Adventure #2 WOTC H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth (Level 4)
Session #16.08


After the two fights in the Tower of Mysteries, and the gathering of the spoils we wound down for the rest of this session. The combats in the Tower were all humdingers, the guys managed a mostly easy victory in the first of the evening- although the face-ripping Enigmas of Vecna were again proved unpopular with the players.

The second combat proved to be a much more prickly affair- that is until Dirty basically locked down Paldemar and in a very short space of time dished out just short of a 100 points of damage with a pair of critical hits- the tough little bastard. That said Paldemar proved to be the first really terrifying bad guy the guys have encountered for a while- the players were happy to take attacks of opportunity just to get the chance to get another hit in on the evil Wizard. It was pretty titanic, and suitably climactic by way of an end-of-adventure-boss-fight.

The guy’s attempt to bring democracy to the Seven Pillared Halls was a happy surprise, and all their own work- it was their idea, I just facilitated. A very nice touch- heroes it seems come in all shapes and sizes.

They’re also stoked that they’re level eight now.

Last bit- H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth, I think I messed up and threw too many little encounters at the guys (in an attempt to make the scenario ‘epic’) at the start, and with too many encounters in the Labyrinth. The downside of this option was that in the latter play the PCs were hard to scare- at level 7 towards the end, they were kicking ass and taking names almost all of the time. The encounters I was throwing at them were proving to be way too easy, although in truth a lot of this dissatisfaction didn’t make it to the table back when we were playing this scenario. I think however on reflection, if I got to play this scenario again I’d have fewer encounters but make all of them a good deal tougher.

Having said all that then other than in session #14 we had a blast with Thunderspire, lots of the fights turned out to be a lots of fun, the guys met NPCs they liked and got involved with a story that had a little bit of heart. They were also on to something (the plot) by the time they got to the end- and with lots more interesting info to be revealed, they figure.

What’s not to like.

A good scenario, made better by an excellent locale, and we loved the action in game.

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