Adventure #2 WOTC H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth (Level 4)
Session #12.07


Waterday, 26th of Fireseek, 2000.

And its party time in the Seven Pillared Hall, or to be more precise in the Halfmoon Inn, the guy’s return with 13 of the missing 15 citizens of Winterhaven is celebrated- at first by those closest to the event- the adventurers and their charges. The celebration however gets out a little out of hand at the Inn- the adventurers at one point are trying to out-do each other- buying casks rather than mugs of ale. Soon enough a hundred or more inhabitants of the Seven Pillared Hall, including an entire shift of Dwarven miners, have come to see what all the fuss is about, and to drink themselves stupid at the guy’s expense of course.

The revelry is cranked up a notch, and even Brugg capers and dances- and so it goes, and so it goes… until the wee small hours of the next day.

Just a brief note to say that the guys are feeling a little like the lords of all creation- the Seven Pillared Hall is getting to be a happy home for them- a couple of the players are also making noises about settling, scratch that- ruling here. It seems with the Mages of Saruun gone the Hall, according to the guys, is in need of some new leaders- there’s a lot grinning going on with the players. A lot of them trying to catch my eye, making it clear that if fate decided that they be put in charge, in some manor, of the Seven Pillared Hall- this would be viewed as no bad thing, and of course entirely warranted.

Earthday, 27th of Fireseek, 2000.

On the morrow, after rising very late, the guys decide to spend some down time in the Hall, they have a few things to check out, and are desperately in search of information, this is what they get up to-


Dwarf Merchant- Ulthand Deepgem- Misses Mr. Grumpy.

1) Dirty is accosted for a second time by the Dwarf Ulthand Deepgem, and harangued some more, the tearful Ulthand’s boar Mr. Grumpy is still missing. Dirty must be in a good mood- the Fighter promises to find the ‘bloody animal’. Ulthand is overjoyed, he attempts to smoother Dirty in kisses- it doesn’t end well.


Ogre Savage- Brugg- A keen business mind.

2) Later Dirty is approached by Brugg, the Ogre has some savings it seems, he explains to the Dwarf Fighter that he’s thinking about taking over Rothar’s Taproom- the bar that the Bloodreavers used to meet in, the owner is keen to sell up and escape the Halls, having sided with the goblinoids his bar has little or no custom now. Basically Dirty is asked to be a silent partner (supplying a majority of the cash) for the pair to go into business together, the Ogre suggests calling the place “Dirty Brugg’s Brewhouse”, or something similar. Surprisingly, Dirty is receptive to the idea- he’ll certainly consider it.

Just a note to say that we role-played some of the party in the Halls, including a twenty minute drinking game (based on Constitution and Endurance- and dice rolls), Dirty met Brugg in the final of the competition- and won, mostly courtesy of his bonus on his poison saving throw. During the competition I had Brugg flatter Dirty terribly, so effective was I that Dave- who plays Dirty, even started to act in a friendly manner towards the Ogre- they’re the best of friends, it seems.


Drow Merchant- Gendar- He’s saying nothing.

3) Grey pays a visit to Gendar, the Drow merchant, and hands over the rod he located in the Grimmerzhul fortress- the Drow goes to pay over the agreed sum but Grey doesn’t want money- the mage wants information. The Wizard asks a bunch of questions- about the Duergar, a mysterious stair, Maldrick Scarmaker- and anything else that he can remember. Gendar, Grey thinks later, plays his cards very close to his chest- the Drow tells the mage little of interest. The Drow has heard of a tribe of Gnolls in the Labyrinth called the Blackfangs, he tells Grey that they are said to lair in an ancient temple called ‘The Well’. The Drow alas does not know the location of this place. After further questioning Gendar reveals that the local expert on the Labyrinth is an ancient human called Vadriar (Grey remembers who this guy is), although the old guy hasn’t been seen in the Halls for a while now… certainly not since the players arrived on the scene.

Grey, and the guys, are happy to hear this- although unhappy Vadriar is not about, they thought that Vadriar was important, and they love it when they’re right.


Human Priestess of Pelor- Phaledra- A beacon of hope.

4) Kaspard meets with Phaledra, the Human Priestess of Pelor, the two are however interrupted by Noristo Azaer, the Tiefling Merchant- the guys, and particularly Kaspard, are a little suspicious of this fellow. Noristo however surprises the Priestess of Bahamut- it seems he is expecting a caravan from Hammerfast in a week or so, he offers free passage for the newly returned ex-citizens of Winterhaven, the caravan will be heading on to Fallcrest after visiting the Halls. The Tiefling is also happy to supply documents to ensure that the ex-prisoners will then be transported on to Winterhaven. Kaspard is wary, but she can detect no duplicity- both Priestesses are convinced that the Tiefling’s offer is genuine, the Priestess of Pelor does not share Kaspard’s concerns regarding the merchant, she assures the Half-Elf that Noristo is one of the good guys. And so passage back to civilisation for the ex-prisoners of the Duergar is secured.


Tiefling Merchant- Noristo Azaer- One of the good guys?

Alas Phaledra has little in the way of information regarding the mysteries that the adventurers seek to resolve- she does not know of the Blackfangs, or the stair, or anything else of import. A little later, after the adventurers have shared their findings Phaledra is questioned again about the whereabouts of Vadriar the Sage- the Priestess knows the Sage, but has not seen him for over a week.

The guys are getting suspicious, which leads nicely too…

5) Phrenic makes a concerted effort to locate Vadriar the Sage, the Tiefling is convinced that this guy has the answers. The Warlord talks to almost everyone in the Hall- he introduces himself to everybody he meets, anyone that will listen to his story. The Warlord even considers manufacturing some form of wanted posters. Alas he learns little or nothing of use, the best he can work out Vadriar hasn’t been seen in the Hall for about ten days now. Several of those questioned state that the Sage is known however for wandering the Labyrinth- but ten days, that’s a long time for Vadriar to be out in the wilds is the consensus. Phrenic is even more convinced that Vadriar needs to be found- but he has no clue where he should be looking.

The Tiefling ends his wanderings in the Hall extremely frustrated.

6) Winstanley drifts, he’s trying a different tack- not talking to folk as much as keeping his eye out for anything suspicious or seemingly out of place, the Rogue has many questions- are his colleagues being watched? Are there any Duergar, or else Bloodreavers still left in the Hall? Is there a spy here, keeping a watch on the inhabitants of the Hall perhaps sent by some great malevolent power? Winstanley looks everywhere, he even takes to following a number of his colleagues trying to detect if anyone or anything is paying special attention to the adventurers… nothing. Nothing except for Charrak.


Kobold Guide- Charrak- Nervous?

The Halfling, on a couple of occasions during his wanderings, spots their Kobold Labyrinth guide- Charrak, the little guy looks nervous.

And so it comes to pass, after spending the entire day exploring the Halls the guys are eventually, or else briefly, back and ensconced in the Halfmoon Inn- all of them except Winstanley that is. The Halfling arrives a little late to the Inn, and sporting a furtive grin. A good while later, after last orders have been called, and the citizens of the Seven Pillared Hall have retired to sleep- with their weapons and gear stowed, and ready for action, the adventurers depart- they head back out towards the Labyrinth- but without their usual guide.

Where are they going you ask, well… you’ll see, although…

They don’t get far.

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