Adventure #2 WOTC H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth (Level 4)
Session #15.06


Moonday, 3rd of Readying, 2000.

Three things of interest occur in the Seven Pillared Hall on the adventurers return- the first is a meeting with the Ordinator Arcanis- Orontor, but more of that later.

The second and third interesting things both involve Dirty- the Dwarf goes for a ‘quiet chat’ (his words) with the Drow Merchant Gendar, it seems the crown Dirty took from the Dwarven King Thain Cardanas, is indeed for sale. Gendar licks his lips in anticipation (this event had been planned between me a Dave (Dirty) via e-mail between sessions), and then after a fruitless attempt to bargain the Dwarf down the Drow hands over a bunch of magic items- Dirty hands over the crown.

The Dwarf now sports a set of Bracers of Mighty Striking and a set of Gauntlets of Blood- Dirty is looking to increase his damage output further (and make up for his low Strength score (17, from memory)- how under optimised is the Dwarf?).


Dirty’s looking mean and moody.

The third interesting thing that happens, and the second for Dirty, is a brief meeting between the Fighter and Ulthand Deepgem, the forlorn Dwarf pleads with Dirty for any news of his Dire Boar- Mr. Grumpy. Dirty happily confirms that the Dire Boar is dead- he saw the creature die with his own eyes- slain by Demons. Just a note to say that Dirty (Dave) insisted on butchering and eating parts of the deceased Mr. Grumpy during the adventurers sojourn in the Well of Demons. So when Dirty later refers to poor Mr. Grumpy as being ‘beautiful’, although a ‘little spicy’; Ulthand sincerely believes that Dirty is beyond reproach, and an honourable fellow that did everything he could to save his beloved pet. He immediately rewards Dirty with 300 gold coins, all he has in the way of capital at the moment, just to thank Dirty for efforts. Dirty is likewise moved by Ulthand’s generosity and insists the Dwarf take some of his sausages- he has lots to spare.

The first interesting thing is of course the meeting with Orontor, it goes a little like this, at least it goes a little like this after Dirty first apologises profusely (he said ‘sorry’ twice- although the first one was barely audible) to Orontor for his previous behaviour, yeah you heard that right. To be honest everyone was shocked, even Dave I think. Back to the meeting… every sentence that the Ordinator Arcanis starts is finished off by either Kaspard, Phrenic or most often Grey, in summary-

1) Paldemar is a Mage of Sarrun, he’s gone a bit mad- he’s killed all the other members of their order (there were only five Mages to start with), except of course for Orontor. Yeah, we guessed something like that had happened, is the guys response.

2) Paldemar is in the Tower of Mysteries, the Mages’ secret base- alas the Tower is closed, Paldemar has sealed its magical entrance- none can enter, not even Orontor. Which Grey disputes, the Wizard fetches out the ornate silver key he took from Scarmaker- Grey has a very good idea where the key fits (sort of) and what it does, and again Iain is spot on- see later. Orontor, of course, is amazed.

3) Paldemar is, or else was, working on some sort of machine in the Tower of Mysteries- actually the guys didn’t know this bit, the mad Mage of Saruun has learned how to control the Bronze Warders using this device- Orontor attempts to explain further but the guys reassure the Ordinator that they know what a Bronze Warder is, having taken one apart previously.

Orontor is a little taken aback by all the things the adventurers know, and now a little embarrassed about their previous meeting- he was a little high handed, he insists. However Kaspard and Phrenic quickly smooth the waters- the adventurers should have reacted less forcibly to the Ordinator’s appearance- at this point they were not aware that the rest of the Mages were dead (save Paldemar), and the source of the troubles was so near at hand.

Orontor is much relieved and promises the riches of his organisation, or at least he has a magical blade he has been working on… which after questioning Orontor admits is a longsword- Phrenic is very happy. Anyway the Ordinator will happily hand over the blade if the guys will bring an end to Paldemar and his rampage- the deal is done.

Godsday, 4th of Readying, 2000.

The talking done, and with adventurers well rested, Grey leads the guys back out into the Seven Pillared Hall, and directly to the massive minotaur statue in the center of the chamber; the mage quickly locates the secret compartment he found earlier, soon after he first arrived in the Hall.


The Massive Minotaur Statue.

Within the secret compartment, as Grey (and Iain) expected, is a keyhole, the mage grins for a second- and then inserts the ornate silver key. The Hall shimmers, and seconds later is completely gone from sight.

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