Adventure #2 WOTC H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth (Level 4)
Session #11.08


Godsday, 25th of Fireseek, 2000.

The guys spend a good fifteen minutes questioning the ex-slaves of the Duergar, they learn the following-

1) There were fifteen of them in total sold by the Bloodreavers to the Duergar, Phrenic does the maths- there are ten slaves here, three already rescued- that leaves two still missing, the Warlord frets, more of this later.

2) The ex-slaves, after listening to the adventurers tale, state that they are certain that the guys have not yet accounted for the Duergar Lord who controls Grimmerzhul, a cruel fiend named Murkelmor, one of them volunteers. Alas the ex-slaves know little about the Duergar’s leader, save that he is accompanied everywhere by two tough looking Duergar.

3) The ex-slaves also reveal that they were brought to the Grimmerzhul by a bunch of Orcs, accompanied by an Ogre- the guys ‘think’ they’ve accounted for most, if not all, of the Orcs; but are not too sure about the Ogre- was it Brugg? They figure they’ll have to wait and see.

4) Several of the ex-slaves also report seeing other shadowy figures in this chamber, one- after staring hard at Phrenic, declares that at least one of the shadowy figures was a Tiefling.

5) The ex-slaves save the worst news for last- two of their number were taken from the pits yesterday, sent off somewhere else- they were sold. The buyers, the ex-slaves are certain, were a pair of Tieflings- although the fiendish humanoids (present company excluded) were accompanied by a group of Gnolls.

Nearly all of the above turns out to be bad news one way or another for the guys- the players take a while (OOC- we were finishing up the session anyway) to reflect upon on this new information a little. While packing up, and relaxing, we had a little chat about the players thoughts regarding the state of play at present, this in summary is what they came up with-

1) They are nearly there with recovering the good citizens of Winterhaven- 13 out of 15 of the captives have been accounted for- they need to get these guys back to the Seven Pillared Hall.

2) Murkelmor, the above mentioned Duergar leader, needs to be paid a visit- and soon, he may also need to answer a few questions, or else someone in authority will.

3) Tieflings? Who are these guys and where do they fit into things? The players are not sure what’s going on.

4) Who has the other two prisoners? Who were the Gnolls- were they just muscle for the Tieflings? If so- who are the Tieflings? What or who do they serve- and to what end?

The ex-slaves are ushered into the Minotaur crypt- given food and water, the secret door is shut behind them- and locked, it’s time for the guys to go and get a few answers.

The players are a little flustered, they genuinely thought that this (Grimmerzhul) was the end of the adventure- finish off the Duergar, rescue the slaves, and back to the Seven Pillared Hall for a party. They’re four sessions into Thunderspire and they’ve just discovered, or else started to grasp that something else is going on here- sure they need to rescue the slaves, but now they’re certain that there’s some other plot at play here.

And with that Session 11 comes to an end.

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