Adventure #2 WOTC H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth (Level 4)
Session #15.04


Sunday, 2nd of Readying, 2000.

And so we’re in the aftermath, and the guys are almost all out of healing surges, although there’s nothing left for them to do however- except argue. At present Kaspard and Phrenic are at each others throats (I took both players aside prior to this session to ensure this plan of mine worked). The two, normally rational folk, are at odds over what just happened- when Maldrick completed his ritual, alas the ritual scroll the Gnoll was reading from was entirely consumed in the process. Phrenic contends that nothing has changed- that the ritual in some way failed; while Kaspard holds that the opposite is true- in her words ‘everything has changed’, although the Priestess of Bahamut is hazy on the detail.

I take it lots of other DMs do this as well, via e-mail prep scenes ahead of time- if this happens then I’d like for you to react in this way, that kind of thing. It’s the same as handing out secrets to the PCs at the start of campaigns, or else midway in, I like for the guys to have a little something extra in reserve every now and then.

Eventually the two take to throwing punches, an occurrence that is greeted by the other players with incomprehension, and for a while a failure to react- the two go at for a minute or so, until Phrenic eventually knocks Kaspard out cold. At which point, finally, the other guys intervene- Kaspard is looked after and the still enraged Phrenic is eventually manhandled into submission. Reluctantly the Warlord has to be tied up, actually Dirty (Dave) was quite happy to tie up Phrenic- Winstanley and Grey (both total RPG noobs prior to the start of this campaign), are completely foxed by events.

The guys decide on a quick search of the chamber, and the dead enemies present, and then vote to get the hell out of the Well of Demons, and thus a bunch of paperwork and a +2 Deep-Pocket Cloak are recovered from Maldrick, the cloak is identified and taken by Grey-


Grey does his best to hide his garish robes.

A pocket in the Gnoll Warlock’s cloak contains an ornate looking silver key- Grey examines it briefly and then hides it back away. The rest of the chamber is searched- there’s nothing interesting to be found, the dead bodies of the ex-citizens of Winterhaven are taken, Grey and Winstanley insist on this. As it turns out the pair each have to carry one of them- Dirty is lumbered with the still woozy Kaspard, while he leads Phrenic, still raging, at mauls length. The guys head back into the Labyrinth- they’re somewhat confused.

Soon after they catch up with Vadriar the Sage, who has in the last few moments come to his senses, although he’s still a little confused- how did he get here?

A nights rest is taken, Grey performs his Alarm ritual, a watch rota of sorts is put together, the guys recuperate- and between times chat, and try to make sense of things. Over the course of the evening Kaspard gets well again, Phrenic stops raging and moves quickly to apologies interspersed with bouts of shame, and finally Vadriar starts to make sense. Winstanley and Grey also recover their sense of balance, as their friends slowly begin to resemble themselves again.

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