Adventure #2 WOTC H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth (Level 4)
Session #15.01


Sunday, 2nd of Readying, 2000.

And thankfully the last session is over, and although it took us a while to get back around the table (I think we had nearly a month off after the débâcle) we’re at last back on it. After the break we took a moment to recap of the action, or else the guys did their best to summarise their present situation. The adventurers first take another round trip about the central area of the Well of Demons- the Proving Grounds, they visit all the chambers in this section of the dungeon.

The central chamber is home to what looks to be a bottomless pit- the guys know that when they trigger the final test by placing the bell, blade, book and mask in the runic circles, that the Guardian will emerge from the pit- the Guardian is a Green Dragon, or so the ghosts told them.

They will also have to avoid the inner track, the ghosts warned them that a crushing sphere patrols this section. There are four other chambers of note around the inner track, these are a temple dedicated to Baphomet, complete with a pair of minotaur idols- this place has been defaced already by some of the adventurers. A mostly empty chamber, save for a bunch of smashed statues; a bunch of cells with the skeletal remains of victims chained to the floors and the walls, and lastly a chamber full of stone pools of various coloured liquids. This last area has been thoroughly checked out by Phrenic and Grey, one of the pools (yellow) it has been determined contains a poisonous solution, another pool (red) contains a liquid that according to Grey is cursed- the properties of the liquids in the two other pools (green and blue) are as yet unknown.

The guys have learned from the ghosts that after the Guardian has been slain the final doors to the Inner Sanctum will open, the players are not sure what lies beyond these doors but the consensus is any, all, or else some of the following- Maldrick Scarmaker, the Gnoll Lord; and the last two ex-citizens of Winterhaven the guys have been sent to recover. However the number one suggestion as to what lies within the Inner Sanctum is- something very bad that needs killing. They’ve nailed it.

As stated above I talked to the players about the story so far, before we began the session proper, this then is their summary of the situation-

1) The Tieflings are the bad guys, although they’re not sure how or why. They think perhaps there’s some big bad Tiefling somewhere- the ‘devil’ ghost that Vadriar the cursed (?) Sage encountered in the Labyrinth.

2) The guys are going to rescue the last two ex-citizens of Winterhaven very soon, they think- and at last complete their task for Lord Padraig of Winterhaven.

3) That said the direction of the adventure has changed somewhat, the Tieflings they encountered earlier envisaged a world of shadow, ruled by their master- the guys are trying to make sense of this connection- where it fits into the grand scheme of things.

4) The guys are however certain that they need to talk to Grey’s master- Nimozaran the Green, the Archmage of Fallcrest it seems manufactured some sort of pyramid prison, some time in the past. The guys figure that whoever or whatever resides within this prison is somehow key to the mystery.

5) The guys think that Vadriar the Sage knows more than he’s saying, or else more than he thinks he knows- they figure the Sage is cursed and are on the look out for a way to lift the affliction.

6) Lastly Kalarel, the Priest of Orcus back in the Keep of the Shadowfell has a master, someone that was sponsoring the evil Cleric’s attempt to open the portal. The guys think that they need to find out who this is- their best guess is Maldrick Scarmaker, the Gnoll Lord they’re about to take on (they think). However some of the guys are convinced that either Vadriar the cursed Sage, or else the Ordinator Arcanis (one of the Mages of Saruun), knows who the big bad guy is.

There are a few other mysteries that are unexplained, including of course the purpose of the ‘great stair’, they’re still fretting about the Troglodytes and their Angel of Vengeance but the guys are fairly sanguine about these side issues- the most important thing is to rescue the ex-citizens of Winterhaven from their misery, defeat the Well of Demons and then get back to Nimozaran and find out the truth.

And so after another fifteen minutes of chatter the guys get themselves into position, ready to place the four items they have recovered into the four runic circles- Dirty waits in the central chamber- armed and ready for the Guardian’s arrival. The Dwarf is on his own against the Dragon of course but the plan is for the others to get to him as quickly as they can. The adventurers have taken the time to clear their respective routes back to the center, and also to make sure that all doors are open so that they can call instructions to each other.

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