Adventure #2 WOTC H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth (Level 4)
Session #13.03


Freeday, 28th of Fireseek, 2000.

The problem it seems, or at least this is what the guys work out having chatted with Vadriar for only ten minutes, the problem is that Vadriar is a nutter.

Just to note I turned around the idea in the module that Vadriar was ‘gripped with endless terror’, in this play-through Vadriar believes himself to be a warrior, or else an adventurer of some kind, of the greatest skill- and completely devoid of fear. The Sage has to be restrained- on several occasions by the adventurers, so keen is he to get back into the Labyrinth- off exploring, or else hunting down fearsome creatures to ‘put to the sword’. As it turns out Vadriar doesn’t even have a sword, or indeed any weapons.

His story, as much as the guys can divine, is that on one of his usual trips into the Labyrinth to collect flora and fauna- nothing strange there, he entered the chamber in which the guys presently stand. However the chamber had vastly changed, Vadriar points at the broken stone and the stair beyond, he wanted to investigate this new construction immediately, but was on a tight schedule- he had been gathering poisonous fungi for the Drow merchant Gendar. He had to get the fungi back quickly to the merchant before it lost its potency. Therefore he decided on a swift return journey- he headed back to the Hall, dropped off the fungi, spoke to Mrs. Charrak briefly- to see if she knew anything about this place, and then set off again into the Labyrinth. Heading for… well, here- the Sage looks about him, and then at his audience and grins.

And then… and then, things for Vadriar get a little hazy- at some point on his journey he met a ghostly humanoid, or else… Vadriar prevaricates a while, or else considers his next words carefully, he met a… devil. He and the ghostly creature spoke for a while, or at least so the Sage says, the next thing however he remembers is being in this cavern, and a little while after that the Troglodytes turned up.

The next bit of the story throws the guys a little, the Sage continues, and tells the PCs, almost casually, that he attacked the Trogs- when it’s pointed out that Vadriar has no weapons the now amused Sage proffers one of his fists and declares that “this is my weapon…” The result of this display is four of the adventurers with their jaws wide open in disbelief, and Dirty giggling like a loon.


Vadriar the Sage- & Nutjob!

“He’s entertaining, I’ll give him that.” The Dwarf concedes, and is swiftly hushed into silence- Phrenic bids Vadriar go on.

The stinky reptilians managed to overpower him, more by luck than skill- the Sage reluctantly concedes. The Trogs were coming to this place to perform some sort of ceremony, again Vadriar points at the stair, something to do with ‘that’, he thinks.

The guys shut Vadriar up for a bit, and then move over to take a look at the stair, Vadriar insists they investigate further, they climb the stair- as “there maybe something terrible up there…”, the Sage states, and then has to be restrained from rushing on up.

But before the ascent the guys have another question- does Vadriar know the way to the Well of Demons- the Sage grins, and then nods his head like an excited child- he takes a moment to caper with delight- ‘what a great idea- let’s attack the Blackfang Gnolls’. They’ve found their man- Vadriar is the adventurer’s new guide.

The Sage’s mind dances, it seems, from one new venture to the next.

But back to the here and now- and what the hell, the guys head up the stair… at some point a little while later they decide to put a rope, or else a leash (only around his waist), on Vadriar- the Sage has a habit of running off.

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