Adventure #2 WOTC H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth (Level 4)
Session #12.03


Godsday, 25th of Fireseek, 2000.

First port of call is the body of Murkelmor- Dirty relieves the Duergar of his +2 Flaming Maul, for a second the Dwarf flickers a smile. Also on the body is a +2 Amulet of Health, Dirty- who is after all closest to the body, claims this item too. Kaspard grabs Dirty’s +1 Brooch of Shielding. The Dwarf takes a moment to parade his spoils-


Dirty Biskit- Firestarter!

While Kaspard admires her new brooch-


Kaspard- Protected!

Soon after the guys ransack Murkelmor’s chamber, they make a few interesting discoveries, particularly in an iron box hidden beneath the Duergar Lord’s bed-

1) A sack full of gold coins, and a statue of a demon- identified as the Demon Lord- Asmodeus.

2) A short note, crudely written in Common, basically an order for two slaves to be delivered to someone called Scarmaker.

3) A ledger, or else a diary, or else the wild scribblings of a madman- either way this item is a small notebook full of mostly illegible writing- if only the guys could figure what language it is written in, certainly none that they can immediately identify. Is it Murkelmor’s? Probably, the guy’s guess.

4) A bunch of plans and technical drawings for… well, it looks like some sort of massive stairway set inside a mountain.

Damn! The guys have got to find this Scarmaker- whoever, or whatever he is.

However another mystery is hinted at, the Tiefling Heretic’s corpse gives up a little treasure and also, well… something odd. The Tiefling’s clothing is torn and bloodied from the fight, and while the guys are manhandling the Tiefling’s body its ripped shirt falls open to reveal a massive tattoo. The image depicted is a pyramid wreathed in clouds, or else- shadows perhaps, certainly wisps of something darker and more malevolent looking than clouds.

Double Damn! What’s with the Tieflings and the pyramid? The guys need to find out.

The guys move out of the chamber and are about to head over to the opposite door, which previously disgorged the Ogre and the Orcs, when a set of double doors to the south rattle loudly and then are pulled open- standing in the doorway, staring at the guys is another Duergar Guard, behind the Duergar Guard is a second- behind the second a third…

“Here we go again.” Phrenic sighs, and then grins.

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