Adventure #2 WOTC H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth (Level 4)
Session #16.07


10th to the 18th of Readying, 2000.

First up in the city the guys head back to see their respective masters, in an effort to make sense of the events in Thunderspire.

Except for Dirty of course, the Dwarf answers to no one, and so he returns to the Gnome Taproom and drinks himself silly every day, ostensibly he’s checking out the establishment for ideas for his new fun pub in the Seven Pillared Hall- ‘Dirty Brugg’s Bar & Grill’. Most days however he accomplishes this task by supping ale and insulting folk until he either passes out, or else he’s forcibly ejected from the place.

A few days into his holiday Dirty remembers that he needs some new armour, several days later he is now the proud owner of a +1 suit of Black Iron Platemail (not Scalemail)-


Dirty- Tough as old boots.

Kaspard heads back to her superiors, the agents of the Church of Bahamut, who have set up shop in an office in the temple of Erathis- there is no full time temple dedicated to Bahamut in Fallcrest. Kaspard tells all, she leaves nothing out- her superiors are of course overjoyed to hear that the Well of Demons has at last fallen. They’re less pleased with some of the other news- Kaspard is encouraged to visit Nimozaran, and then to report back. The Priestess is a little worried, it seems her superiors perhaps know more than they are saying- about Tieflings, about the pyramid, and about Bahamut knows what else. They also make the Priestess swear not to tell what she knows to another soul- Kaspard fights this edict for a good while, but eventually is persuaded keep quiet.

It seems the Church of Bahamut is worried- at least it seems that way to Kaspard.

The Priestess is however is duly rewarded for her activities, her +2 Magic Holy Symbol is further enchanted, the Priestess now wields a +2 Dragonscale of Bahamut, check it out-


Kaspard’s da bomb.

Winstanley alas has masters aplenty, the Halfling however is almost pleasantly surprised- the tithe for his adventures in Thunderspire is a little under 500 gold coins, the Halfling managed to enrich himself by at least seven times this amount during his time in the Labyrinth- in short, he’s a winner. For forms sake the Rogue obviously calls his masters liars, cheats and scoundrels- but his heart isn’t in it.

The meeting with the Shadowmen is remarkably brusque- they hear his tale, he pays his tithe and collects his reward (see below), he’s back on the streets in just over an hour. The whole thing, when he thinks about it later, is a little odd. He has suspicions.

Winstanley’s bitter complaints however secure his reward, the Halfling is gifted with a pair of Executioner’s Bracers, his transformation is almost complete- from happy-go-lucky scoundrel to cold-blooded killer. Winstanley really looks the part-


Winstanley- Death incarnate.

Phrenic’s transformation is more significant, over the next few days in Fallcrest the Tiefling meets several times with his superiors- a little while later he is ‘advised’ that he has been officially discharged from his former unit. Phrenic is… is… words fail the Warlord.

He is, although at first no-one takes the time to tell him this, now a ‘Special Agent’, with a rank (without insignia) equivalent to Major, basically Phrenic has just got promoted and told that he will never return to lead his men. The Warlord is happy for the promotion (and the intrigue it brings) but incredibly sad to hear that he will never return to his old command (and his old life)- obviously the Tiefling has absolutely no say in the matter.

Phrenic’s debrief, and re-brief, takes a little while longer- he is away from the group for just over a week, and away from Fallcrest- firstly in Winterhaven, and then all the way to Hammerfast, for five days of his absence. Phrenic learns… lots of things, some of which he may even share with the rest of the adventurers, maybe… perhaps much later.

His return to the adventurers is dramatic to say the least, or else… Phrenic is changed, his armour has been improved (+2 Hide Armour of Exploits), his shield has been replaced (Throwing Shield) and he now sports a Demonskin Tattoo.

Phrenic no longer looks like a member of the military, he looks like a nasty bastard, possibly with a grudge- and certainly someone you wouldn’t want to mess with-


Phrenic- Say ‘grrrr’.

Grey’s return to Fallcrest is, of course, the most interesting, for the simple reason that he is Nimozaran’s apprentice; and that during their time in Thunderspire the adventurers have learned (they think) that the Tiefling inhabitant (Karavakos?), of a ‘pyramid’- a prison purportedly built by Nimozaran, is behind some terrible plot to bring down the Nentir Vale. Which is pretty much what Grey tells his master- Nimozaran looks startled, the archmage disappears from his tower for a couple of days, and then returns saying that he has had to think about things- he promises Grey that he will explain much more of the story very soon, but for now he rewards the Wizard with a nice new pair of Eagle Eye Goggles-


Grey goes for the intellectual look.

Grey looks suitably steampunk, he doesn’t however let Nimozaran off the hook- eventually the archmage of Fallcrest talks- and what a story it is, its only a shame that it wont appear here in this update… it’ll wait for the start of the next adventure.

Lastly, the guys each take a moment to say their final farewells to the soon to be returned citizens of Winterhaven- the joy of these fellows is unconstrained. On the ex-prisoners last night in the city, at a ‘do’ in the Nentir Inn, with a number of dignitaries from the Fallcrest Council and a senior Watch member or two on hand to make fine speeches, and bask in the adventurer’s reflected glory. The guys, it seems, are beginning to gain a reputation for themselves- certainly each of them is named and their exploits briefly cataloged by the aforementioned dignitaries- their fame is beginning to spread.

Several days after the ex-prisoner’s return the guys receive a message, and financial rewards from Lord Padraig of Winterhaven, it seems lands and titles are there’s- too be claimed any time they wish to venture back to Padraig’s fair town.

The players take a moment to congratulate themselves, and each other, one last time, their second adventure is complete, and their sixteenth session is over.

Here are the guys-


Looking mighty fine.

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