Adventure #2 WOTC H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth (Level 4)
Session #10.02


Encounter #35 Random Encounter- Bat Cloud.
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Fire Bat (Skirmisher 5) x5
Encounter Level 5- 1000 XP


Sunday, 23rd of Fireseek, 2000.

And so on we go again, trying to get four successful checks in a row to complete the Skill Challenge, actually this encounter was actually the third or fourth time the guys had tried and failed- their second failure ended in a slip down a rocky scree and the loss of a bunch of healing surges- the number based on other skill checks. The third failure saw Winstanley washed away, briefly, by an underground stream- the Halfling’s rescue necessitating yet more desperate skill checks, and causing more surges to be lost. This then is the story of their fourth failure.

There’s something coming- Winstanley halts suddenly, the Halfling can smell burning… Smoke! He gabbles a warning…

Then diving into the chamber come a pair of flaming Fire Bats, the first swoops in and delivers a Fiery Touch to Dirty- the Dwarf is only singed a little but parts of his clothing and armour still burn and smoulder. The Fire Bat doesn’t hang around it swoops over the head of the rest of the adventurers, a hit and fly attack. The second winged beast follows the same route- Dirty is burnt again. Note Dirty’s Black Iron armour is reducing a lot of the fire damage.

Kaspard’s Hand of Radiance catches the first Bat, but not the second alas- Phrenic chases after the first and cuts it with his Leaf on the Wind attack. Grey has a better idea, his Wand of Icy Rays sends a pair of frosty fingers towards the Bats, the first is encased in ice, its flames almost extinguished it flops to the ground, the second alas is too quick for the mage, Grey meantime dodges back- trying to get out of the center of the chamber.

Dirty scurries over to the downed Bat and smashes it with a Crushing Blow, the thing is bloodied- almost spent, a second later Winstanley arrives on the scene and ends the flying vermin, Dirty meantime beats out the flames on his clothes.

One down.

The remaining Bat turns and swoops back across the chamber, but the guys are ready for its attack- they duck, dodge and feint- and keep out of its path. At which point a third Fire Bat swoops in, and straight at Dirty, the Dwarf however is much too quick.

Kaspard bathes one of the Bats with her Daunting Light, the creature is clearly out of sorts, Phrenic rushes over and slashes hard with his Crushing Blow (from his Armour of Exploits) and leaves the creature bloodied. Grey’s Ray of Frost puts out some of the Bat’s fire and leaves it stuttering and fluttering in its flight- slowed. Winstanley strikes again, a dagger spins out with a Sly Flourish and the second Fire Bat is almost done for (on 1 HP).

The creature flutters up and around and alas much too close to Phrenic, the Tiefling swats it out of the air.

Two down.

The remaining Bat follows suit, a sharp turn and then swooping down and through the middle of the party, Dirty is again caught in its flame.

Just a note to say the Bats are giving up a lot of attacks of opportunity every time they dive through the party with their Fiery Swoop attacks, and follow up movement- particularly to Dirty who is mostly Readying Actions to swat at them when they get close, he’s also Marking them, of course. Dirty has rolled three ’1’s already, and we’re only in round three of the fight. Dave (Dirty) declares his D20 is broke and puts it in the bin- he steals one of mine, specifically the one I’ve been using to hit him repeatedly.

Back to the action…

Two more Fire Bats swoop into the chamber- this event may or may not be connected with Dave stealing my dice- you decide. The first Bat burns and sets fire to Kaspard, the second to Dirty (again), there maybe a lesson there.


Fire Bat- Excellent for igniting Dwarves.

Kaspard backs off while muttering Healing Words, her wounds are forgotten although her apparel still smoulders. Phrenic’s Steel Monsoon cuts one of the Bats as it starts to make its turn.

In the real world the players are having a little bit of a panic, there’s a lot of noises- groans and yelps, yet another creature they really don’t like.

Grey’s Ray of Frost comes again and another Bat is momentarily frozen and left slowed. Dirty scores only a glancing blow with his Reaping Strike but manages once again to extinguish the flames on his gear. Winstanley spins out a dagger- and another Bat is wounded.

All three of the fiery creatures are however still fairly healthy, they bank and turn and in unison dive back into the mix- Kaspard is burnt again, and left burning- what do you know- so is Dirty. Phrenic shouts a few Inspiring Words at the Dwarf- the Fighter’s wounds are swiftly forgotten.

Grey’s Ray of Frost comes again and another of the Bats is slowed and bitten by the cold. Dirty even manages to connect with the full force with his Reaping Strike against the struggling Bat.

And then all three Bats turn and swoop again and Kaspard is burnt some more, as is Grey, Dirty however wrong-foots the Bat swooping towards him and smashes it with his maul, the thing is bloodied, although the Dwarf is also singed a little for his efforts.

Kaspard takes evasive action, although she also takes a moment to beat out the flames on her gear, the Priestess of Bahamut is bloodied. Grey’s Ray of Frost comes again, even as the mage continues to smoulder, and yet another Bat is left slowed, and now also bloodied, Dirty catches the creature with another of his famous glancing blow Reaping Strike attacks. Winstanley thuds a dagger into the only healthy Bat left still in action- a hit but the thing is still not bloodied.

This time only two of the Bats turn to swoop back at their prey, the other- slowed and almost spent- flutters off and makes its escape.

Three down.

Dirty is burnt again, the Dwarf is raging, he swats and slams his attacker- the creature has had enough- it continues along its route and heads down a dark passage, as fast as it can and away from the fight.


Only one Bat left, Winstanley scores another hit with his Sly Flourish and the flying vermin is not long for this world. The creature is not however giving up on its dinner, it swoops in and sets Dirty on fire again, the Dwarf however is in no mood- he swats and smashes the thing into the stone wall of the cavern.

And five- the fight is over.

At times the guys were panicking in this encounter- if it wasn’t for Dirty soaking up a majority of the hits then many of the them would have suffered more- the Dwarf has a little Fire Resistance and so was able to survive the multiple hits.

After a good rest the guys, once again lead by Charrak- the Kobold is getting good at fleeing from harm when the bad guys appears, head back into the Labyrinth.

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