Adventure #2 WOTC H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth (Level 4)
Session #13.04


Freeday, 28th of Fireseek, 2000.

Early on in their journey the guys discover that the stair changes, or to be exact it seems the Duergar and their slave labourers didn’t make the original stair. They constructed perhaps forty or fifty feet of it- just enough to reach the ceiling of the cavern the guys are in, and even then mostly from the ruined and collapsed remains of a previous construction. Above the Duergar construction the stair is much older- Dirty thinks however it isn’t ancient, he’s fairly certain the original construction was less than a century ago. There are no signs of any maker’s mark, but it’s obvious- particularly to the Dwarf that the route was made by magic- not by chisels and hammer, and hard labour.

Cautiously the guys head on, they ascend further.

And further.

And further.

Even Vadriar the Sage is growing restless.

And further still.

Eventually they’re having to take longer and longer breaks, their sore legs and calves- their muscles ache, they’ve been ascending for perhaps four to five hours when Winstanley suddenly cries and points ahead- there’s light, the guys pick up the pace.

They head on up.

The first body appears about a hundred feet or so from the summit of the stair, a goblin’s body- the dead fellow looks to have been sorely used, a slave dressed in rags- bruised and bloody. More bodies follow- perhaps a dozen all told, all slumped dead upon the stairs- the reclining corpses represent a slew of races- Orcs, Kobolds, Goblins, Hobgoblins and a Troglodyte. It seems all of the creatures died on the stair, and all with signs of violence- they were slain here.

The guys are fresh out of ideas with regard to who these creatures were, or else who they served, and why they ended here. The answer, Winstanley postulates, may become obvious very soon- the Halfling looks up, they’re situated only a dozen feet from the end of the stair, cautiously they ascend and are greeted by… rain.

Suddenly they’re in the open, and in the shadow of early evening- they’re on a plateau in a high rocky place- Thunderspire Mountain to be exact. The guys spread out (a little), swords or else implements in hand, and take a look around. They seem to be on the highest point, although the point is in fact not very pointy- it’s flat, the rough plateau is swathed in icy cold clouds. Blasted by the winds the guys head further out, and then a little later- with the members of the group attached to each other by ropes, they try again (Winstanley got blown over on their first attempt).

The winds are so strong that roped is the only way they can travel, and yet… and yet… there’s little to find, and even less to see, the area is… well, a rocky plateau, there’s nothing interesting, or odd, or… anything out of the ordinary to discover.

After an hour of searching, which mostly involves the guys gingerly tramping forward to find the edge of the plateau, and then cautiously following the lip around- the adventurers circumnavigate the area, and… there really is nothing to discover.

Vadriar is very disappointed.

The only way left is back down.

It takes an age, but eventually the guys descend back to where they started, they’ll stay the night here- by the stair, after first dumping the stinky Troglodyte bodies some way off in the Labyrinth, Phrenic thinks another chat with Vadriar is in order, before they take to their beds.

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