Adventure #2 WOTC H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth (Level 4)
Session #11.03


Moonday, 24th of Fireseek, 2000.

The guys take a well-deserved time out, and learn what they can from their new found friends- the ex-slaves. Here’s what they find out-

1) There are two bridges over to the main area of the stronghold, one bridge is never used- ’there’s something bad that way’, one of the ex-slaves offers; conclusion- ’that’s the way we’ll go’, states Phrenic.

2) The main area of the fortress holds the rest of the ex-citizens of Winterhaven the guys have been sent to rescue. They are being held in pits, in a very large chamber, quite a way into the fortress. The slave pits are overseen by a bunch of Duergar and pair of flying spiky Devils (Phrenic identifies these creatures as ‘Spinagons’ or as they’re also known ‘Spined Devils’). The slaves are the responsibility of a Duergar called Fram-something, this guy is not a warrior, the ex-slaves are fairly sure.

3) The fortress is also home to a Duergar Lord, the ex-slaves don’t know the grey Dwarf’s name however, the Duergar Lord is always accompanied by a pair of tough looking Duergar.

4) There are other guards present, including some Orcs- the ex-slaves are certain that the main bridge leads over to another guard chamber; which only serves to reinforce the guys idea to take the less traveled bridge.

Alas the ex-slaves can only provide a very sketchy map, showing very little of the far section of the fortress, they have not seen much of this section, they are lead back to the pits each day using the same route.

The players still think that this is the final section of the dungeon, they’re getting excited.

The guys chat and plot for a short while, the only real concern at this juncture is with regard to their route into the main area of the fortress- if the Duergar don’t use the other bridge then that must be for some reason, the guys speculate what that reason might be, best guess is something nasty lairs that way… or else it’s trapped? The guys are really not sure.

Soon after the planning stage is over, the three rescued slaves are hidden from sight in a chamber all the way back at the start of the guy’s Grimmerzhul invasion, close to where the adventurers fought the Orcs at the portcullis.


That done, Winstanley is sent across the less traveled bridge, creeping silently and quietly the Halfling makes it to the door on the far side. It’s locked, but not for long- the Halfling enters and sneaks into an abandoned room, seemingly not visited for some time. There are two doors that head south from this chamber, Winstanley takes a moment to listen at both of them- he’s right to be cautious, at the first door he can hear voices- he’s fairly certain this portal leads to the guard room the ex-slaves spoke of. The other door is a bit of a mystery, although the Halfling thinks he can hear a voice- too low to make out the words, or indeed give clues as to what sort of creature is speaking- the Halfling decides to leave this door alone. Within the chamber are also a set of double doors that head north, which is the Halfling’s favoured direction- away from where the little guys thinks the Duergar are based. He can hear nothing beyond these doors, and nor do they look like they’ve been opened in an age, Winstanley takes a look. The doors lead onto battlements overlooking the chasm- the area is also empty, but there are another pair of doors to the west, which must- the Rogue hopes, lead further into the fortress, Winstanley cannot hear anything beyond these portals, perhaps he’s located a back way in. The Halfling creeps back across to tell the guys.

Note this last section was pretty tense when we played it- when the Halfling had got a good way in I reminded him that should he get into trouble then the other guys were a long way off and even if he screamed at the top of his voice I’d make the guys roll Perception checks just to hear him. Paul, who plays Winstanley, was less than pleased to learn all of the above, the rest of the guys were also making a strange collection of noises as the Halfling debated which doors to open- much fun was had.

The fact that the Halfling has found nothing is a little worrying for the PCs- they still don’t know what lies ahead, they’re beginning to imagine something not at all pleasant.

And so, one-by-one, with Winstanley leading the manoeuvre- as usual, the guys scurry over the bridge and into the abandoned chamber beyond, and then quietly through, and on- to the double doors that Winstanley located earlier.

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