Adventure #2 WOTC H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth (Level 4)
Session #14.07


You get them- crappy sessions where things don’t go right, or else you make a bunch of mistakes and the players drift away from their purpose. This was a pretty poor show by me, certainly a bad day at the office- I don’t remember how or why it went west of course, it was all a very long time ago. I don’t think the nature of the encounters helped, the guys are much happier with a free form approach- don’t get me wrong they love the simple things in life- a stand up fight etc. They’re less cut out for playing the Traps game, as I’ve witnessed before in 4e when Traps have defensive stats and a hit point total then the likelihood is the guys are going to find a way to deliver them a beating, and most often from a position of safety. I once played through the trap chamber in Keep on the Shadowfell with a group of guys who just stood at the door and threw everything they had at the traps in the chamber, until they had reduced them all to rubble. I get that I need to react better to these situations, but my heart just wasn’t in it on this occasion.

Of the encounters I’ll only mention the first of this session, #51 with the Tiefling Darkblade and the Gnoll Marauders- that was the guys in action, reducing a Level 9 encounter to ashes within four or five rounds, with some terrifying hits that had us all laughing and grinning like chimps.

Other than this encounter the rest of them this session kind of sucked, which makes me fear for the next adventure in this series- H3 The Pyramid of Shadows, which is- or else very quickly could turn into, just another old school dungeon.

Must do better next time.

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