Adventure #2 WOTC H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth (Level 4)
Session #15.08


Encounter #59 T1: Level of Defence.
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Norker Grunt (Minion 3) x8
Norker (Soldier 3) x5
Enigma of Vecna (Controller 6) x2
Encounter Level 7- 1554 XP



Godsday, 4th of Readying, 2000.

The sudden sounds of footsteps- coming on fast, and rushing into sight are a horde (alright, a small horde) of Norkers. The first of the creatures to appear has to contend with Winstanley dagger, his famous Sly Flourish, the creature is badly wounded even before the fight has begun. Suddenly there are five of the small, but ferocious looking, creatures in sight- two of them hack at Winstanley- the adventurer furthest forward, with their battleaxes, the Halfling is wounded.

Just a note to say that we still use Monster Knowledge checks when the bad guys pop into sight, one of the players muttered the immortal line which serves as the title for this installment- “Norkers! WTF are Norkers?” As it turns out none of the players had the least clue what a Norker is…

Kaspard manoeuvres and is suddenly bathed in shadow, the Priestess takes necrotic damage as she wanders too close to one of the many pillars in the chamber, she screams a warning to her friends to stay clear of the pillars- harmful support structures has become a motif latterly in this adventure. The Half-Elf conjures and her Radiant Hands appear- two of the Norkers suffer, one- already badly wounded by Winstanley’s blade, is left bloodied.

More Norkers rush in, these fellows are Grunts but the guys don’t know this yet, another eight of the tough little bastards join the attack- this mob are armed with flails- Winstanley is hit twice in fewer seconds, while Grey, Phrenic and Dirty are each struck once. The fight is joined- a rolling scrum, a melee.

Grey is suddenly swathed in flame, his Fire Shroud- the fires reaches out and burns all of the Wizard’s enemies within range- three of the Grunts are instantly consumed, while a Norker is badly singed and left on fire. The guys are overjoyed- the flail wielding fellows are Minions- thank Avandra.


Norker Grunt- Pasty-faced Goblins.

Phrenic moves in and cuts another Grunt- dead. Winstanley in the meantime Tumbles back and away from the ferocious humanoids, the Rogue grabs out a clutch of daggers and spews out a Cloud of Steel- two more Grunts end their days, while four of the Norkers are caught within the bladestorm, one is almost spent (with a crit).

The Norker fight back is particularly tame- Winstanley avoids a hit with his Second Chance, but is then struck by a Norker’s battleaxe moments later- the bloodied Norkers, Grey notes, are regenerating. Kaspard takes a step back and then bathes the creatures before her with a Divine Glow- the closest Norker falls, a second suffers radiant burns, while another Grunt, the second to last of them, is entirely consumed. For good measure Winstanley’s wounds are all but forgotten, courtesy of some Healing Words from Kaspard.

Dirty calls all of the remaining Norkers into his maul with his Come & Get It attack, the Dwarf slays the last Grunt and leaves another Norker badly injured.

At which point there’s a sudden flash of light from the closest pillar and Winstanley’s Memory is Ripped and shredded, the Halfling stumbles unsure of where he is and who these strangers are. Seconds later Dirty suffers the exact same fate. Note the Enigma’s of Vecna are using their Memory Ripper attacks through the pillars- its a shame the Norkers are proving to be less sturdy than required.


Norker- A little tougher but still mostly meh!

Grey takes a stride forward and then unleashes his Repelling Sphere, all four Norkers remaining are caught in the Wizard’s power- all four are slammed back into the nearest walls, or pillars- three of the creatures are left bloodied by the attack.

Winstanley rushes off- away from the action, the Halfling is in pursuit of hidden enemies- in particular whoever or whatever is firing spells through the pillars- the Rogue, more by luck than judgement, makes his way to a bed chamber, kicks open the door and spies inside a pair of disheveled, and spooky, looking humans (or so he thinks). No time for questions, he spins out a dagger with a Sly Flourish and cuts the closest of the pair. For good measure the Halfling screams for his compatriots to rush to his defence.

The Norkers however suddenly start to find their mark- one of the four departs after the Halfling, while the other three smash their battleaxes into Dirty. The last Norker follows Winstanley’s screams and finds him out- the creature bloodies the Halfling with its axe.

Kaspard hits a Norker with her Daunting Light, the creature suffers radiant burns and is left bloodied. Dirty smashes another with a Reaping Strike with his maul- the creature is almost spent, although it has enough fury left for a Snapping Rebuke- Dirty gets bitten.

Phrenic meanwhile breaks off and goes to Winstanley’s aid, the Warlord arrives just in time to be frazzled by one of the Enigma’s Shock Bolts (again fired through the nearest pillar). Grey meanwhile sticks around to help Dirty, the Wizard unleashes a carpet of flames with his Burning Hands- two Norkers are caught in the wildfire, one is entirely consumed the other left very badly burnt (on 1 hit point).


Enigma of Vecna- The Pillar-casters.

Phrenic meantime moves past Winstanley, muttering Inspiring Words in the Halfling’s direction, and then cuts the closest Enigma with his Leaf on the Wind attack. The rejuvenated Halfling stabs with a Sly Flourish and the Norker that followed after him is dead.

Both melees rumble on, strangely both sides are finding it difficult to connect, or else make their mark- that is until Phrenic gets his Memory Ripped, the Warlord is left staggering barely able to recall his powers. Grey is also, as usual, on target- the two Norkers fighting Dirty are caught in the Wizard’s Scorching Burst- both are left very close to death, seconds later Dirty smashes one of the small fellows down, it doesn’t get back up.

The adventurers fighting the Enigmas are however now all screaming for the Dwarf’s assistance, Kaspard rushes over and bathes one of the Enigmas in her Sacred Flame, but the foul humanoid fights on.

Dirty at last hears the call, he swipes the last standing Norker with his Steel Serpent Strike, almost ending it (its on 1 hit point), and then rushes off and finds his way to his friends. The Dwarf Fighter Charges in and smashes the closest Enigma. Grey fires a Magic Missile into the last Norker left standing, result- its no longer standing, the Wizard rushes off heading for the second fight.

Dirty smashes the Enigma again (there’s a lot of missed rolls going on), and the creature is bloodied- immediately it claws and savages its own face- rips the flesh from its bones to reveal its Horrific Visage- Dirty staggers back uncomprehending. The creature then lashes out at its closest enemy, it Rends Phrenic’s Flesh- the Tiefling is bloodied in an instant.


Enigma of Vecna- Bloodied the humanoid reveals his inner-psychopath.

Grey makes his ground, and then slams another Magic Missile into the ferocious Enigma, Phrenic meanwhile mutters more Inspiring Words this time for his benefit only- the Warlord also seems to be affected by a necrotic ache, the Tiefling is struggling to stay in the fight.

Winstanley spins out another Sly Flourish (with a crit) and suddenly the second Enigma is also bloodied, it too rips the flesh from its face. The first of the terrors is smashed down dead by Dirty’s Reaping Strike- the second Enigma attempts to further Rend Phrenic’s Flesh but somehow the Tiefling manages to keep the ferocious creature at bay.

Grey hits it with a Ray of Frost, Phrenic stabs it with his Viper’s Strike and then finally Kaspard’s Sacred Flame torches the foul creature- its dead.

The encounter is over, and the session more or less complete- the guys have a search about, discover a different magic circle- another transporter Grey confirms, and also in the Enigma’s bunk room a handful of precious gems.

At which point the fifteenth session draws to a close, next time the finale.

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