Adventure #2 WOTC H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth (Level 4)
Session #11.09


A shorter session- in comparison to the epics we’ve been used to, although still something like five hours long including nearly an hour spent sorting out the level 6 PCs. Again the guys enjoyed the special forces style of play, I appreciate you probably can’t get that just by reading this narrative but around the table it was plain to see. The guys were going cover to cover- while Winstanley ranged ahead, or else directed the troops forward, the players really enjoyed this style of play- it was a lot more tense than their time in the Keep on the Shadowfell dungeon.

Part of this was of course that the Duergar, although so far seemingly easily defeated, hold more terror for the guys than the Goblins et al of the previous adventure. I know I’ve said this before but these guys hit hard with the new damage formula we’re employing, I’ll just take a moment again to highlight this point, Rundarr the Duergar Champion- with an Action Point attacked four times in a round while he was bloodied, each hit doing 2d10+12 damage- that’s a chunk of hit points if he connects. The guys were massively fortunate at times when my dice seemed to repeatedly go wonky.

In game the guys are often left beaming with delight, particularly after they’ve taken a couple of hits or three, and through Kaspard and Phrenics ministrations have remained on their feet, and manged to deliver the killer blow. This write up may appear to be a one-sided affair but we’ve been packing the fun in, and the guys have at times been genuinely worried that the PCs are going to all get knocked down- and out.

That said the first fight with Rundarr was an easy victory, or else well-earned; the battle with Wights on the other hand convinced at least one of the PCs that adventuring was an extremely dangerous occupation. Paul, who plays Winstanley, went a funny colour when the Halfling lost three healing surges and a bunch of hit points in a matter of seconds, and then a few minutes later another two surges. Winstanley lead the retreat, he couldn’t wait to be 6th level, somehow figuring the extra defences, and attacks, would render him superior to his foes.

The last fight against Framath, and his friends, was an almighty affair that took an age to play out- some top work by Dirty and Phrenic to get in and start mixing it with the Theurge leader. The guys were having to soak up a lot of damage in the melee, while Framath kept dropping bombs. It was also terrifying for the guys when Framath went on his last ditch run- trying to get to his master- I continued this theme with the last Duergar Guard also, the players were desperate to stop one encounter becoming two. Although they are of course pretty certain that there are a bunch more bad guys waiting behind the door that Framath was fleeing towards- it was heart in the mouth time around the table.

As always the guys want more, and can’t wait to arrange a meeting with Murkelmor.

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