Adventure #2 WOTC H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth (Level 4)
Session #16.02


Godsday, 4th of Readying, 2000.

The guys take a well earned breather (another) and then cautiously head forward to search the place, first stop is the chamber with all the noise. The source of the industry is a machine of some sorts, Dirty and Grey help to identify the device, the metal object has a great many moving parts, and also glass alchemical chambers in which various elements react- atop the monstrosity, built into the device, is the head and limbless upper torso of one of the Bronze Warders.

After a brief Skill Challenge (no XP), actually when I say Skill Challenge I actually mean a series of skill checks just to see what the guys can fathom, some of the Skill Challenges we use are very (very) similar to ‘exploring mode’ from previous editions of D&D. Regardless the guys, after applying their logic, work out that the machine is most probably used to control the Bronze Warders.

This thought, I hesitate to say ‘fact’- the players don’t know the truth of it, obviously leads to a secondary discussion- do the guys smash the machine; their thoughts in summary are-

For- if there are any other Bronze Warders about then smashing the machine could cause them to stop functioning.

Against- if there are other Bronze Warders and they stop functioning then people (Paldemar) is going to know.

Alsio what happens if the machine doesn’t effect the Bronze Warders and they smash it and Paldemar turns up anyway, perhaps with a few more Bronze Warders in tow.

And what if they smash it and it explodes.

The machine is left untouched, Dirty is of the opinion that a few more Bronze Warders would only serve to liven things up- bring ’em on!

The rest of the level is searched, a summoning circle is discovered- recently, according to Grey, powered down. The Wizard presumes that the Devil Imp came from this direction- the mage would have liked to have talked to the little fiend. An empty cell is discovered, and a library full of… wait for it- empty books. The later fact stumps the guys for a good five minutes, that is until Kaspard figures out that the books are not empty (full of blank pages), there’s just something stopping the guys from actually seeing and being able to read their contents.

Lastly the guys find yet another teleportation circle, they ready themselves again, and then step into the portal.

Just a note to say that the guys now have enough XP for Level 8.

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