Adventure #2 WOTC H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth (Level 4)
Session #14.04


Encounter #53 W6: Hall of Enforced Introspection.
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Mirror of Draining (Obstacle 5) x3- Only 200 XP given.
Mirror of Teleporting (Obstacle 5) x2- Only 200 XP given.
Mirror of Trapping (Obstacle 5) x4- Only 200 XP given.
Skeleton Boneshard (Brute 5) x2
Gnoll Marauder (Brute 6)
Encounter Level 6- 1250 XP



Sunday, 2nd of Readying, 2000.

Look away- the car crash continues, or else… go on, check it out- it’s pretty mad.

Winstanley leads the guys into the chamber, there’s a dark curtain ahead blocking his view- odd, the Halfling moves the curtain aside and spies the a mirror- FLASH.

Winstanley disappears- and the curtain swishes shut again.

Winstanley finds himself in The Oubliette of the Empty Mind- a prison without exits, facing the Halfling is a similarly trapped Gnoll Marauder.

Around the table several of the guys scream like little girls- I’m not quite sure what emotion they were trying to express.

The Halfling and the Gnoll stare at each other, sizing up one another.

Grey has no idea what has happened- Winstanley (Paul- the player) has been taken into another room (in reality), all the guys know is the Halfling’s gone.

Grey opens the curtain and…



Mirror of Trapping- FLASH!

The mage suddenly appears next to Winstanley, both facing off against the Gnoll Marauder in the Oubliette of the Empty Mind (actually, I think we were in the kitchen).

Grey is quick to react- the Gnoll Marauder is hit by his Ray of Frost, left iced and slowed, a second later Winstanley spins out a dagger with a Sly Flourish, the poor lonely Gnoll is almost bloodied.

Back in the chamber the three guys left have a very quick discussion, I say very quick because Dirty (Dave) ignores everything that is being said and puts his head down- “I’m watching the floor just ahead of me…” and then strides through the curtain- the Dwarf spots the base of a mirror, and swings hard with his maul and smashes the Mirror of Trapping before him.

Kaspard and Phrenic shrug and follow suit, the pair are on different vectors to the Dwarf- the Priestess bumps into another Mirror- without looking and then begins to wail on it with her mace. Just a note to say the guys are at -5 to hit, effectively blind, although the traps defences are low. Phrenic encounters nothing, the Tiefling wanders a good way into the chamber.

The players are a little foxed, and more than a little frightened they’re hoping that only more mirrors lie ahead, and that there’s nothing living in this chamber- they get their wish, but not in a good way.

Dirty is getting cocky, the Dwarf half charges and rumbles into another Mirror (of Draining), he smashes it (with a crit). Kaspard gives up on the mirror she is smashing (actually not smashing but hitting, the mirror is shattered in places but still fully functioning) she moves off following a wall- figuring it will lead her to somewhere significant.


Mirror of Draining- Seven years bad luck to follow.

Phrenic meantime follows Dirty’s approach- right up until the point he swings hard at the Mirror (of Trapping) ahead of him and rolls a… oh yeah, and again- a ‘1’. The Tiefling instinctively looks up and I roll my attack.


An eye-blink later Phrenic joins his friends in the Kitchen of the Empty Mind- I mean Oubliette of course.

The Tiefling pops up in front of Grey, just in time to get speared by the Gnoll Marauder- it’s all going swimmingly, as you can no doubt see. Winstanley stabs again with his magical dagger, a Clever Strike, the Gnoll pays the price and is very bloodied in an instant.

Back in the chamber Dirty races off in a seemingly random direction, I’m not sure he had a plan, and smashes another Mirror (of Draining)- the Dwarf is on form. Kaspard comes to a corner, and fool that she is risks a peek to see where she should go next- as it turns out she’s stood next to yet another Mirror of Trapping.


She joins her friends in the Kitchen.

Phrenic recovers his poise and slices at the foul humanoid with his Viper’s Strike- and the creature is cut down, dead.


Gnoll Marauder- Perhaps he just wanted to make friends?

At which point the four guys take the next fifteen or so rounds to discover, and then make certain, that the Oubliette has no exits- shit! At least that was pretty much the consensus- although Dave (Dirty) for some reason found the whole thing hilarious at this point.

There’s just Dirty (Dave) left to save the day…

The Dwarf Charges into another Mirror (of Trapping)- SMASH!

Just to say at the point when the PCs left in the room declared that they were looking down at the floor (Blind) I removed the miniatures and map from play and from then on described the action in terms of- left, right etc. I ruled that the PCs could see the floor in a Close Burst 1.

And then another Mirror (of Draining)- SMASH!

And then the second to last Mirror (of Trapping)- SMASH!

And then Dirty gets stuck- or else unsure of himself, he has no idea where he is in relation to anything else in the chamber, he’s all turned around, and has just figured out that at some point he either needs to make sense of this chamber, or else get out of it.

The frustrated Dave (Dirty) decides to risk a look, and…


Only this time its a Mirror of Teleporting and Dirty is still in the same chamber- you could have heard a pin drop when I said ‘FLASH!’


Mirror of Teleporting- FLASH!

Dirty Charges and smashes the last Mirror (of Trapping)- he doesn’t know this of course.

What’s more Dirty thinks he knows where he is now- he heads forward to a wall and then follows it around to a curtain- he’s absolutely correct, he’s right back at the start of the chamber again.

The other guys have come back into the room at this point of course (from the Kitchen of the Empty Mind via the Toilet of the Empty Bladder), there’s no need to isolate Dave from them, he’s on his own- but now with an audience.

Dirty declares he’s leaving the chamber- to gasps, and the beginnings of foul imprecations, and then he realises that the door, the exit, has been replaced with a solid slab of stone- he’s sealed in. Yeah- I added that in, the DM scrambles for purchase.

The grinning Dwarf clutches on to the right hand wall, and head down he paces around the chamber, the wall always to his right, and in this manner he makes it all the way around to a… curtain- at which point Dave swears a lot, figuring he’s right back where he started, the other players are obviously amused at this. At which point Dirty rips aside the curtain and looks up- before him a small chamber containing an altar and two very rough looking Skeletons.


Skeleton Boneshard- A welcome opportunity for mindless violence.

Dirty Charges into the closest undead creature and smashes it with his maul, they’re Boneshard Skeletons of course- because they hurt more, you’ll see. The other Boneshard stabs Dirty with its scimitar- the Dwarf feels the necrotic power of the blade seep into him, however his Black Iron Armour prevents the hurt.

Dirty smashes the already damaged Skeleton with a Crushing Blow- bloodying it, the creature’s rib cage explodes- although only slightly, sending sharpened bone fragments spitting out like shrapnel- Dirty is hurt again. The Dwarf hits it again, this time with his Steel Serpent Strike, the Boneshard staggers. Both Skeletons fight back with their scimitars but Dirty manages to keep them at bay.

Dirty manoeuvres and then calls both undead over to Come & Get It- alas only the thus far uninjured Boneshard suffers, the pair slice again at the Dwarf, even while flanking Dirty they cannot land a hit.

Dirty’s Reaping Strike leaves a Boneshard staggering, the Dwarf pays the price and is sliced once more. Dirty Cleaves, hits one Boneshard and destroys the other, it explodes- and again the rain of bone shrapnel comes, Dirty takes another wound, although only very slight. There’s worse to come the remaining Boneshard Skeleton slices Dirty (with a crit), the Dwarf staggers and is left bloodied.

Not for long- Dirty gets his Second Wind and then catches the Skeleton with a glancing blow from his Reaping Strike. Then seconds later he lands a more substantial hit, the Boneshard is bloodied- the shrapnel flies but Dirty is too quick and manages to avoid hurt.

Dirty strikes again, shattering one side of the Boneshard’s body (with a crit), the Skeleton staggers- flails wildly and inaccurately with its scimitar, as Dirty steps in and with another Reaping Strike smashes it down. The Skeleton explodes before it hits the ground, and again Dirty takes several hits- but not enough to overly concern the Dwarf.

On the altar ahead of the Dwarf is the Mask of Baphomet- one of the four devices the guys are looking for, also on the altar is an indented hand print- although on the large size. Dirty places his hand within the impression and seconds later hears the shouts of joy coming from his colleagues who are back in the chamber, behind the first curtain- at the entrance. It seems the door to the chamber is now open, Dirty grabs the mask and follows the wall back around again- head bowed still- all the way, and then out.

Just to note to say that although Dave (Dirty) tried a little to laugh off the moment when he tried the door to escape the test, and abandoned his fellow adventurers. It was… well, a bit of a let down for the other players- although perhaps on reflection exactly as they each suspected. Dave’s an odd character at times, however what you see is what you get, not a liability you understand- at least not generally, but too tempted by the dark side at times- he gets a kick out of pissing people off.

The guys move on- to the next part of the test, they’re all suitably pissed off at this point- the crappy Skill Challenge followed by more than thirty minutes spent watching Dave roll his dice.

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