Adventure #2 WOTC H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth (Level 4)
Session #11.04


Encounter #40 H4: The Ruined Chapel.
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Wight (Skirmisher 5) x5
Encounter Level 5- 1000 XP



Moonday, 24th of Fireseek, 2000.

And so having snuck across to the abandoned chamber the guys decide to see how far this route extends. Winstanley leads them on, as always, through another set of doors, locked this time, and into a ruined and partially rubble-filled chapel.

The guys move in a little way, and then take a moment to have a look around the rubble filled chamber, three ragged-ass and wild-haired humanoids are spotted soon-after creeping around behind the piles of broken masonry (Wights, as it later turns out).

You know what happens next, although in a fantastic twist of fate I manage to roll a ‘20’ for the Wight’s initiative- and as it turns out, that makes all the difference.

The trio of foul undead scamper in and Claw desperately at Winstanley, the Rogue is hit three times in quick succession, the Halfling gasps- he’s bloodied and now sans three healing surges. Paul, who plays Winstanley, has some sort of fit- it’s a joy to behold. All three Wights, after delivering their attacks, dance away from the suddenly terrified looking Halfling.

To make matters worse two more of the creatures break cover and nail Dirty- two Claw attacks- two hits, the Dwarf is somewhat resistant to necrotic damage but is less happy when he loses two healing surges also. The pair of Wights shift away from the now pale and sickly looking Dwarf.

And in less than a minute flat the guys have gone from the kings of all creation, to shit scared.


Wight- Death by loss of Healing Surges.

Phrenic calls his men (and woman) into action, and then fails to connect with his Directed Attack, however he also orders Dirty into the attack with his Commander’s Strike- the Fighter slams a Wight with his maul. Grey fires in a Scorching Burst- two of the Wights are flamed, the mage’s follow up Burning Hands catches a trio of the undead- two of the enemies feel the full force of his fire, but none of them are bloodied yet. Winstanley spins out a dagger- high and wide, and then shuffles towards the exit- the Halfling is broken inside.

Dirty however is not giving up- he smashes the Wight before him with his Brute Strike, the blow bloodies the foul undead fellow- his follow up Reaping Strike slays it- that’s one down. Kaspard sends out her Divine Glow, alas only one of the Wights is caught in the blast, her follow up Radiant Hands clutch and grab at two more of the creatures- her enemies are too widely scattered for her to attempt to Turn the Undead. The Priestess of Bahamut mutters Healing Words and Winstanley wounds are forgotten, not the lost healing surges though, the Halfling (or else the player) continues to sulk.

The four remaining Wights launch their attacks- three target Winstanley, of course, Halfling is on the menu- although only two of the undead manage to connect with their Claws, the Halfling is left ashen faced and trembling like a frightened child- and with only two healing surges left, he started the fight with seven. The fourth Wight menaces Grey, but somehow the mage is able to keep it at bay.

Paul (Winstanley) is almost in tears, the other players are not helping the situation, particularly Dave (Dirty).

Phrenic’s Steel Monsoon attack renders another one of the undead bloodied, Grey takes the fight to the undead- shuffles closer and then surrounds himself with his Fire Shroud- three of the Wights are wreathed in flames, their ragged robes on fire- and another one is left bloodied.

Winstanley has an epiphany- it goes a little like this “fight back you chicken shit little fart”, the epiphany sounds a lot like Dave (Dirty)- funny that. The Rogue Tumbles into action and with a Sly Flourish stabs a Wight in the back- it falls, that’s two down.

Paul states that after this fight he is insisting that they rest, we take a short break from the encounter here while the guys have a very short argument- Paul gets his way, now watch them spend all of their Daily Powers.

Dirty takes a step back and then rushes in with a Cometfall Charge- he smashes one of the undead to the ground- three dead. Kaspard takes a moment to hoist her holy symbol and Turn the Undead- the last two Wights suffer terrible radiant burns, and and are slammed into nearby walls, the pair are also immobilised. Although in the action the Priestess of Bahamut is also Clawed, and now down a healing surge. Phrenic Leads the Attack on the first immobilised Wight, cutting it to the quick- four down.

Grey slams the last Wight standing with a Magic Missile, Winstanley- snarling all the way, moves in and finishes it off with a Sly Flourish, the terrified Halfling has at last broken the undead’s spell.

The guys add Wights to their list of monsters they’re terrified of, along with Gelatinous Cubes (although that fear is almost cured) and Hobgoblin Warcasters.

There follows a sometimes heated discussion, eventually- after a good twenty minutes bickering, a plan of action is decided upon- the chamber is swiftly searched, and as swiftly abandoned. The guys backtrack across the bridge, and then head back through the Duergar complex- back the way they came in, clearing up as they go. I improvised a minor (no XP, I’m a meanie) Skill Challenge to measure how well the clear up operation goes, the guys came up with a few great ideas to help out. One of the anvils from the forge is wrenched up, taken onto the bridge and dropped into the chasm, the guys then leave a note for the Duergar- painted in blood upon the walls of the forge, proclaiming that Thain Cardanas is ‘Lord of the Labyrinth’, and the Duergar ‘better watch out!’ Giggling ensues.

The guys grab the freed slaves and then meet up with Charrak, their Kobold Guide- remember him, and then back into the Labyrinth to hide.

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