Adventure #2 WOTC H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth (Level 4)
Session #16.06


5th to the 8th of Readying, 2000.

The guys spend another four days in the Seven Pillared Hall, it seems they each have a few loose ends to tie up-

Dirty and his new best friend Brugg are going to be going into business, as suggested previously the Dwarf will be the silent partner in this venture. Dirty oversees the refit of Rothar’s Taproom, ‘Dirty Brugg’s Bar & Grill’ is open for business before the Dwarf leaves the Hall- there’s even a grand opening night. If all goes well with the new venture then Dirty will continue to receive a monthly income, and will always have a place to call home in the Hall.

Winstanley alas has an idle time of it (the player had to go home early) and so spends his remaining days in the Hall catching up on his sleep and trying to work out the minimum amount of money he can declare he has found to his guild masters back in Fallcrest… the thieving good for nothing bastards.

Grey decides to cozy up to Gendar the Drow Merchant, the mage is looking to find himself either a source of information, or else a place he can come to buy magic items- preferably both. The Wizard sticks to Gendar like glue for a couple of days, takes in a few of the Drow’s stories- it seems the Merchant gets a lot of his wares from a Drow city deep in the Underdark called Phaervorul. The Wizard’s persistence pays off, Grey makes a friend in Gendar.

The Wizard however is not done, he spends a day or so trying to talk to Orontor, it seems Grey may be interested in joining the Ordinator Arcanis’ order… in reality Grey is trying to gauge what sort of resources the Mages of Saruun have got left after their near destruction. Is there anything in it for him? He’s also trying to work out whether Orontor is a more adept Wizard than he is… Grey’s trying to weigh up if the Mages of Saruun could in fact be his order to command. The day spent questioning the Ordinator doesn’t exactly go to plan- it seems Orontor is out of his reach, the Ordinator Arcanis describes spells that are well beyond Grey’s capabilities. The Wizard decides he’s going to have to re-think his plan for the Mages of Saruun- perhaps he will be back in the future.

The last two adventurers- Phrenic and Kaspard decide to change the map completely, their task is to bring democracy to the Seven Pillared Hall, and in just four days. At the end of the pair’s time they have established (via a Skill Challenge- of sorts) a fledgling council, the members are-

Chair- Phaledra, Priestess of Erathis
Mage Councillor- Orontor- Ordinator Arcanis, the Mage (singular) of Saruun
Miner Councillor- Ulthand Deepgem, of the Deepgem Mining Comapny
Merchant Councillor- Noristo Azaer, of House Azaer
Trade Councillor- Bersk, the Wainwright
Trade Councillor- Randal Halfmoon, of the Halfmoon Clan
Security Councillor- Brugg, the Ogre

Special Adviser- Gendar the Merchant, of Gendar’s Curios
Special Advisers- Mr. & Mrs. Charrak
Special Adviser- Vadriar the Sage

The council will take over the responsibilities for security, taxes et al within the Hall; Noristo Azaer even manages to find a few thousand gold coins to ‘donate’ to the neophyte organisation, in order to get things moving.

Note we played out a few of the conversations that took place in order to persuade some, or all, of the guys named above to join in Kaspard & Phrenic’s endeavour, the guys are more than happy with the results of their democratic experiment, they’ll be back of course to check on the Halls.

But for now, four days after returning from the Tower of Mysteries, the adventurers join a House Azaer caravan, and with the thirteen ex-citizens of Winterhaven they rescued from the clutches of evil, they head back out of the Labyrinth. Next stop… Fallcrest.

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