Adventure #2 WOTC H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth (Level 4)
Session #10.06


Encounter #38 H2: Duergar Workshop.
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Orc Berserker (Brute 4) x2
Duergar Scout (Lurker 4) x2
Duergar Master Smith- Urwol (Controller 5)
Encounter Level 4- 900 XP



Moonday, 24th of Fireseek, 2000.

The guys burst through the doors and into… a forge- Winstanley was right, two Duergar and two Orcs are hard at work, and all of them are caught completely by surprise.

Winstanley spins out a dagger with a Sly Flourish, straight into the back of the Duergar at the forge- Urwol the Master Smith, the Duergar grunts in pain as Dirty steps in and swings with his maul, the Smith recovers and dodges the blow. At the other door Phrenic and Grey fire off their Scorching Bursts- although only the Warlord manages to connect, and then only with one of the Orcs (a crit however). Kaspard’s Daunting Light burns with radiant fire the other Duergar, a Scout.

Grey shuffles forward and fills the chamber ahead with flames- his Burning Hands, the wounded Scout takes a little heat (Resist 10 Fire), and one of the Orcs is burnt badly.

Winstanley tries again with another Sly Flourish, and Urwol is bloodied- the Halfling Tumbles into the chamber and repeats the attack for a third time, and cuts Urwol down (nope, the Master Smith didn’t actually get a turn).

Dirty tangles with one of the Orc Berserkers, cuts and slashes are exchanged, but no hits scored- the other Berserker menaces Grey, somehow the mage fends the furious humanoid off. Kaspard launches her Divine Glow, one of the Orcs is caught in her radiant light, as is the Scout- which is left bloodied. Phrenic’s Leaf on the Wind leaves the same Duergar only just standing- it reacts and blinks out of sight (Invisible), the Duergar departs- opening the doors and heading further into the fortress, the guys however spot its exit (or else they spot the doors being yanked open).


Orc Berserker- No match for our heroes.

Phrenic and Grey both scream warnings- although the guys are sorely pissed, the Duergar- it turns out, can ‘go invisible’.

At which point another door opens and a second Duergar Scout steps into the chamber, and takes in the scene, the Duergar tugs at its Beard and grabs out a Quill- moments later Phrenic is hurting and poisoned. Alas the Duergar’s Hand Crossbow kicks at the last moment and the Tiefling is missed.

Grey is suddenly a blur, courtesy of his Expeditious Retreat, although the mage is not heading backwards- Grey rushes through the newly opened doors through which the invisible Scout departed, the mage makes it all the way to the next set of doors- there’s no Scout in sight however.

Back in the forge Winstanley spins out another dagger with his usual Sly Flourish, the uninjured Orc Berserker is now very definitely hurt. Dirty smashes his maul into the Berserker, a Crushing Blow and it’s bloodied, but not for long- the Orc takes its Warrior’s Surge and stabs the Dwarf back with its longspear. The other Orc Berserker attempts to tangle with Kaspard, but somehow the Priestess keeps it at bay.

Phrenic attempts to entertain the newly arrived Duergar Scout, the Tiefling however is off target, he does however manage to throw of the effects of the Duergar’s poison.

The fleeing Scout moves past Grey, invisible still, alas it has to open the doors into the next chamber- Grey grins, it moves on and then suddenly reappears- its magic spent, at the same time a crossbow bolt thunks into one of the doors just inches to the right of Grey’s face. The mage grins and then slams a Magic Missile into the fleeing Scout- who drops dead, job done.


Duergar Scout- Now you see him, now you… oh he’s dead.

The other Duergar Scout quickly figures out that things have really gone wrong, it blinks out- invisible and then scampers off back towards the guard chamber in which the guys fought the Orcs- the way further on into the fortress is blocked by Phrenic. The Scout quickly arrives back in the guard chamber only to discover the bloody remains of the Orcs- no help here.

Grey scuttles back the way he came, back to the forge and the action.

Winstanley spins out yet another dagger, a Sly Flourish- as usual, and the Orc facing Dirty is bloodied, Dirty smashes it with his maul- a Spinning Strike, the almost broken Berserker is left sprawled on the floor. Dirty grins down at his felled enemy, and then sucks up the hurt, and gets his Second Wind. The Orc Berserker leaps to its feet, ready to run- but too late, Dirty’s maul comes again and ends it.

The last Orc standing suddenly works out that it’s all alone- it flees, and takes a hit from Kaspard’s Mace en route to the Orc guard chamber, it’s not alone- the invisible Duergar is also in the room. Kaspard and Phrenic race off after the escaping enemies- the Tiefling has the misfortune to run into the invisible Duergar Scout en route. The Duergar however recovers quickly and while still invisible attempts to sneak out of the chamber and into the Labyrinth, alas the creature is spotted by Phrenic as its invisibility fades.

Grey meantime is still rushing to catch up with events, Winstanley makes it to the guard chamber and then Charges the last Orc Berserker and cuts it, and then cuts at it again when the Orc flees again heading after the Duergar Scout into the Labyrinth. Dirty catches up with his colleagues but both enemies have moved on already…

Kaspard and Phrenic continue at pace, the later Charges into the back of the Duergar Scout and stabs it, and then again when the Duergar breaks off at high speed. The other adventurers are bringing up the rear, with Grey lagging way behind. Winstanley gets a bead on the fleeing Orc Berserker, spins out a dagger with his usual Sly Flourish and the creature clutches at its back, and then topples face forward into the great chasm- plunging silently into the depths, dead well before it hits the ground.


Duergar Master Smith- Urwol- Mr. Smith gets a kicking!

Kaspard spots the fleeing Scout- screams and points and then bathes the Duergar in her Sacred Flame, it’s bloodied- Phrenic hares after it, the Scout dodges but the Tiefling follows its movement and chops and cuts at its back.

We count squares and as it turns out only Phrenic can catch the fleeing Scout, all of the other PCs are too far behind, and unable to get into range, and sight, of the escapee.

It’s all on the Tiefling- the Duergar runs and the Warlord swings (a crit) and cuts it dead.

The fight is over.

The guys quickly recover from the action, they drag the bodies of the fallen Orcs and Duergar all the way out of the fortress and one by one roll them off the ledge and into the chasm, then they close the portcullis behind them and clear up the place a little.

Winstanley leads a silent search of the forge and the surrounding chambers, a good stash of coin is found- mostly in a treasure chest in what the guys (correctly) assume are Urwol, the Master Smith’s chamber, they also discover a plain looking scepter. The device looks exactly as Gendar described it Grey notes, to himself, a little while later the mage is unhappy to discover that the device is not magical- bugger, it seems the Drow can have it back after all.

The passage the first Duergar Scout fled down turns out to lead to yet another set of double doors which the guys presume head further on into the fortress. Another door (briefly locked) in the forge leads on to a stone walk way which spans the abyss and to yet another section of the fortress. The guys take a vote and unanimously decide to take care of business on this side of the abyss before heading over.

But first a Short Rest and a little time to count their gold.

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