Adventure #2 WOTC H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth (Level 4)
Session #13.07


Encounter #47 W2: Gnoll Barracks.
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Hyena (Skirmisher 2) x4
Gnoll Huntmaster (Artillery 5)
Gnoll Marauder (Brute 6) x2
Encounter Level 5- 1200 XP



Starday, 1st of Readying, 2000.

Winstanley has a nose around- unsure of which direction to take, the eastern corridor has a door part way down it- that’s good enough. Winstanley leads the guys to the door, shushes them, and silently heads on through- the corridor continues on, part the way down, on the north wall, is a shorter corridor leading into a guard chamber, or else a barracks- a pair of Gnolls are within.

Winstanley creeps back to the guys- tells them what he’s seen and then leads them back in. The adventurers wait just before the northern passage, Winstanley’s intention is to head a little further down the passage- that all quickly goes to pot when a third Gnoll suddenly appears at the far end of the corridor- to the east. The Gnoll barks and yaps in its strange tongue- a Hyena is quickly to the savage humanoids side, at which point the adventurers figure the game is up and leap into action.

Remarkably Dirty is the first into action, the Dwarf rushes around the corner and into the Guard Room in which a pair of Marauders were previously enjoying their lunch, the Fighter Charges and smashes the closest with his maul- screaming insults all the while. Both Gnolls grab for their weapons, scramble from their seats and attempt to stab the ferocious Dwarf, Dirty however keeps them both at bay.


Hyena- Who’s laughing now?

Phrenic rushes forward- straight for the third Gnoll ahead, the Huntmaster, and its Hyena friend, Winstanley follows behind and spins out a dagger en route, with his usual Sly Flourish, the Gnoll Huntmaster is cut badly.

Grey and Kaspard stay remain the crossroads- able to see both fights, the Wizard slams a Magic Missile into the as of yet unharmed Gnoll Marauder facing Dirty, Kaspard hits the same humanoid with her Daunting Light attack.

The Gnoll Huntmaster being menaced by Phrenic steps away, and is cut for its troubles by the Tiefling Warlord- and bloodied, the Gnoll very quickly has its bow in hand- it fires, Phrenic is hit. The Hyena by its side leaps and Bites the Warlord. The Huntmaster whistles and yelps, three more Hyenas rush into the corridor, two go for Phrenic- the Tiefling is bitten again, the last rushes past the Tiefling Warlord- and is sliced as it races on to snarl and then Bite Winstanley.

Dirty switches targets to the Gnoll Marauder lit up by Kaspard’s Daunting Light- his Steel Serpent Strike leaves the creature bloodied. The Gnolls fight back manoeuvring to flank the Dwarf, Dirty smashes the first Gnoll again- it too is bloodied, the pair struggle to get into place for their flanking attack. The Gnolls strike simultaneously- front and the back, Dirty is skewered, but the hardy Dwarf does not show his pain.

Winstanley needs to get free of the Hyena menacing him, he dodges with a Perfect Feint and catches the beast off-guard, its beyond bloodied, and already very close to death. Phrenic meanwhile has three Hyenas to contend with- and beyond them the Gnoll Huntmaster, the Tiefling mutters a few Inspiring Words and forgets his pain, and then with a Leaf on the Wind attack he cuts the nearest Hyena. Grey moves forward quickly, seconds later the mage is swathed in flame- his Fire Shroud; the Hyena facing Winstanley is incinerated, of the three facing Phrenic two are left bloodied (one with a crit), while the last is badly scorched- the three that still live are also aflame; the passage is suddenly filled with the smell of burnt fur and flesh, and the mad howls of the beasts.


Gnoll Huntmaster- Leader of the Pack.

Kaspard unleashes her Radiant Hands- one of the Marauders burns, as does one of the Hyena’s facing down Phrenic. The Huntmaster fires, and misses, and then searches desperately for some place else to go- the chamber behind it alas has no other exits.

The Hyenas meanwhile continue to burn, and yet still they snarl and Bite at Phrenic- the Tiefling takes two more wounds and is left bloodied- while all of the Hyenas manage somehow to put out the flames, and yet the three are all almost spent.

Dirty Cleaves and cuts the Marauder before him, the Gnoll staggers and almost falls, the Dwarf’s maul continues on its arc and delivers a glancing blow to his other enemy. The Fighter is stabbed again, but he’s Unbreakable, he ignores the wound and fights on.

Winstanley spins out another dagger and the nearest Hyena menacing Phrenic drops. The Warlord shuffles back and then unleashes a Cloud of Daggers- and yet another Hyena falls, the last remains on its feet by the force of its will alone, the Tiefling mutters yet more Inspiring Words and his wounds are once again forgotten. Grey moves further up the passage, this time to Phrenic’s side- the mage fills the corridor and the chamber ahead with his Burning Hands- the last Hyena is incinerated, the Gnoll Huntmaster fares only slightly better. The bloodied and battered creature screams in terror, drops its bow, and attempts to Bull Rush its way past Phrenic- it’s going nowhere, the Tiefling stops the Gnoll in its tracks.


Gnoll Marauder- Dirty eats them for his tea.

Kaspard moves into the Guard Chamber to help Dirty out, the Priestesses Divine Glow encompasses both of the Marauders- the first falls dead, while the second is left badly wounded- Dirty grins, and then hits the last Marauder with a Reaping Strike- its almost spent. The remaining Gnoll thinks to run, but to get free this brute has to go through Dirty, and then Kaspard- it settles for stabbing the Dwarf, it doesn’t even get close.

Back in the corridor Phrenic stabs the Huntmaster in the chest with his Steel Monsoon attack, the creature falls dead. A moment later the last Marauder left standing is hit by Grey’s Ray of Frost, and a second or so later Kaspard’s Sacred Flame- it too falls dead.

At which point the guys figure out they should have kept one of the Gnolls alive for a chat, c’est la vie- the fight is over.

Except for Phrenic who took a minor beating the guys have barely broken sweat. The area is searched, the bodies of their dead enemies hidden away- the guys are in the mood to mix it up some more, they head off- south this time, and as usual with Winstanley leading the way.

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