Adventure #2 WOTC H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth (Level 4)
Session #12.02


Encounter #42b H8: Murkelmor’s Chamber.
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Orc Raider (Skirmisher 3) x4
Human Berserker (Brute 4)
Duergar Theurge (Controller 5)
Tiefling Heretic (Artillery 6)
Duergar Shock Trooper (Brute 6) x2
Ogre Savage (Brute 8)
Duergar Paladin of Asmodeus- Murkelmor (Elite Soldier 7)
Encounter Level 10- 2675 XP





Godsday, 25th of Fireseek, 2000.

And two encounters become one- its beautiful when that happens, and in the room opposite are a whole host of fresh bad guys, the encounter just shot up to level 10. Let’s put the guys to the test.

Winstanley’s Sly Flourish hits the Duergar Shock Trooper still positioned within the chamber, the creature- like his compatriot previously, suddenly expands and grows until it’s the size of an Ogre- which is apposite really.

Phrenic screams from the hallway, the Tiefling is facing off against the other, almost spent Shock Trooper, also four Orcs- as best he can see- there’s a mob of them and they’re not standing still, and now just lurching into the doorway- an Ogre.

Grey prevaricates and then slams the Tiefling Heretic with another Magic Missile, it’s almost but not quite dead.

Phrenic meantime has a flash of inspiration- he floods the area before him with his Cloud of Daggers (a new power, he swapped out for his Scorching Burst). All four Orcs, the Ogre and a Human Berserker (hit with a crit), that has just stepped into sight, are caught in his power, they’re all injured but none of them fall. Phrenic isn’t happy, he figured the Orcs must be Minions- I was oh so sorry to disappoint.


Orc Raider- Not Minions!

The Shock Trooper in the corridor grins, it has now stopped shouting and hollering- the reinforcements have arrived, it slams its massive warhammer into Phrenic, and the Tiefling Warlord is bloodied in an instant. The second Shock Trooper, back in Murkelmor’s chamber, flails at Winstanley- the Halfling is much too quick and even manages to stab the creature as it moves off, the sturdy Duergar rushes through the fireplace and into the Slave Pit chamber, to its master’s side.

In the Slave Pit chamber Murkelmor grins as he looks down into the pit at Dirty, again the Duergar leader is wreathed in flames, his Heal with Fire recharges (+25 HP). The cruel Duergar rips out a clutch of his Beard Quills and flings them at the forlorn Dwarf, Dirty groans as the poison hits. The Fighter however is not giving up- Dirty rushes for the ladder that leads up and out of the pit (we rolled randomly earlier to see which pit the ladder was in- the dice came good for the guys), the Dwarf emerges at pace, and Unstoppable.

Back in the corridor two of the Orc Raiders fling hand axes at Phrenic- the Tiefling takes a hit- and another when the Berserker scores him with its greataxe. Meanwhile the other two Orc Raiders move into Murkelmor’s chambers trying to locate the lord of the manor, alas they find Winstanley instead- the pair menace the Halfling who somehow manages to keep both of them at bay. The Ogre follows up behind the pair- thumping its greatclub at Phrenic en route, off-target fortunately for the Warlord.

Winstanley needs to get the hell out of dodge- he’s alone in Murkelmor’s chamber with the Tiefling Heretic, two Orc Raiders and with the Ogre closing in- there’s only one thing to do, Blinding Barrage- both Orcs clutch at their eyes, while the Ogre screams and shouts loud enough to shake the walls of the chamber (a crit)- all three are caught in the Rogue’s bladestorm and left blinded.

Kaspard tries to help out the Halfling, she dodges back into Murkelmor’s chamber and fires her Blazing Starfall into the thick of the enemies- all three of those blinded are caught in her prayer, the Ogre is hurt while the two Orcs are left bloodied. Kaspard’s Dwarven Armour pulses and suddenly the Priestesses wounds are patched and healed, she’s also no-longer on fire.


Human Berserker- Just making up the numbers.

The Tiefling Heretic takes a risk and crosses Grey’s necrotic zone, it’s almost spent, but it makes it and gets in position to deliver its Balefire- Winstanley is caught in the blast, and set alight.

Grey meanwhile has at last found some bad guys that don’t like fire- he fills the corridor ahead of him with his Burning Hands- the three Orcs in range suffer- one is almost spent, the Ogre is singed, while the Tiefling Heretic, even with its innate fire resistance, is reduced to ash.

That’s only the second bad guy to fall- and this is the 7th round of combat, the first to fall was the Duergar Theurge, in the first round. The guys don’t even celebrate, things are on a knife edge, although the way they tell it the outlook is grim.

Phrenic shares a few Inspiring Words with himself, and forgets his wounds, and then shouts again to call his colleagues to bare down upon the Ogre- he Leads the Attack, and the Ogre Savage is bloodied.

Back in the Slave Pit chamber the Shock Trooper, under Murkelmor’s instruction, cuts off Dirty’s route- and slams the Dwarf with its warhammer- Dirty staggers and looks a little worried. The second Duergar Shock Trooper suddenly remembers his master and rushes unimpeded out of the corridor, and through the double doors and into the Slave Pit chamber- Dirty is now facing both Shock Troopers and Murkelmor, who also closes in on the Dwarf.

Dirty (Dave) resists the temptation to call for help- its a Dwarf thing, apparently.

Back in the corridor the blind Ogre flails repeatedly at Phrenic, but the Tiefling manages to dodge its ill-timed blows.


Ogre Savage- Blind Rage.

Dirty gulps as his enemies approach, he lashes out and slams the Shock Trooper before him with a Reaping Strike- a clean hit, the great grey Dwarf falls dead. Dirty, whisper this- moves… er, backwards.

Some would say that Dirty was in retreat- not me of course, Dave would probably hit me.

Back in the corridor two Orc Raider’s flail at Phrenic- one of them connects, and uses its Warrior’s Surge, and feels much better for it. The other two blind Orcs in Murkelmor’s chamber find their way back out into the corridor- following after the also blind Ogre. One of the Orc Raiders alas wanders into Grey’s Grasp of the Grave necrotic zone, and ends its days in the clutches of the shadow. One of the Orc Raiders somehow manages to find its way to Grey, it uses its Warrior’s Surge and smashes its greataxe down, suddenly Grey disappears- his Wizard’s Escape.

The Wizard reappears a little way back in the Slave Pit chamber. The gawping Human Berserker meanwhile hefts its axe and Charges into Kaspard, the Priestess- more by luck than judgement, manages to fend it off. Winstanley scurries between an Orc Radier and the flailing Ogre- the Halfling spins like a top, magical dagger out, in a Downward Spiral- the Orc is slashed horribly and sent spinning to the ground. The Ogre is merely cut again- it moans in terrible pain, and collapses to the floor- already trying to right itself.

Kaspard takes a step back from the crazy Berserker before her- and then engulfs the Human in her Sacred Flame, not once- but twice- the frenzied Human is left bloodied. Grey, alas, is still on fire after being hit by the Heretic’s Balefire an age ago, the Wizard figures why not, and then shuffles into the melee- or else as close to it as he dare go, he’s suddenly swathed in his Fire Shroud. Two of the Orc Raiders are burnt- one is left bloodied, and the Ogre is savaged (a crit) by the flame- all three enemies are on fire. Phrenic moves in and lashes at the Ogre Savage with a Viper’s Strike- the monster is nearly dead, moments later it is dead, killed by the fire that continues to ravage its flesh.

Back in the pit chamber Dirty, Murkelmor and the surviving Shock Trooper are playing a deadly game of cat and mouse, the Dwarf Fighter is playing the rodent’s part.

Back in the corridor the two Orc Raiders left standing swat at Phrenic with their greataxes- the Tiefling somehow manages to keep both of them at bay, one of the Raider’s however gets his Warrior’s Surge and looks fit again, and ready for further action. The Human Berserker continues to menace Kaspard but the Priestess is in fine form, she defends stoutly. Winstanley spins out a dagger and the recently recovered Orc Raider suddenly looks less well, it staggers- on its last legs.

Kaspard decides that enough is enough, and heads off to help Dirty- into the Slave Pit chamber, she has to avoid several attacks to get there, the Priestess fires off her Sacred Flame, and bathes the last Shock Trooper in her radiant flame. The Duergar turns in anger and Charges the Priestess- who somehow manages to prevent the massive Duergar from braining her- she also buys Dirty a little more time.

Grey is still burning- still unable to shake off the ongoing fire damage, the mage shoots a Magic Missile into one of the two Orc Raiders still standing, it’s bloodied in an instant- and finally the Wizard manages to put the flames out, although he’s now bloodied. Phrenic slashes at the same Orc Raiders- it’s almost done for (1 HP).

Murkelmor Charges at Dirty- but the Dwarf Fighter is ready for the Duergar Lord, and slams his maul into the fiend (a crit), Dirty suffers too however- both combatants are almost spent. Dirty smashes again, with another Reaping Strike- alas only a glancing blow, the Dwarf Fighter grabs out a Potion of Healing and chugs it down.

Back in the corridor an Orc Raider and the Human Berserker succumb to Grey’s magical fire and still burning collapse, soon to expire. The last Orc standing slams Phrenic with its greataxe, and then immediately pays the price- Winstanley scuttles up behind it and with a Sly Flourish stabs it dead. All of the enemies in the corridor and Murkelmor’s chamber are dead- the only bad guys still standing are one Shock Trooper and Murkemor, both in the Slave Pit chamber.

Phrenic, now freed up, rushes into the Slave Pit chamber- he’s quickly to the last Shock Trooper, and quicker still he cuts the bugger with his Viper’s Strike, the massive Duergar is almost done for.

Murkelmore meantime is suddenly wreathed in flames (yes, again- and another 25 HP back), for good measure the Duergar Paladin delivers yet another Fiery Smite and Dirty is left staggering, the Dwarf fights back- alas yet another glancing blow with his Reaping Strike, Murkelmor just grins- “Is that all you’ve got?”

Winstanley scurries into the pit chamber, and around to the rear of the Shock Trooper facing off against Phrenic and Kaspard, seconds later the great Duergar is dead- yet another victim of Winstanley’s treacherous technique.

Kaspard strides forward, as Grey enters the chamber, moments later Murkelmor is hit by the Priestesses Lance of Faith followed closely by the mage’s Magic Missile. The Duergar leader staggers, then rights himself and hits Dirty with another Fearsome Smite, Dirty goes flying, off the ledge and into the same Slave Pit he visited earlier- landing flat on his back, the Dwarf is barely conscious.

Back up top Murkelmor grins and in a mad act of bravado moves toward the other four adventurers- seconds later the Duergar joins Dirty in the pit, with one of Winstanley’s daggers in his gut, the Duergar- unlike Dirty- is unmoving.

The fight is over.

The fight was superb.

The guys around the table take to cheering, and a little later drinking and recounting their favourite bits of the action. Soon after, when the PCs have had a little time to take a short rest the five scoot about to see what they can find… treasure!

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