Adventure #2 WOTC H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth (Level 4)
Session #13.10


Encounter #50 W4: Shrine to Baphomet.
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Tiefling Darkblade (Lurker 7) x2
Gnoll Demonic Scourge (Brute 8)
Demon Barlgura (Brute 8)
Encounter Level 6- 1300 XP



Starday, 1st of Readying, 2000.

The guys head on- further into the complex, lead again by a stealthy Winstanley, with a not so stealthy Dire Boar mounted Dirty clomping on behind- and still grinning.

Winstanley, however can bare it no longer, the noise of the Dire Boar and Dirty’s pompous grin- he indicates that the other adventurers should wait while he heads off to see what lies ahead, his Stealth Skill Checks so far have been 30+, however the other guys (Dirty & Mr. Grumpy) are cramping his style.

Around a corner is a passage leading south into a lit chamber- voices; Winstanley sneaks along down, past a closed door (on the east wall), and then another door (same wall), at the end of the passage is some sort of guard chamber or else a rest room, a pair of Tieflings chat within.

The Halfling turns tail and sneaks back out, pausing to listen at both doors en route to his friends- the sound of a rumbling sing-song chant from the first door down the corridor. Soon after Winstanley is back with the guys and a plan is decided upon, and guess what- Dirty is going in mounted.

The guys move to the top of the corridor, then Phrenic and Winstanley creep along to the first door down. Winstanley kicks the door open- there’s a bed chamber within, inhabited by a eight foot tall Gnoll, complete with fangs, demonic horns and clutching a flail the size of the now nervous looking Rogue.

Winstanley spins out a dagger with a Sly Flourish- the Gnoll Demonic Scourge bleeds, back outside of the chamber Dirty, and Mr. Grumpy, clatter down the passageway heading swiftly towards the Tieflings- the Dwarf even manages to grin and shout ’Tally-Ho!”

Phrenic tuts loudly and then Charges in and slashes the Gnoll before him. Winstanley scurries around the Tiefling and with the flick of his magic dagger delivers a Positioning Strike, the Gnoll Demonic Scourge is stabbed and sent skittering back out of the chamber and into the corridor- where Grey and Kaspard are patiently waiting. The Gnoll is struck by Grey’s Magic Missile, and then Kaspard’s Daunting Light- the terror is bloodied already, and swathed in a radiant glow.

Grey fires off another Magic Missile, the second force ball smashes the Gnoll in the face (a crit).

Meantime Dirty and his ride Charge into the momentarily stunned (a figure of speech not an effect) Tieflings- the Dwarf swats and misses, Mr. Grumpy doesn’t and one of the Tieflings is Gored and slammed back into the chamber wall, and knocked off its feet.


Tiefling Darkblade- They don’t look happy, perhaps they’ve just spotted Dirty and his ride.

The Gnoll Demonic Scourge, suitably enraged, screams prayers and foul words in the abyssal language, and then steps forward and smashes Phrenic hard in the chest with its heavy flail.

The Tieflings meantime share a look and then both wrap their Cloaks of Lurking around themselves- the pair disappear, and teleport behind Dirty and his mount, they head towards the exit of the chamber, still invisible- Dirty, and Mr. Grumpy, look somewhat confused (in summary, as Dave said at the time- wtf?).

Kaspard strides forward and then bathes the Gnoll in her Sacred Flames, the Demonic Scourge staggers and has to grip the door frame to stay on its feet.

At which point the second door down the corridor explodes open, smashed off its hinges, wading through the debris and into the corridor, and the fracas, comes a Barlgura- a large ape-like demon. The players gasp and gawp. The Demon strides up to Grey and Kaspard and Slams the pair of them with its great fists- the artillery scream for help- Grey is bloodied in an instant.

Winstanley hears the call, the Halfling dodges forward and stabs the Gnoll in the side with a Sly Flourish- the Demonic Scourge falls, the Rogue rushes on and into the passageway and emerges behind the Barlgura. Winstanley looks up, and up, and up- and then stabs the shaggy monsters in the back with his magical dagger in a Bait & Switch attack, the Halfing scurries forward as the Demon staggers back.

Grey shuffles back and finds himself a little room to work in, he fires two Magic Missiles into the great Demon. The cavalry suddenly hove into view down the end of the corridor- Dirty has no idea where the Tieflings have gone, although unbeknownst to him he tramples one of the fellows down as he, and his ride, Charge into the Barlgura’s rear. The Dwarf misses with his maul but Mr. Grumpy manages again to Gore his target again and send it sprawling onto the floor.

The first Tiefling, still invisible uses its Cloak of Lurking again (recharged) and teleports further still down the corridor and then creeps into hiding (still invisible). The second Tiefling, picks himself up from the floor and then slices with his Poisoned Short Sword, and a heaped helping of Infernal Wrath, Mr. Grumpy bellows in rage and is left bloody and poisoned. Dirty clings on to the bucking Dire Boar.

Kaspard moves back a way- out of the Demon’s reach, she hopes, and then bathes the beast in her Divine Glow, for good measure she mutters Healing Words and her wounds are swiftly forgotten. Phrenic follows his Leaf on the Wind attack with a Steel Monsoon- the prone Barlgura is sliced twice and left bloodied, the Warlord mutters Inspiring Words and ignores his own wounds.


Gnoll Demonic Scourge- Dead already.

The Demon bounds to its feet and bellows its Savage Howl- and then slams its fist into Dirty; Winstanley meanwhile moves in to face the ferocious creature, the Halfling makes a Perfect Feint and then buries his magical dagger in the Barlgura’s leg- the Demon staggers, and then is bathed in Grey’s Ray of Frost- it resists almost all of the cold but is still however left slowed. Dirty reins in his mount, and then smashes the creature with his magical maul.

The Tieflings in the meantime are still dead keen to get the hell out of dodge, both swirl their Cloaks of Lurking and again disappear, they teleport away (one of the guys has recharged the power every turn so far)- one of the pair is is completely clear of the action and fleeing at speed.

Kaspard bathes the Demon again in her Sacred Flame, and then again for good measure, the creature screams and writhes in agony and then sinks to its knees and flops forward- dead. Phrenic quickly leaps over the fallen monster-


The Warlord yells, he spotted one of the Darkblade’s earlier attacking Mr. Grumpy- he chases back the way the adventurers came- and runs, almost, into one of the fleeing creatures (who is invisible still). The Darkblade, ever-ready, curtails Phrenic’s movement by lashing out and cutting the Warlord, with its Poisoned Short Sword. The Tiefling Darkblade however suddenly blinks back into existence- it reappears.

Phrenic screams and his colleagues come running- to the fore is Dirty on Mr. Grumpy, the pair run down the newly appeared Darkblade, although again Dirty misses with his maul while Mr. Grumpy does the damage with his Gore- the Tiefling is sent sprawling. For some reason Dirty is not liking his new ride, he keeps on missing with his attacks… No change there, some would say- however he’s clearly unhappy.

The last Tiefling, the other has got away, scrambles to its feet and attempts to flee the scene- it also begins screaming, Phrenic has other ideas and cuts past Dirty and his mount and chases the Darkblade down- he slices it with his Viper’s Strike, and its bloodied. Winstanley catches up and then spins a dagger out, another hit and its almost spent- at which point Dirty and Mr. Grumpy Charge onto the scene and into the action- as per usual the Dwarf Fighter misses, while Mr. Grumpy Gores and tramples the last Tiefling dead.


Demon Barlgura- Also dead already.

Which, as usual, is the point at which the guys realise they wanted to take this guy alive- yeah, they drink when they play; go figure.

The adventurers scatter, desperately in search of the missing Tiefling Darkblade, although the guys don’t go too far in any direction they have not yet explored, they do however head all the way back to the entrance chamber to the Well of Demons- the Darkblade alas cannot be found. Somewhat dismayed they return to the chamber they just fought in, search through the dead, and the debris, and find a bunch of money and a pair of Shadowfell Gloves- which Grey snaffles. The Wizard also gives over his +1 Magic Wand to Phrenic, he’s reverting to his staff (non-magical) and wand ( +2 Icy Rays) combination.


Check out Grey- Looking mighty fine.

And Phrenic with his new wand-


Phrenic’s new wand- In his left hand, peeking out from behind his shield, you can just see it if you squint hard.

Also the guys find a strange little book- The Book of Wrath Unveiled, Phrenic, Grey and Kaspard converge to take a look, a little while later with the help of Grey’s Comprehend Languages ritual the Wizard states that it is a treatise on the cult of Baphomet. Which makes sense as it was sitting on an altar formerly dedicated to the deity- Kaspard, with a little help from Phrenic desecrates the place while Grey is busy.

The PCs take this oddity with them- they have an idea, remembering back to the voice which welcomed them into the Well- “Mask, bell, blade, and tome”, Phrenic thinks they have found the tome- which surely means they have three more items to find, at least that’s the suggestion.

“Part of the test?” Kaspar helpfully clarifies, none of the guys look particularly pleased by the news.

The guys are mostly spent however at this point, and also of consideration is the fact that they now have enough XP for level 7- they’re in favour of a rest, to retreat or not to retreat- that’s the question.

The adventurers have already had a good look around the section of the Well they are in- the place seems to be entirely devoted to barracks et al for the Gnolls- all of which, as far as the guys can tell, are now dead- the section they’re in is in effect empty. That said the guys find a wide passage that heads south, it seems to lead to an unexplored section of the complex.

The guys decide to risk it, and backs to the wall they hole up in the chambers they have just cleared- admittedly this will leave them without anywhere to retreat to, but the players figure they can handle anything I throw their way- we’ll see about that.

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