Adventure #2 WOTC H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth (Level 4)
Session #12.10


Earthday, 27th of Fireseek, 2000.

Less than an hour later the guys, guided by Charrak, are lead into Boulder Cave- clearly known as such because of the great boulders that rest on the floor of the cavern. The walls and floor of the chamber have been worn smooth, clear save for three great boulders and a scree. The cavern ceiling is out of sight- high above, although there seem to be ledges a little way up the cavern walls, the aforementioned scree leads up to the lowest ledge.

The guys move in, cautiously, that is until Phrenic makes their presence known- “Hello!”

There’s a noise above- from one of the ledges, someone moving around perhaps.

“Hello!” Phrenic shouts again a little louder, suddenly a great rumbling noise- the boulder ahead is in motion, it hurtles towards the guys- set to scatter them like ninepins, the adventurers only just manage to dive aside- although Grey is slowest and is clipped. The boulder careens on and smashes into the rock wall behind the guys, blocking completely the only entrance they can see to the cavern. In the space where the boulder stood is the creature that must have heaved the great rock into motion- a ten foot tall minotaur which looks to be made of tarnished bronze, or else brass, and hinged and jointed like a great armoured automaton.


Bronze Warder- Hell to polish.

The Bronze Warder flexes and shakes one of its great hands, a greataxe telescopes and grows until the metal Minotaur clutches the full-sized weapon.

The adventurers likewise ready weapons, the Bronze Warder however does not attack.

Nothing happens for a few more seconds.

“Now that I have your attention.” The voice filters down from above, the words are delivered in the common tongue, although with a slightly odd accent. The guys guess right first time, or else Phrenic does- “Tiefling”, the Warlord whispers.

The voice comes again- “You are fools!” Dirty is about to respond but the voice goes on- and cuts the Dwarf dead. “You are fools because you have no idea what you have got yourself into- this isn’t a parlour game you play, this is for much higher stakes- stakes almost beyond your comprehension. In a way I pity you- I pity you because like children you have wandered too far and seen too much- we are not ready yet to reveal our plan, although the pieces are in place, we merely await the call.”

The guys mull over this new information.

“Why are you telling us this?” Kaspard asks.
“Because it is too late for you, there’s nothing you can do to to avoid your fate- did you honestly think that by sealing the Shadow Portal in the Keep you would keep the Nentir safe, the fool Kalarel and his stupid master are but pawns in a much more complex game- the patterns of which you fail to see.”

And again the guys whisper and speculate, but don’t reply- they’ve decided to play it cool this time, and not antagonise the speaker like they did with Orontor, the Mage of Saruun. Even Dirty (Dave) has decided that this is not the time to wade in- he promises to keep quiet.

However Charrak is playing it less cool- the Kobold suddenly squawks and yaps loudly in its strange tongue, he receives his answer- up above Mrs. Charrak responds with a muffled cry.

“There are only two of them above.” Charrak whispers to the adventurers, even with his wife held prisoner the Kobold guide is thinking and planning ahead.

The Tiefling above is seemingly unconcerned by the interruption, he continues again, with an edge to his voice- confidence, or else arrogance- “the Shadow will come, to this world and to the next- the three will become one and my Lord will rule. The pyramid that the green man made to hold him will serve as his throne, he will look down from its peak and far below, swathed in the shadow, you will dance and caper to his tune.”

At which point Dirty blows a raspberry, clearly indicating his thoughts on the matter. Dave, it seems, cannot keep a promise.

The Tiefling however has more to say, perhaps not so much to ‘say’, but rather to crow- “You are fortunate, you are the first and the last to know of our plan. It is a shame that you will never get the chance to tell your news- the secret, and you, die here!”

The final words are delivered in a gurgling scream as the Tiefling’s speech comes to a loud climax, at the same moment a pair of smoky Serpent Curses streak down from above straight into the middle of the adventurers, while the Bronze Warder strides toward the adventurers…

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