Level 7-

It’s a trap- a bunch of mirrors in a pillared chamber, the guys wander in and quickly begin to disappear-


And soon enough four of the adventurers- all of them save for Dirty, are stuck in a prison without an exit- Dirty, of course, saves the day. The Dwarf does what he does best- he smashes mirrors, and then smashes a pair of Skeletons. The Dwarf grabs the mask- one of four items they need to collect, and then releases his friends from jail.

Test complete.

Session #14.05
Enc#054- It’s another Stupid Trap!
PCs Level 7-

And on into the next test in the Well of Demons, another bloody trap-


The DM is out of sorts, and the players are getting fractious- the encounter is bested but not much fun is derived from the experience.

The guys head on- the test complete.

Session #14.06
Enc#055- Pillars of the Community.
PCs Level 7-

Another chamber, another trap- this one more of a stand up fight, the guys get down and dirty (like Dirty), they’re kicking ass and taking names-


And again the adventurers win through, although for Mr. Grumpy, Dirty’s Dire Boar, its lights out- the beast is killed. Truth be told not even Dirty misses him.

The Demon’s are killed, the test is bested, and the guys now have a new line up-


Dirty is brought back down to earth.

Session #15.01 What’s the Story?
PCs Level 7-

The guys recap the action so far and try to make sense of what they’ve found- the deal is, the players think, the Tieflings are behind all of this…

That said they have more immediate concerns.

Session #15.02
Enc#056- The Proving Grounds.
PCs Level 7-

First thing’s first- the guys need to defeat the Guardian (a Green Dragon), and the various traps that the Ghosts warned them about, and in doing so open the doors to the Inner Sanctum-


The traps are mostly avoided, and the Guardian is slaughtered- the guys are almost spent but there’s no stopping now…

Session #15.03
Enc#057- Scarmaker.
PCs Level 7-

At last the Gnoll Warlock, the Lord of the Well of Demons-


Maldrick is defeated, although not before the last two ex-citizens of Winterhaven are killed to power the Gnoll’s dark ritual- something bad has happened although the guys atm are not sure what.

Session #15.04 What Was That?
PCs Level 7-

Kaspard and Phrenic argue- and then take to beating each other- most odd, the guys retreat out of the Well of Demons with a bunch of Scarmaker’s papers, and a +2 Deep-Pocket Cloak which Grey lays claim to-


The adventurers chat, now they’re all friends again, and rest up for the night.

Session #15.05 After the Ritual- the New Truth.
PCs Level 7-

The guys head back into re-investigate the Well of Demons- the place is very quickly falling into ruins, it seems its magic is spent, discharged when Scarmaker completed his ritual- but to what end, the smart money is on something very bad. Also of note is the fact that Scarmaker was being courted by someone called Paldemar- Grey figures this guy guy is a disgruntled Mage of Saruun, he’s a prescient fellow.

The adventurers make a little more sense of the adventure, they discover for certain that Vadriar the Sage, who they’ve been looking for since the dawn of time is actually an empty headed fool- the Sage does not have the answers to their questions.

Somewhat deflated by this latest turn of events, and in particular by the death of the last two slaves, the guys return to the Seven Pillared Hall, and are straight into a meeting with…

Session #15.06 The Truth about Paldemar.
PCs Level 7-

The Ordinator Arcanis- Orontor, the guys learn nothing new (see above) but are in essence given their next quest, enter the Tower of Mysteries and put an end to Paldemar’s activities- the plot is pretty much as Grey speculated. The mage also has a head start- he’s fairly certain he knows what comes next.

In the meantime Dirty sells Thain Cardanas’ Dwarven Crown to Gendar the Merchant Drow, and is now better equipped to kill things dead, the Dwarf now sports a pair of Bracers of Mighty Striking, and a set of Gauntlets of Blood-


Dirty plans to have a ‘smashing time’ with his magic items (in conjunction with his magical flaming maul).

Session #15.07
Enc#058- The Lord of the Labyrinth.
PCs Level 7-

Grey leads the guys to the great Minotaur statue in the middle of the Hall, and then finds again the secret compartment he located much earlier in the adventure, and then with the ornate silver key the Wizard found in Scarmaker’s magical cloak the mage leads the guys into a meeting with- the Lord of the Labyrinth-


The adventurers win through, convincing the great Minotaur of the suitability to pass on in to the Tower of Mysteries, the guys teleport in, the alarms sound and the bad guys come rushing.

Session #15.08
Enc#059- Norkers! WTF are Norkers?
PCs Level 7-

The guys get swamped by the bad guys-


But kill everything that comes their way- the first level of the Tower is taken, the finale of the adventure approaches, Paldemar here they come!

Session #16.01
Enc#060- To the Top of the Tower.
PCs Level 7-

The guys head up to the next level of the Tower of Mysteries, and what do you know it- straight into a bunch more enemies-


The guys kick ass, and then go on to do a little light exploring…

Session #16.02 Smash the Machine- Maybe?
PCs Level 7-

The guys discover the machine, they think, which powers or else controls the Bronze Warders- and yet they chose not to disable it so that they can get the jump on the inhabitants of the next level up in the Tower of Mysteries.

Session #16.03
Enc#061- Paldemar!
PCs Level 7-

Only the next level of the Tower of Mysteries, turns out to be the final level- the guys are welcomed by the ex-Mage of Saruun, Paldemar- and all of his nasty friends-


It’s a tough (and titanic) fight, but eventually- courtesy of a trio of critical hits from Dirty, the guys manage just to end the power crazy Wizard.

Session #16.04 Just Rewards.
PCs Level 7-

The guys search the dead and the Tower of Mysteries, Grey bags a +2 Magical Staff, last owned by Paldemar, the mage is starting to look pretty tough-


Ready for anything- Staff & Wand at the ready.

Session #16.05 Rise and Shine- Level 8.
PCs Level 8-

Phrenic receives his reward from the Ordinator Arcanis- a +2 Adamantine Longsword, the guys rest up and awake the next day, in their nice warm beds in the Halfmoon Inn, they’re level eight-


And it’s nearly time to head back out of Thunderspire, and back to the guys home city- Fallcrest.

Session #16.06 Democracy 101.
PCs Level 8-

But before they head home the guys make some last minute plans in Thunderspire, and for Kaspard and Phrenic that includes ‘liberating’ the Seven Pillared Hall, and starting it off on the road to democracy. The Hall has got a council- seven wise people who will always do the right thing.

Session #16.07 Questions & Answers in Fallcrest.
PCs Level 8-

The guys return to Fallcrest and accomplish many things, not least of which is celebrating their success- and the return of the ex-citizens of Winterhaven; on the ex-captives final night a bunch of dignitaries turn up to bask in the adventurer’s reflected glory. It seems that the good guys are starting to develop a reputation for themselves.

The guys do a little light shopping, or else are showered with gifts awards from their superiors-

Dirty now sports a suit of +1 Black Iron Plate armour.

Kaspard’s magical holy symbol is transformed into a +2 Dragonscale of Bahamut.

Winstanley, meantime, takes delivery of his Executioner’s Gauntlets- the Halfling is going for the mean & moody look.

Grey has some new eyeware, a pair of Eagle Eye Goggles.

Phrenic, on the other hand, makes some radical changes to his appearance, Phrenic’s defences have been improved (+2 Hide Armour of Exploits), his shield has been replaced (Throwing Shield) and he now sports a Demonskin Tattoo. The Tiefling goes for a complete make-over, believe it or not, the Warlord is now a Special Agent, and ready and raring to get into action.

Phrenic, Kaspard and Grey have also learned a little more to forward their cause.


Next stop- a little more chatter and then the next adventure, the pyramid…

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