Adventure #2 WOTC H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth (Level 4)
Session #13.06


Encounter #46 W1: Chamber of the Well.
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Cavern Choker (Lurker 4) x2
Ghoul (Soldier 5)
Phalagar (Elite Controller 6)
Encounter Level 5- 1050 XP



Starday, 1st of Readying, 2000.

The adventurers wander into a cracked and broken chamber with two possible exits- passages to the south and to the east, a pit sits between the two- it looks deep; a bunch of ancient columns, seemingly randomly scattered about the chamber, the place looks to be deserted.

A gruff voice suddenly intones, and strangely each of the guys hear the following words in their native language, although ‘hear’ maybe pushing it a little, the voice is in their head-

Greetings, seekers of Baphomet’s boundless glory.
Those who prove unworthy of his attention
Shall be claimed forever as his slaves.
Those who prove worthy
Shall be granted power beyond mortal reckoning.
Mask, bell, blade, and tome.

But the guys don’t get to hear the whole of the speech, half way in, as the guys mooch through the chamber- all hell breaks loose. Only Winstanley, the Rogue, is quick enough to spot the danger and scream a warning- alas too late for many of his colleagues.

Bursting from the pit, and smashing and cracking the stone surrounding it, comes a swathe of thick tentacles- the Tentacles are in a Fury, lashing and grabbing at all within reach. The Phalagar grabs and crushes Kaspard, and Winstanley, although seconds later the Halfling slips free from the creature’s coils.

Dirty and Grey narrowly avoid the same fate, although escape is short lived for the Dwarf Fighter- Dirty dodges out of the Phalagar’s reach just in time, and turns to meet a rushing Ghoul- the foul creature Claws at the Dwarf, who is left hurt and immobilised.

Grey scurries back towards the exit of the chamber, en route he fires a Magic Missile into the thrashing Phalagar, alas the mage strays a little too far from his friends, an elasticated Tentacle Claw like limb reaches down from high above and snares the mage, he’s grabbed by the Cavern Choker on the ceiling. A second of the beasts snares Phrenic.

The players begin to panic a little.


Cavern Choker- Grabtastic!

Kaspard is burning up, still grabbed by the Phalagar, the foul creature seems exudes some sort of acid gunk from its great limbs- the Priestess bends and sways and then somehow escapes its grasp- she’s free. Kaspard lets loose her Divine Glow- the Phalagar burns, but only slightly- while the Ghoul attacking Dirty is caught full on by her radiant power, and yet it fights on and Bites the Dwarf- ripping a hunk of flesh from Dirtys cheek, the Fighter is left Stunned… Although only for the briefest moment, the Dwarf manages to quickly shake off the affect.

Phrenic also manages to wriggle free of the Cavern Choker that has hold of the Tiefling. Winstanley meantime scurries away from the Phalagar, which flails wildly but fails to find it’s prey- the Halfling dances in behind the Ghoul and stabs it with his Positioning Strike. The foul undead is left bloodied, and also sent spinning away from Dirty.

Grey alas cannot escape the grip of the Cavern Choker attacking him, and so elects instead to fire a Magic Missile into the beast, it has little affect- the creature lives up to its name and continues to Choke the mage. The other Cavern Choker ducks back into the shadows on the ceiling, and then heads off unseen in search of a new victim.

The Phalagar flails its limbs in a fury, actually a Tentacle Flurry- Kaspard, and the still immobilised Dirty are caught, and crushed, in its grip. The Priestess is bloodied, and this time cannot break free- she smashes her magical mace hard (a crit) into the foul creature, and then mutters Healing Words to herself, she’s soon feeling much better, although still gripped by the beast.

The Ghoul lurches forward again- towards its favourite prey- Dwarf, and Dirty is Bitten again, he’s well beyond bloodied- the Fighter is, as previously, left stunned. The Dwarf however fights back- as best he can, he resists the toxins that deaden his limbs- he manages to shake off both effects. Phrenic meantime utters a few Inspiring Words and Dirty’s wounds are immediately forgotten.

Winstanley moves in again and stabs at the Ghoul once more with his Bait & Switch attack, the foul undead is left all but broken (on 1 HP), the Halfling quickly skitters back- out of its range.


Ghoul- A stunner!

Grey is waging a war of his own with a Cavern Choker up high on the ceiling- he hits it again with yet another Magic Missile, but is still alas being slowly strangled to death- the Choker is having no luck however trying to drag the mage away to a quieter location, to finish its work.

Kaspard gets free again of the of the Phalagar’s tentacles, the Priestess scuttles back a little way- avoiding the thrashing limbs, and then sends out her Radiant Hands, the Phalagar is her only victim, and her radiant power barely hurts. The Ghoul in the meantime is in two minds- should it fight on against Dirty or should it cut and run? It decides swiftly on a the third option- to pursue an easier, it thinks, victim. It scurries back and Claws at Winstanley, even his Second Chance can’t save the Halfling, the Ghoul bleeds, and immobilises, the Rogue.

Dirty may be free of the Ghouls poison, and its attention, but the Dwarf is still being crushed by one of the Phalagar’s huge tentacles- the Fighter smashes the offending limb with a Crushing Blow, while Phrenic dodges in and cuts the beast with his Monsoon Strike, his colleagues manoeuvre at the Tiefling’s command.

Winstanley grimaces, and stabs with a Sly Flourish, and slays the Ghoul before him dead, the Halfling resists the foul undead’s toxins- he’s no longer immobilised, and the first enemy has, at last, fallen.

Grey wriggles and twists and finally manages to escapes the Cavern Choker’s clutches, for good measure the mage hits it for a third time with his Magic Missile- the creature scurries across the ceiling- bloodied and seeking cover.

The Phalagar meantime burns Dirty with its acid secretion, and then sends another Tentacle out to grab and crush Phrenic, Dirty reacts in an instant and slams his maul down onto the beast (a crit), the thing is at last bloodied. The Dwarf breaks free of the creature’s grasp and then takes a step closer to its bulbous body as it emerges from the pit. The Dwarf then unleashes his Steel Serpent Strike- the Phalagar is hurt again and left slowed, its actions now hesitant and nervous. Phrenic sees his opportunity- the Tiefling likewise escapes the creature’s clutches, and then delivers a Viper’s Strike to the beast- the Phalagar emits a low moan. Not for long however, Winstanley spins a dagger out with a Sly Flourish and seconds later the creature seems to deflate, and then slowly slip back down into the pit, its lifeless tentacles being dragged after it.


Phalagar- Flailing Heck!

Grey fires another Magic Missile into the retreating Cavern Choker, on the ceiling, the creature skips away at full-speed, and then dives up and into a narrow crack in the ceiling- out of sight, and out of the fight. Just as the second Cavern Choker snakes a rubbery arm down and grabs, and then Chokes Phrenic- the strange rubbery-looking creature is positioned halfway down one of the pillars in the chamber. The Tiefling Warlord is bloodied.

Dirty quickly grabs out a throwing hammer, and then flings it at the last enemy- he misses by a mile and so contents himself by getting his Second Wind- the Dwarf is to feeling fine and ready for more action. Phrenic grasps the Tentacle Claw of the Cavern Choker clutching him, and then slices through the limb with yet another Viper’s Strike. The Choker yowls in pain, Winstanley spins out a dagger and it bleeds as it screeches- it’s not done for however, the creature hops around the pillar lashes out and grabs Phrenic again- this time with its other limb, seconds later its back to choking the now spluttering Warlord.

Kaspard mutters more Healing Words, and the Tiefling’s wounds are soon forgotten, the Warlord easily wriggles free of the Cavern Chokers grasp, and then dashes away- just as Kaspard follows up with a Sacred Flame, her prayer ignites the foul miscreant (with a crit), it burns (on 1 HP) as it flees. Dirty grabs out another throwing hammer and flings it, wonder of wonder, he connects- the rubbery alien creature is crushed against the pillar, it flops to the chamber floor- dead.

The encounter is over.

The guys breath hard, and then rest for a short while, that was a tough fight- or at least at times- it’s a shame the Phalagar wasn’t a solo, that would have taken it to the wire. The guys try to think back to the words spoken as they entered the chamber, eventually- after a short Skill Challenge (no XP), they manage to remember all of the text-

Greetings, seekers of Baphomet’s boundless glory.
Those who prove unworthy of his attention
Shall be claimed forever as his slaves.
Those who prove worthy
Shall be granted power beyond mortal reckoning.
Mask, bell, blade, and tome.

Although they’re less clear of the words meaning, the consensus is they’re going to be tested- Kaspard approves of this theory, it seems she has read that the Well was indeed used as a testing ground for the followers of Baphomet. The guys are less sure about the final refrain- ‘Mask, bell, blade and tome’.

The guys sling the bodies of the dead down the pit, and then head east, in search of their next challenge.

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