Adventure #2 WOTC H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth (Level 4)
Session #10.07


And so session the third session in Thunderspire draws to a close, and another long one, we were six hours, just over, around the table- and played well into the wee small hours.

The section through the Labyrinth played well- although the encounters were never going to defeat the guys, save perhaps the last one with the Kruthik- that could have proved to be pretty terrible if the guys hadn’t concentrated fire on the Hive Lord and took it down so quickly. The Kruthik Adults in the Hive Lords Hive Frenzy aura were set to inflict double damage with their Claw attacks = (2d10+4) x2- alas the Adults only managed to hit once or twice with this effect active.

The two fights in Grimmerzhul were spectacular around the table but for vastly different reasons- the Orcs in the guard room were massacred, this thanks to good rolls but even better tactics, the guys kicked ass and they loved it.

The encounter with Urwol and friends was equally enjoyable- firstly because the guys quickly identified Urwol as the leader and then Winstanley took the Duergar down with three hits in a row- and before the Smith could even raise his hammer. It was spectacular also in the fact that the bad guys were fleeing all over and still the guys managed to run them all down- Grey taking risks is also a first, the mage usually spends combat with a couple of his sturdy colleagues preventing the bad guys from getting too close. At times the guys were hooting and hollering for joy, particularly at Phrenic’s final crit to take down the last fleeing Scout.

The guys are barely breaking sweat from a Healing Surge POV, but I quite like that- perhaps they can get all the way through the fortress, that would be titanic. The guys, as I said earlier, are also loving the special ops/forces vibe- they like the creeping around, sending Winstanley out to set up the next ambush, or else surprise attack. This was one of my favourite sessions so far, the players also had a hell of a lot of fun- the entrance to Grimmerzhul is up their in the pantheon, the stuff we talk about again and again.

Next session, more of the special ops, I hope.

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