Adventure #2 WOTC H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth (Level 4)
Session #16.01


Encounter #60 T2: The Level of Secret Knowledge.
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Devil Imp (Lurker 3)
Norker (Soldier 3) x2
Enigma of Vecna (Controller 6) x2
Bronze Warder (Elite Soldier 7)
Encounter Level 7- 1550 XP



Godsday, 4th of Readying, 2000.

The guys get their breath back for a while and then ready themselves for another encounter- they figure they’re going to be teleporting into more trouble, as they did with their first encounter in the tower. How much trouble? That’s the question- is this going to be the final encounter?

Swathed in grins the adventurers blink out of existence and suddenly reappear in the next level of the tower, the guys are within another magic circle- this one is outlined by four pillars, the pillars are unadorned.

There are sets of double doors to the north, west and the south- all of them closed, a regular thumping sound comes from beyond the northern doors… and then the sound of heavy footsteps approaching from the north west- a passage leads that way, something is coming. The guys quickly hide behind the pillars, they’re ideally situated.

Stomping towards them comes a Bronze Warder- could this be the finale, the automaton hasn’t seen them. Phrenic nods and the attack begins.

Grey fires a Magic Missile into the creature, Winstanley follows up with a Sly Flourish, Kaspard scours the thing with her Daunting Light- Dirty and Phrenic charge into the metal machine, but alas both fail to connect. The construct is barely wounded, left only slightly scratched- not even dented by the adventurer’s opening salvo. As with the previous Bronze Warder the guys fought, this is going to be a difficult encounter- these are tough bastards to kill.

To make matters worse the Warder reacts in an instant, it goes on the Rampage- shoving Dirty aside and pushing Phrenic to the floor- the creature steps into the midst of the adventurers and delivers its Axe Sweep. Remarkably only Phrenic is caught in the attack, although the Warlord suffers, almost bloodied he’s also left bleeding from his wounds- the Warder meanwhile roars.

Winstanley reacts quickly, punches his magical dagger in and through the metal skin of the automaton, the Rogue’s Positioning Strike sends the great creature skittering backwards, and away from the more delicate members of the group. Phrenic is quickly to his feet, muttering Inspiring Words- his wounds are swiftly forgotten, the Warlord charges into the Warder and yet again his magical longsword- Aecris, barely marks the thing. Dirty takes a step back, the Dwarf gets a run up- he Charges forward and smashes his maul into the metal beast, alas it’s not a crippling blow.


Devil Imp- Scouting out the enemies.

Unseen by the adventurers a little Devil- an Imp, flutters into the passageway- searching out the action, the fiend stays out of sight and observes the melee for the moment.

The Bronze Warder slashes at Dirty with its greataxe- the Dwarf however easily deflects the blow, the automaton then surges forward trying to reposition itself to get nearer to the less well armoured members of the party, Phrenic and Dirty slash and cut, and manage to keep the creature at bay- but their hits are once again only scratches. Winstanley scuttles forward and makes some room for himself, then spins out another dagger with a Sly Flourish- another hit, but again no more than a scratch.

The doors to the north are flung open- a thumping grinding sound fills the passage with noise, and standing in the open doorway is a disheveled humanoid- a creature the adventurers have fought before, another Enigma of Vecna. Suddenly Kaspard feels out of sorts, as swiftly the feeling passes, the Enigma is trying- and thankfully failing, to get a grip on the Priestesses mind. A Norker dashes past the Enigma, and out into the passage, it Charges and smashes its battleaxe into Dirty. Next the doors to the west are flung open- there’s a library viewable in the chamber beyond the portals, a second Norker rushes out to meet Phrenic, while a second Enigma of Vecna scurries into the doorway.


Norker- Not to be feared.

Dirty cares little for the Norkers, the Dwarf has bigger fish to fry, he smashes his maul into the Bronze Warder with a Crushing Blow, the creature staggers- a titanic hit (Dirty rolls max damage).

Grey suddenly screams and points up above the adventurers heads, to the Devil Imp hiding in the shadows, seconds later the mage is swathed in flame- his Fire Shroud. Less than a second later the flame bursts out- washes over and ignites all of his enemies (and I mean all of his enemies- Grey doesn’t miss an attack roll), both Norkers, and both Enigmas, as well as the Devil Imp are caught in the conflagration and all are left burnt and flaming, although the little Devil seems not to care.

The Wizard isn’t done, seconds later the mage’s Repelling Sphere thumps into the same five combatants (and again Grey doesn’t miss an attack)- both Norkers, both Enigmas, and the Devil Imp are flung far out of the Wizard’s reach. The Imp is smashed into the ceiling and left bloodied, one of the Norker’s is likewise left bloodied after being slammed into a nearby wall.

Just taking a moment here- Grey made ten attack rolls- he hit ten times (although no crits), inflicting just short of 150 points of damage, pushing all of the enemies away from his colleagues, and leaving all of his enemies on fire. How’s that for MVP- I believe we applauded, for a while, around the table.

The Imp reacts instantly, although still on fire (but resistant to the flame), it dives in and jabs at Grey with its Tail Sting- the wound hurts but the mage is fortunately not poisoned. The Bronze Warder tries again to smash Dirty with its greataxe- and again it fails, as previously it also tries to lurch forward with its Inexorable Movement, Dirty however smashes his maul into the automaton and sends it shuddering back- its going nowhere.

Winstanley spots his opportunity, grabs out a clutch of daggers, and unleashes a Cloud of Steel- both of the Enigmas are caught in the blast, and both are left bloodied- the pair rip at their faces till there’s little flesh left on the bone. Alas, for the fiends, none of the adventurers are close enough to be bothered by the Enigmas’ Horrific Visages. Winstanley’s last dagger throw ends the Imp, the tiny Devil flops to the cold stone floor of the chamber- dead.


Enigma of Vecna- Not much to look at.

Kaspard scuttles a little way backwards, in retreat, and then serves up her Divine Glow- alas only one of the Norkers is caught in the blast, it suffers radiant burns- its almost spent. The horrific Enigmas both still burn, they are however consumed by something far more dangerous- hate. The pair rush forward and attempt to Rend the Flesh of the adventurers- Grey is torn, his upper right arm shredded- cut to the bone; Winstanley somehow manages to avoid the attacks of the the flailing Enigma menacing him..

The Norkers are also still on fire, however they also have Relentless Endurance- they’re healing even as they burn, the strange humanoids are regenerating. The first Norker flails at Winstanley, the second smashes its battleaxe into Kaspard. Dirty takes a step back, and in a loud voice declares that his enemies should “Come & Get It”, the Dwarf Fighter is swiftly surrounded- he lashes out with his maul. Both of the Enigmas are left almost broken, the Bronze Warder is battered and at last bloodied, one of the Norkers is smashed to floor- dead, while the other totters but manages somehow to keep its feet. The creature tries to bite the Fighter, with a Snapping Rebuke, but Dirty is much too quick (and again 5 to hit rolls = 5 hits).

Grey shifts back out the way of the Enigma that’s trying to slay him, and then drops his Scorching Burst centered on Dirty- the second Norker is entirely consumed by the flames, and one of the Enigma’s is left clutching at a wall to stay on its feet- Dirty is also a little singed, and ticked off (of course) at the Wizard.

The Dwarf doesn’t moan for long, the Bronze Warder steps up and smashes the Dwarf with its greataxe, the Fighter however is Unbreakable- he grins and rides the hit. The Bronze Warder notes that the Dwarf is still standing, and so for good measure it smashes Dirty again- the Dwarf’s smile disappears, Dirty is bloodied.

Kaspard shifts further back and then unleashes her Radiant Hands, alas only one of the ghostly appendages finds its target, an Enigma is clutched by the throat- throttled and left with radiant burns, it flops to the floor dead (a crit). The Priestess mutters her Healing Words and Dirty winks at the Half-Elf in thanks.


Bronze Warder- Tough Bastards!

Phrenic delivers a Steel Monsoon attack to the Bronze Warder, and then calls for his colleagues to step up- the guys shuffle forward and reposition. The last Enigma, still on fire, flails and claws at Dirty but the Dwarf easily keeps the fiend at bay. Grey mutters an incantation, and then slams another Magic Missile into the Warder (with another crit).

The great automaton bellows in anger and then once again goes on the Rampage- as previously Dirty is shoved back and Phrenic knocked to the floor, although the Warlord catches the Warder with his longsword as the minotaur strides forward. The Warder swings heartily, another Axe Sweep- Dirty is cut badly while Phrenic is only saved when his armour pulses with Kaspard’s Armour of Bahamut power- the critical hit is deflected. The Tiefling is however again left bloodied and bleeding.

Winstanley dodges and shimmies, gets beyond the last Enigma of Vecna, and then less than a second later leaves his magical dagger firmly embedded in the fiend’s back- the Enigma screeches in pain and then collapses. Only the Bronze Warder left to defeat… and this encounter is most definitely not the finale.

Kaspard’s Sacred Flame burns the Warder, Phrenic’s Viper’s Strike scratches the metal beast, Dirty’s Reaping Strike is entirely deflected- the great automaton stands solid, and then smashes its greataxe into Dirty again. The Dwarf is really suffering.

Winstanley scurries and dodges, Tumbles beyond the Warder and then sinks his magical dagger into the back of the metal minotaur, Kaspard’s Sacred Flame comes again, while Phrenic declares in loud voice- “Kill it!”, a Commander’s Strike. Dirty obliges and smashes his maul into the Bronze Warder- which sinks to its knees and then flops forward- deceased.

The encounter is over.

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