Adventure #2 WOTC H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth (Level 4)
Session #12.04


Encounter #43 H4: Western Guard Post.
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Duergar Guard (Soldier 4) x3
Human Berserker (Brute 4)
Arbalester (Artillery 4) x2
Duergar Theurge (Controller 5)
Encounter Level 6- 1250 XP



Godsday, 25th of Fireseek, 2000.

The Duergar Guard screams and shouts to his colleagues behind him- Phrenic moves forward at a rush, but the Guard easily keeps the Tiefling at bay. Grey slams a Magic Missile into the evil grey Dwarf- the mage will be glad when he can get back to setting things on fire. Kaspard’s Daunting Light leaves the creature with radiant burns, and lit up like a beacon. The first Duergar Guard grabs out its warhammer and flails badly at Phrenic, behind it the second Duergar reacts and Charges straight into Dirty- slamming the Dwarf with its warhammer. The third Guard and the Human Berserker move forward to meet the adventurers. Winstanley’s dagger flies, with its usual Sly Flourish, and the first Duergar is bloodied.

Suddenly lurching and clanking into sight, in the chamber beyond the Duergar Guards, are a pair of strange constructs, giant crossbows- animated giant crossbows at that.

“Arbalesters!” Phrenic screams as the corridor is suddenly filled with crossbow bolts- both constructs fire their Double Shots, their first victim is Phrenic. The Tiefling’s armour glows as Kaspard’s Armour of Bahamut prayer deflects the critical hit, the bolt merely grazes the Warlord’s skin. Dirty also stops one of the bolts- the hard way.


Duergar Guard- Ubiquitous.

Phrenic shifts back, out of the fight, and then fills the area ahead of him with a Cloud of Daggers, the blades spin and swirl, the Berserker, one of the Arbalesters and a Duergar Guard are all caught in the storm. Grey has a better idea, the mage conjures his Flaming Sphere right in the middle of his enemies- the Human Berserker is first to feel the heat- it screams.

A swarm of delicate radiant lights shoot from Kaspard’s holy symbol and into her enemies, she unleashes her Blazing Starfall, the radiant prayer burns the Human Berserker, one of the Arbalesters, and one the Duergar Guards. Kaspard is impressed, she does it again- only this time she lets fly with her Hands of Radiance- the first appendage leaves the nearest Duergar Guard clinging to the door frame to keep on its feet, the second burns the Duergar behind- while the third leaves the Human Berserker raging and bloodied.

The Duergar and the Berserker react quickly, pushing forward into the adventurers trying desperately to get away from Grey’s Flaming Sphere. The first Duergar Guard slams Phrenic with its warhammer, the second Duergar Guard’s warhammer is suddenly swathed in flame- it slams it into Dirty, the third also aims for the Dwarf but is fended off. The Human Berserker however is caught in the crush, unable to get clear of the Flaming Sphere it burns some more- and flings its hand axe into the mix but is way off target.


Human Berserker- Apparently there’s one in every fight.

Dirty holds the line, although his Reaping Strike is as usual only a glancing blow; Winstanley’s Sly Flourish is more accurate but still all three Duergar Guards stand. Behind the Guards the Arbalesters reposition and fire again- the first unleashes another Double Shot- and Dirty stops another crossbow bolt. The second Arbalester gets burnt a little by Grey’s Flaming Sphere, but then makes some room and fires off another Double Shot- Phrenic is hit again, the Tiefling is bloodied.

And then suddenly grinning, at the back of the queue, appears a fourth Duergar- a Theurge, seconds later the adventurers are beset by a Brimstone Hail, Winstanley is blasted and burnt and knocked to the floor (a crit), while Dirty is only burnt. One of the Duergar Guards is also caught in the storm- the fire is resisted but the Guard is knocked to its knees. Phrenic steps in and with a Viper’s Strike decapitates the evil Dwarf.

The Tiefling mutters a few Inspiring Words and his wounds are soon forgotten, the Warlord follows up with a Steel Monsoon and a second Duergar Guard suffers. Grey, safe at the rear, scooches his Flaming Sphere over and flings it at one of the Aralesters- the construct is bloodied and almost broken. The mage motions again and then unleashes a Scorching Burst into the thick of his enemies- the second Arbalester is burnt, as is the Human Berserker, again- the lobotomised freak is almost spent.

Kaspard’s Healing Words restore Dirty’s wounds, the Priestess fires a Scared Flame into the nearest Duergar Guard and the evil grey Dwarf is bloodied, it reacts and slams its flaming warhammer into Dirty, again. The Human Berserker is still on fire, and still unable to get clear of the Flaming Sphere- it flings another hand axe but is as usual off target. Dirty swats again with another Reaping Strike, and again another glancing blow, once again Winstanley’s Sly Flourish is on target- and yet the two Duergar Guards are still standing.


Arbalester- Dirty wants one.

The Arbalesters continue to burn- both are still too close to Grey’s Flaming Sphere, they both however fire again- two more Double Shots, although this time its only Phrenic that gets hit. The Theurge meanwhile is happy to stand next to the Flaming Sphere, the flaming conjuration does him no harm- seconds later the adventurers are caught in a mass of Vile Fumes- Kaspard and Dirty are left choking and blinded.

Phrenic unleashes another Viper’s Strike and the second Duergar Guard falls. Grey tries again with another Scorching Burst, and against all odds manages to singe the last Duergar Guard left standing, which is now bloodied. Alas for the Human Berserker the fire is all too much- the Human is consumed entirely in the blast. Kaspard meanwhile staggers blindly.

The last Duergar Guard attempts to smash Phrenic, the Tiefling however is too quick- in response Dirty, also still blinded, catches the evil grey Dwarf with yet another glancing blow- has Dirty hit anything yet?

Winstanley sees his opening and Tumbles into the thick of the action, his Bait & Switch attack lures the Duergar Theurge forward and straight into his follow up Positioning Strike (a crit), the evil Dwarf is bloodied and sent staggering into Phrenic’s range. The Halfling’s Bloodcut Armour glows, and the little guy is resistant to most hurt.


Duergar Theurge- A pain in the ass!

The two Arbalesters fire again- or at least attempt to, the first collapses entirely and is soon consumed by flame- Grey’s Flaming Sphere does its job perfectly, the second construct unleashes another Double Shot- Winstanley is hit (with a crit), although his magical armour soaks up most of the damage.

The Theurge incants and a Wave of Despair encompasses all before him- which is all of the adventurers except Winstanley, the four are left clutching at their skulls- injured, slowed and dazed. Grey manages to throw off the Despair but not before his Flaming Sphere blinks out of existence.

Kaspard, no longer blind, engulfs the Theurge in her Sacred Flame, she’s still struggling however with the effects of the Duergar’s power. Dirty- blind, dazed and slowed still manages however to deliver his usual glancing blow to the last Duergar Guard still standing- it’s still standing.

Winstanley manoeuvres and after a Perfect Feint buries his magical dagger in the gut of the Theurge, the Duergar spellcaster drops dead, as the last Arbalester fires and a bolt whizzes by, inches from the Halfling’s head.

Phrenic, still struggling, cuts with his Viper’s Strike and the last Duergar Guard is not only bloodied but also almost spent- moments later the evil Dwarf is hit by a combination of Grey’s Magic Missile and Kaspard’s Sacred Flame (a crit)- it joins the Theurge on the floor.

Dirty staggers forward- closing the distance to the last enemy standing- an Arbalester, the Dwarf doesn’t make it all the way- he’s still slowed and still dazed. Winstanley lets his dagger do the hard work- it thunks into the wooden construct and splinters the wood, the Arbalester fires again and falls back- attempting to smash open the set of double doors behind it.

Phrenic, now recovered, Charges the thing and trashes it a little more, the prelude to Grey’s Magic Missile- the construct is shattered, and the fight is over.

The guys breath hard, as do their PCs, and then swap grins.

It’s worth noting that Dirty and Phrenic both have zero healing surges left, the adventurers search about the chambers, and in slow stages discover that Grimmerzhul is totally empty, the Duergar are destroyed. At the time this felt like a massive victory for the guys.

They locate a fair bit of treasure- mostly coin, along the way. Then locate a suitable room within the fortress, Charrak and the slaves are fetched from the Labyrinth, watches are set and, at last, they bed down for the night- thank Bahamut it’s time to rest.

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