Adventure #2 WOTC H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth (Level 4)
Session #11.02


Encounter #39 H3: The Great Hall.
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Duergar Guard (Soldier 4) x2
Duergar Scout (Lurker 4) x2
Duergar Champion- Rundarr (Elite Brute 6)
Encounter Level 5- 1200 XP



Moonday, 24th of Fireseek, 2000.

The guys kick open the doors to the northern guard room and unleash… well, not quite hell.

Grey fires a Ray of Frost, Winstanley spins out a Sly Flourish, Kaspard’s Daunting light lances in and Dirty and Phrenic Charge into the chamber and wail on the nearest Duergar- a Scout as it happens, although there’s also a Duergar Guard present.

The highest roll is a ‘5’, that’s Phrenic’s Charge- although Dirty and Kaspard both rolled ’4’s , so they came second best- joint second best. All of the attacks miss of course.

Soon after the fighting starts.

Grey’s Ray of Frost (take 2) covers the Duergar Scout in ice, its slowed; Winstanley dodges into the chamber and around to the rear of the foul Dwarf- Dirty thumps it with his maul, and the Halfling leaves his magical dagger, briefly, in its back. The Scout is almost done for (1 HP). Dirty swings again with a Reaping Strike and smashes it down, the Dwarf Fighter stomps over to guard the doors to the north, figuring correctly that these lead to the bridge- and on to the main part of the fortress across the great abyss.

Kaspard moves into the chamber and targets the bemused looking Duergar Guard, the Duergar is bathed in her Sacred Flame. Phrenic moves over and cuts it with his Leaf on the Wind attack. The Duergar screams and hollers for help, and then steps away from the Tiefling and flings its Beard Quills at Dirty- the Dwarf is struck, and poisoned. The Duergar rushes the Dwarf, but Dirty manages to keep the bugger at bay- clearly the Guard is out to get away.


Duergar Guard- Surprised to see the guys here.

Grey hits the Duergar with his Ray of Frost- its going nowhere fast, Winstanley spins out his dagger with a Sly Flourish and the Guard is bloodied, and then seconds later very nearly dead after Dirty connects with his Reaping Strike, Kaspard’s Lance of Faith finishes it off- the Priestess of Bahamut strides over to a door on the far side of the chamber and listens at it for a second, according to slave’s map it should lead into a bedchamber.

“Nothing coming” She declares as a Duergar Scout opens the door before her, it gurns for a second and then fires a crossbow point blank range at Kaspard, and misses. Winstanley reacts in an instant and spins out a dagger, but only a glancing blow. The Duergar is suddenly… well, gone (invisible), although not silent- in fact far from silent, the Scout screams and shouts as it runs back through the bedchamber and departs via a door to the south. Kaspard and Winstanley- watch the door open.


Duergar Scout- We can see you!

Phrenic pushes past his colleagues and rushes after the fleeing Duergar, through the southern door and into the Great Hall, and thump- straight into the back of the invisible fleeing Duergar Scout. Phrenic reacts and slashes at his unseen enemy, and connects (with a crit). The Great Hall however is not empty- there’s another Duergar Guard here and also a hugely muscled Duergar who grabs up his warhammer and begins screaming for action- this must be Rundarr, the Duergar Champion.

Although Phrenic’s not that impressed- Rundarr’s ‘just another bloody Dwarf’, I hope Dirty didn’t hear that.


Duergar Champion- Rundarr- ‘Just another bloody Dwarf.’

The Duergar Guard’s warhammer is suddenly swathed in flames- the evil Dwarf rushes forward and slams the weapon into Phrenic- who begins screaming for his friends. Seconds later Grey moves into the doorway and gesticulates wildly, a large area of the chamber is suddenly swathed in shadows- and necrotic energy, the Guard is hurt while Rundarr grimaces (a crit) and staggers, both enemies are left dazed.

The rest of the guys play catch up, and rush on into the Great Hall, although pointedly not into the area cloaked in shadow. The invisible Scout is however within the shadows, it aches as it soaks up the necrotic cold, and is left bloodied. The Scout gets clear of the zone, and suddenly reappears over the far side of the chamber- at the same time a crossbow bolt embeds itself in the door jamb mere inches from Dirty’s face.

Phrenic cuts Rundarr with his Steel Monsoon, as Kaspard Charges in with her mace (to no effect- why does she insist on doing this?). The Duergar Champion, although dazed, still has the energy left to smash his warhammer into both of them- Phrenic is bloodied, and has also to keep the Duergar Guard at bay.

Winstanley shuffles around the outside of the shadowy area, and then spins out a dagger with a Sly Flourish at the Guard- it’s bloodied. Dirty goes route one, he smashes his maul into Rundarr with a Crushing Blow. Kaspard continues to flail ineffectively and then shares one of her Healing Words with Phrenic.

Phrenic cuts Rundarr again, this time with his Viper’s Strike, the Duergar Champion meantime flails wildly, and inaccurately, at Dirty. The Guard does his best to get out of the necrotic zone, just manages it having been slashed en route by Phrenic, the grey Dwarf is almost done for.

Grey’s Ray of Frost strikes Rundarr leaving the Champion’s teeth-chattering in the cold, Winstanley follows up with yet another Sly Flourish and suddenly Rundarr is bloodied. The Duergar Champion begins to expand in size until the evil Dwarf is at least six feet tall and built like an Ogre. Dirty doesn’t bat an eyelid, he smashes Rundarr with another Reaping Strike.


Duergar Champion- Rundarr- The bigger they are the harder they fall.

Kaspard sends out her Hands of Radiance- the first throttles the Duergar Guard- dead, the second slaps Rundarr, while the third gets in the Scouts face (a crit), and leaves it bloodied and almost broken. The Scout fires its crossbow again at Phrenic, and misses (again), and then heads for the double doors- set to exit the Great Hall.

Phrenic cuts Rundarr again with his Viper’s Strike, the Champion attacks in a fury- four times it brings its warhammer down- twice each at Dirty and Phrenic- both are struck only once, but both are big hits- the Tiefling Warlord is bloodied again. He’s lucky, if it wasn’t for Kaspard’s Armour of Bahamut, Phrenic would be lying unconscious on the floor.

Winstanleys favourite Sly Flourish comes again- and Rundarr only just manages to stay on his feet, the furious Duergar is clearly not long for this world, particularly after Dirty connects again with his Reaping Strike (Rundarr = 1 HP).

The Duergar Scout meantime wrenches the double doors open- into the corridor- the grey Dwarf is heading off to find some friends it seems. But what’s this- there’s a bed in the way, the Scout attempts to clamber over the obstacle- it makes it but doesn’t get far down the passage.

Back in the Great Hall Phrenic strikes again and Rundarr falls, moments later Grey skitters into view of the fleeing Scout and thumps a Magic Missile into the screaming Duergar’s back- which shuts it up, forever.

The encounter is complete.

The players are absolutely loving the Grimmerzhul fortress- they’re doing just enough thinking ahead of the fights to get themselves positioned to take advantage of their surroundings, and their tactics have been pretty much spot on so far. This may seem spectacularly one-sided from an outsiders perspective but, hey- it’s been a blast so far and I’m content to let the guys get the drop on my guys providing they continue to play smart.

The Duergar are searched- they have plenty of coin, Rundarr also has a key- although no chest or door to fit it is found, the Champion has also got a set of Dwarven Greaves, which make him hard to push around. Phrenic dons his new found apparel-


Phrenic’s new Dwarven Greaves- sexy!

The guys rescue a third slave, the poor fellow is found hiding under a table in the Great Hall, they then place a watch on the entrances to this area. They take a short break, eat and drink- there’s plenty of palatable fare in the kitchen and the freed slaves are happy to oblige, from memory I think the guys had burgers. Phrenic and Kaspard question the ex-slaves, and find out what they can about what lies ahead.

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