Adventure #2 WOTC H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth (Level 4)
Session #12.05


Godsday, 25th of Fireseek, 2000.

We had a short break in the session here, and had a chat about what’s going on, here follows some of the guy’s thoughts-

1) The guys came to Thunderspire to rescue the citizens of Fallcrest (and those captured on the King’s Road), they have managed to locate all but two of the those taken alive- a partial success.

2) The Bloodreavers and the Duergar are all dead- 100% success.

3) They need to find someone called Scarmaker- who could be anyone, although favourites are either a Tiefling or a Gnoll, remember the rescued prisoners stated that the group that bought the two missing Duergar prisoners were a Tiefling, and some Gnolls. It’s at this point that one of the guys remembers (again) that Valthrun the Prescient, the Sage of Winterhaven, recommended that they look up a guy in the Seven Pillared Hall called Vadriar. Vadriar, Grey seems to remember, was also a Sage. None of the guys can remember bumping into Vadriar in the Halls, they do however remember asking around- they need to find this guy, they think.

4) Grey has recovered a rod- non-magical, from the Duergar, the item is supposedly the property of Gendar the Drow merchant, perhaps the mage can use the rod to persuade Gendar to tell a little of what he knows- if indeed he knows anything of use.

5) What the hell is the pyramid tattoo on the Tiefling all about- and more’s the point who are the Tieflings, and what are they up to?

6) What’s in Murkelmor’s little black book?

7) Where is the stairway depicted in Murkelmor’s plans, and more importantly what does it lead up to?

The guys rest for the night- although I allow each of them, during their period on watch, to take a look at the aforementioned black book and see if they can make any sense of it.

The players have been following a trail of breadcrumbs up until this point, and were convinced that the Duergar would be the last bad guys on their list- the finale. That belief has been dispelled in the last two sessions, the players figure they have to find the last two slaves, but they’re also concerned that there’s some bigger picture that they’re not seeing. This chat was about them trying to work out who they need to find to help them with their problem.

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